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Not lessons, but a discussion show in English with learners and more. The Irish language (Irish Gaelic) is Ireland's native language. Embrace your Irish heritage in a deeper way than you could with music or books alone. And you can do that thousands of miles outside of Ireland. If you're alone learning to speak Irish somewhere outside of Ireland, rest assured that you're joined by thousands of learners around the world. Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast is a discussion show with Eoin from Bitesize Irish Gaelic. We interview people (in English) for all things related to the Irish language, the culture of Ireland, and traveling to Ireland.




Podcast 001: An Irish man who found his Irishness in Australia

Podcast 002: The Top Apps for Learning Irish

Podcast 003: Little Surprises When Visiting Ireland

Podcast 004: How You Can Use Technology to Immerse Yourself in Irish

Podcast 005: Will I understand people in the Gaeltacht regions of Ireland?

Podcast 006: How life goes on on the Dingle peninsula, even in mid Winter,

Podcast 007: How Mary Murphy grew up as an Irish person in New York

Podcast 008: The tables turn on Eoin

Podcast 009: The Echoy Classroom, an American Elementary School Teach Learn

Podcast 010: Have you been home yet? With Irish-American artist Liam Hughes

Podcast 011: Do people say “top of the morning”, how to say “yes” and “no”

Podcast 012: Five Tips for Practicing Irish Daily

Podcast 013: Speaking Irish to Dublin taxi drivers

Podcast 014: How to say goodbye in Irish, and other listener questions

Podcast 015: Ever considered moving to Ireland?

Podcast 016: Take the plunge to visit Ireland with Stephanie of InfiniteIre

Podcast 017: Is Eoin a native speaker of Irish?

Podcast 18: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself learning Irish, with Pa

Podcast 19: Where can I attend Irish language summer courses and other list

Podcast 20: How to use the Irish language with locals, with Jody Halstead

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