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Blurred Radio is a must-listen for anyone in the creative industry. The borders of art and technology are blurring, and the only way to prepare for tomorrow is to understand what's happening today. Blurred is the side project of two wanderers through the shifting landscape of art, entertainment and advertising. Jesse Springer is a voiceover artist (, commercial director and producer (, and music producer and enthusiast. Dave Martina is a brand therapist (, creative producer, and jazzhead. Blurred exists as an outlet for them to explore emerging commercial media and its evolving place in the world. Each episode features an accomplished guest in a free-for-all discussion designed to bring you insight into entertainment and production in a way you've never heard before!




Omnicom's Multi-Hyphenate Creative, Chris Denson, Talks Psychographics, Think Tanks, and Podcasting

Chris Denson, comedian turned creative director, is founder of the podcast “Innovation Crush” and an innovator of media strategy and planning at Ignition Factory. In this episode, Chris chats with our Blurred hosts about his thoughts on emerging media, opens up about his “roller coaster” journey to get where he is today, and inspires listeners to be connoisseurs of culture in order to be a successful storyteller. We've said it before, but it can't be said enough: We owe our deepest...

Duration: 01:01:44

Director - Anders Rostad Opens Up About the Highs and Lows of Directing and What Keeps Him Inspired

Jesse’s longtime friend, Anders Rostad - an accomplished short form director and visual artist, joins us on Blurred to talk about getting into the music industry, what it takes to become skilled at your craft, and his opinions on the future of sponsored music videos.

Call of Duty Video Game Producer Zach Gonzalez Talks Treyarch, Creating & Publishing Games

In today's episode of Blurred, we talk to Zach Gonzalez, producer at Treyarch on COD and other huge game franchises, about the business model of funding, developing, and publishing Triple-A games, the ethics of first person shooters, and how crowd funding is opening up new avenues for indy game development. Connect With Blurred: Web: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: