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Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.
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New York, NY


Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.






Ed Mendel Talks About Ethics in Finance and Business

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Ed Mendel. He co-founded Ned Davis Research (NDR) and Davis, Mendel & Regenstein (DMR) in 1980, when he and his partner Ned Davis left J.C. Bradford & Company. The two firms are collectively known as the Ned Davis Research Group, and have built one of the largest stock and bond research followings on Wall Street. Ed has worked closely with Ned since 1971.

Duration: 01:05:06

Brooke Lampley Illuminates the Business Side of Art

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Brooke Lampley, the vice chairman of the fine art division at Sotheby's. Previously, Lampley was the vice president of and specialist in the Impressionist and modern art department at Christie’s in New York. She graduated from Harvard with a bachelor's degree in literature and art history and received a master’s in art history from Yale.

Duration: 01:13:24

Bruce Bartlett Talks About Why Truth Matters

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Bruce Bartlett, an American historian who specializes in supply-side economics. Bartlett held senior policy roles in the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, and served on the staffs of Representatives Jack Kemp and Ron Paul. He is the author of “The Truth Matters: A Citizen's Guide to Separating Facts From Lies and Stopping Fake News in Its Tracks.”

Duration: 01:13:12

Anil Dash Talks About Tech Industry Ethics

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Anil Dash, an entrepreneur, activist and writer recognized as one of the most prominent voices advocating for a more humane, inclusive and ethical technology industry. He is the CEO of Fog Creek Software,the independent New York City tech company that incubated landmark startups like Trello and Stack Overflow, and created Glitch, the friendly new community that helps anyone make the app of their dreams. Dash was an advisor to the Obama...

Duration: 01:23:03

Ric Edelman on Translating Financial Language for Consumers

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Ric Edelman, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Edelman Financial Services LLC. Edelman also serves as a director of the Wolftrap Foundation for the Performing Arts. He was ranked the nation’s No. 1 independent financial adviser three times by Barron’s and named one of the country’s top 10 wealth advisers by Forbes magazine in 2016. In 2017, he was the recipient of IARFC’s Loren Dunton Memorial Award. His latest book is "The...

Duration: 01:12:21

Jeffrey Sherman on Trading in Academics for Fund Management

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Jeffrey Sherman, CFA, deputy chief investment officer at DoubleLine Capital LP. Sherman is also a member of DoubleLine’s executive management and fixed income asset allocation committees. He additionally serves as a portfolio manager for derivative-based and multi-asset strategies. Previously, he was a statistics and mathematics instructor at University of the Pacific and Florida State University. He also taught quantitative methods for...

Duration: 01:13:22

Ray Dalio on Failure, Meaningful Work and Relationships

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Ray Dalio, chairman and chief investment officer of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates. Dalio has been a global macro investor for more than 45 years, having started Bridgewater out of a two-bedroom apartment in New York City in 1975. He’s also the author of the New York Times bestseller "Principles: Life and Work," and is known for the practical yet unconventional theory of economics he spells out in his video series...

Duration: 01:12:42

Jeremy Schwartz Discusses Investment After the Financial Crisis

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Jeremy Schwartz, the director of research at WisdomTree. He is responsible for the equity index construction process and oversees research across the WisdomTree family. Prior to joining WisdomTree, Jeremy was head research assistant to Wharton finance professor Jeremy Siegel, and helped with the research and writing of "Stocks for the Long Run" and "The Future for Investors." He also hosts the Wharton Business Radio program “Behind the...

Duration: 01:14:33

Coming Soon: Trillions, a New Podcast

Money goes where it's treated best. That simple truth is a big reason why more and more money—trillions, in fact—flows into a powerful, low-cost tool that's quietly transformed investing in recent years. Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, let you invest in everything from the stock market to gold like never before. This podcast will demystify them—and delight you in the process.

Duration: 00:01:55

Felix Zulauf Discusses the Evolution of Markets

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Felix Zulauf, the founder and president at Zulauf Asset Management AG. He founded the firm in 1990, focusing on macro and strategic issues, and has more than 30 years of experience in the financial markets and asset management. He now runs Zulauf Consulting and manages his own wealth in his family office.

Duration: 01:19:09

Greg Sands Discusses Technology and Investment

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Greg Sands, founder and managing partner at Costanoa Ventures. Prior to founding Costanoa, Sands was a Managing Director at Sutter Hill, where he invested in early stage enterprise software startups, such as Merced Systems, AllBusiness, Youku, Quinstreet, and Feedburner. He was the first product manager at Netscape Communications where he wrote the initial business plan, coined the name Netscape, and built the SuiteSpot Business unit from...

Duration: 01:07:48

Jean Case Discusses the Impact of Investing in Philanthropy

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Jean Case, a philanthropist, investor and pioneer in the world of interactive technologies. She worked in the private sector as a technology executive for nearly two decades, including at America Online Inc., before she and her husband, Steve, created the Case Foundation in 1997. In addition to her role as CEO of the Case Foundation, Jean is chairman of the National Geographic Society Board of Trustees and also serves on the boards of...

Duration: 01:01:07

Bridgeway's John Montgomery Gives Away Half of Its Profits

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews John Montgomery, who founded Bridgeway Capital Management in 1993. The firm manages $8.4 billion dollars, and -- somewhat uniquely -- donates half of its profits to nonprofit organizations. Montgomery serves as chairman and chief investment officer, and is responsible for portfolio management, research, risk oversight and (his favorite) mentoring. Montgomery worked with computer modeling and statistical methods as a research engineer at...

Duration: 01:02:09

Scott Galloway Discusses Four World-Conquering Companies

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Scott Galloway, professor of marketing at NYU's Stern School of Business and author of the recent New York Times bestseller "The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google." Galloway is also the founder of several companies, including the business intelligence firm L2, and is the creator of the Digital IQ Index, a global ranking of prestige brands' digital competence. He has also been named one of the World Economic...

Duration: 01:22:17

Jim Ross Recounts the Rise of the SPYs

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Jim Ross, the executive vice president of State Street Global Advisors and chairman of global SPDR. He also serves as chairman of the board of SSGA Funds Management, and as chairman and chief executive officer of State Street Global Advisors Funds Distributors. In addition, he won the 2016 ETF Lifetime Achievement Award. Ross explains how SPY, the S&P 500 ETF offered by State Street, became one of the biggest exchange-traded funds. He also...

Duration: 00:57:22

Paul Wilmott Has Some Feelings About Quantitative Models

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Paul Wilmott, the financial consultant specializing in derivatives, risk management and quantitative finance. He has worked with many leading U.S. and European financial institutions and has written several books, including the recent "The Money Formula: Dodgy Finance, Pseudo Science, and How Mathematicians Took Over the Markets." Wilmott really wants you to know his feelings about quantitative models -- he calls them the “engine room of...

Duration: 00:55:05

Fred Fox: Don’t Just Blame it on the Weather

Fred Fox is the founder and CEO of Planalytics, a company specializes in business weather intelligence -- the study, development and commercialization of weather analytics. His clients are companies and NGOs who seek to better understand the impact of weather-related events. Fox advocates developing a corporate weather history in order to make assessments when future events occur. Planalytics gets granular with its data -- so much so that it can reasonably forecast how much an inch of snow...

Duration: 01:06:03

Ranji Nagaswami: The Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

Ranji Nagaswami is chief executive officer of Hirtle Callaghan, a firm that helped popularize the idea of the outsourced CIO. Previously, she was co-head of U.S. fixed income at UBS Asset Management; she also was chief investment officer of Alliance Bernstein Investments, the group’s retail/mutual fund division, and served as chief investment adviser to the city of New York during the administration of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (founder of Bloomberg LP). She discusses the agnostic...

Duration: 01:10:22

Matthew Rothman Talks 'Quant Land' and Springsteen

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Matthew Rothman, the head of global quantitative equity research at Credit Suisse and a senior lecturer in finance at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He was hired a few years before the financial crisis hit to be the global head of quantitative research at Lehman Brothers (and then moved to Barclays Capital, following the Lehman bankruptcy). In the midst of the quant crash in 2007, he published “Turbulent Times in Quant Land,” which...

Duration: 01:09:52

Victor Niederhoffer: Lessons of Making and Losing a Fortune

Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews the fascinating Victor Niederhoffer, a nationally ranked squash champion and former Berkeley professor of finance and statistics. An undeniably brilliant man who was still unable to adequately manage risk, he offers crucial lessons for all traders. In his first book, "The Education of a Speculator," he reveals the risk-embracing style that created his first fortune. In his follow-up, "Practical Speculation," he almost -- but doesn’t quite...

Duration: 01:05:01

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