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BITS #45: Nintendo Direct Mini | Overwatch

For this episode, Nintendo surprises everyone with their Nintendo Direct Mini announcements including a slew of new games such as Mario Tennis, Dark Souls Remastered for the Switch and Detective Pikachu. The we have a handful of products returning but in slightly new forms including Madcatz peripherals, Nintendo Power in podcast form and the Game Boy. Finally in what we've been playing I wrap up my thoughts on the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC The Frozen Wilds after finishing it and give my 2 cents...

Duration: 00:45:41

FLICKS #44: Jumanji 2 | Downsizing | Pokemon: I Choose You

For this episode, in trailers teens get terrorized in a trio of trailers and then Nicolas Cage goes full nutzoid as he tries to murder his kids. In news, that Cloverfield flick gets delayed again, Gillian Anderson is done with the X-Files, Winter is officially coming a little later than most Game of Thrones fans think and Disney prepares for a flop in a galaxy far far away. Then in what we’ve been watching Jake has gotta catchem all with the new Pokemon movie and then I get downsized with...

Duration: 01:19:59

Backward Compatible - No One Lives Forever Ep. 0

For this episode, we officially announce our BC pick this time around, the cult classic shooter The Operative: No One Lives Forever! We briefly go over the history the game as well as how each episode will be broken up by levels. Also included are tips and tricks on how to set the game up in case you want to play along with us. We will begin our playthrough with episode 1 coming very soon.

Duration: 00:24:52

FLICKS: 2017 End of Year Special

For this episode, we look back at the year of 2017 as we remember everything that came out from the good, the bad and even the mediocre. Broken up into categories, we cover all movies both big and small as well as the best and worst trailers. All that and much much more in this end of year special for Flicks!

Duration: 01:33:26

BITS #44: More Stardew Valley

For this episode, Madcap is running things solo this time (I had more important places to be) but don't let the shorter time fool you as we still have plenty to cover. First up are your free Xbox and PSN games for January, Apple decides to attack Loot Box developers, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds gets a legitimate release, Sega plans on releasing USB versions of their classic controllers and all the Activision published Transformers games mysteriously disappear off digital streaming...

Duration: 00:38:29

BITS: 2017 End of Year Special

For this episode, we wrap up the year 2017 by going over all the big news items and game releases that came out as well as give our gaming highlights and disappointments. It was a crazy year and we do our best to bottle it up for you so that we can move swiftly into the new year with a more hopeful outlook for what is sure to be another 365 days full of twists and turns.

Duration: 01:02:19

FLICKS #43: Shape of Water | Bright

For this episode, in trailers a gringo gets lost over the border, an assassin gets unleashed on the border, a group of women pull off a heist and a horrible boss gets his come-uppins after losing his memory. In news Disney owns everything now…and that’s it. Then in what we’ve been watching I give my thoughts on Will Smith battling Orcs and Elves in Los Angeles and whether or not director Guillermo Del Toro’s fishy romance lives up to all the hype. All that and much much more on this...

Duration: 01:14:03

Now Showing - Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi

For this episode of Now Showing, Jake and myself delve deep into the middle chapter of the new Star Wars trilogy, The Last Jedi. There is a whole lot to unpack with this epic beast of a film from fan backlash, promises broken, questions answered and many more questions kicked to the curb and what is quite possibly one of the most un-Star Wars films of the entire franchise. Join us as we travel to a podcast far far away to break this thing apart and get to the meat of how we feel about the...

Duration: 01:49:09

BITS #43: RE7 - Not a Hero DLC

For this episode of Bits, we go over a lot of the new announcements made at the Video Game Awards including Bayonetta 3, Soul Caliber 6, World War Z and some new Breath of the Wild DLC. Then in news we have the highly anticipated Ni No Kuni 2 and Far Cry 5 suffering delays and Stardew Valley is making its way to the PS Vita of all places. Finally in what we've been playing Madcap continues his work in the new Pokemon while I give my final thoughts on Doki Doki Literature Club as well as...

Duration: 00:58:36

FLICKS #42: A Ghost Story | Ingrid Goes West

For this episode of Flicks, in trailers the Avengers go to war, a new animated film evokes Studio Ghibli magic, a classic anime comes to digital life, we go on a mission to save some dinosaurs and then we enter the Oasis for a severe nostalgia trip. In news Disney decides to pull the animated short from the theatrical release of Coco and a new filmmaker is looking to make a Star Trek movie that promises to be unlike anything you have ever seen before. Then in what we’ve been watching Jake...

Duration: 01:32:42

BITS #42: Doki Doki Literature Club

For this episode of Bits we cover your free Playstation and Xbox games for the month of December, discover same interesting announcements including Galgun 2 for the Nintendo Switch and Valkyria Chronicles 4 for the Playstation. In your news EA is finding new ways to anger its player base, Minecraft gets some long awaited water physics and Titan Quest gets a new expansion. Finally in what we've been playing Madcap found himself a SNES classic and gives some quick thoughts on the new Pokemon...

Duration: 01:22:34

FLICKS #41: Murder on the Orient Express

For this episode of Flicks, in trailers Dwayne Johnson faces down giant animals, we overestimate the kindness of strangers, Emily Blunt believes silence is golden, Pixar releases an incredible new trailer and Deadpool paints a picture for his upcoming sequel. Then in news Disney takes a hit with the recent onslaught of Hollywood scandals and Rotten Tomatoes tries with-holding the tomatometer scores for big releases and it doesn’t go over too well. Finally in what we’ve been watching, Jake...

Duration: 01:28:44

Now Showing - Justice League

For this episode of Now Showing I review the latest installment in the DCEU, Justice League. The first film to bring together the DC Comics super heroes to protect the Earth hasn't been received too well by fans or critics alike but what is my take on what should have been the biggest hit of the year? Find out right now.

Duration: 00:38:17

BITS #41: More Stardew Valley & Super Mario Odyssey

For this episode of Bits, we talk about the recent attack on EA over their loot box/micro-transaction controversy with Star Wars Battlefront 2, Gamestop putting an early stop to their too-good-to-be-true rental system and plenty of other news bits. Then in what we've been playing I touch upon the recent Horizon Zero Dawn DLC The Frozen Wilds before Madcap and myself talk a whole lot more about Stardew Valley. Finally Madcap gives some final thoughts on Super Mario Odyssey. All that and...

Duration: 01:11:49

FLICKS #40: Thor Ragnarok

For this episode of Flicks, in trailers a man pretends to be Bigfoot, then we get Fifty Shades Freed, have a newspaper take on the government, experience a game night gone wrong and witness a figure skater conspiracy like no other. Then in news we have a number of streaming services trying new tactics, Kevin Spacey is being retconned out of Hollywood and Disney sets in motion their plans to dominate the world. Finally in what we’ve been watching, Jake travels to a galaxy far far away as...

Duration: 01:21:21

Backward Compatible - Freelancer Ep. 11

This is it, the end of the line. Join Madcap and myself as we assault the Nomads home base in hopes of winning the war before they destroy the entire galaxy. As usual we have very different experiences to go over as well as our post mortem where we discuss our overall impressions of the game and our journey to reach the end. It's an epic conclusion to an epic playthrough and you don't want to miss it.

Duration: 00:55:13

BITS #40: Super Mario Odyssey

For this episode of Bits we go over your free titles on Playstation and Xbox for the month of November as well as your recent releases and news including Gamestop turning to rentals to save them and Electronic Arts purchasing Respawn Entertainment. Then in what we've been playing I give my first impressions on the choose-your-own-adventure Hidden Agenda and Madcap puts on his special cap to tell us all how amazing Super Mario Odyssey is and why we should all purchase a Switch right now....

Duration: 01:31:42

FLICKS #39: Happy Death Day | The Babysitter

Hello and welcome to Flicks, the podcast where movies come first and everything else comes later. For this episode in trailers we visit the original ghost house, watch some new mutants get experimented on, have US soldiers ride into war on horseback, Denzel Washington is done being a lawyer and Keanu Reeves tries to replicate his family’s love. Then we have the return of the dreaded TV cancellation report along with some recent news including how Valerian’s budget was too high, the new...

Duration: 01:38:13

Now Showing - Jigsaw

For this episode Jake and myself review Jigsaw, the 8th and latest installment into the Saw franchise. We also delve deep into the Saw mythology and give our impressions on the entire franchise before going into heavy spoilers.

Duration: 01:39:59

BITS #39: Stardew Valley (Nintendo Switch)

Welcome to Bits, the podcast made for gamers by gamers. First up we cover some recent releases including the highly controversial South Park Fractured But Whole and the largely unnoticed Evil Within 2. Then in what we've been playing Madcap goes over some of his titles from his Campaign of Terror as well as the Nintendo Switch release for Stardew Valley while I try out some more Fortnite PVP and give an update on my latest playthrough of Until Dawn. All that and much much more await you...

Duration: 01:00:55

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