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Start your mornings off with Bob Lacey and Sheri Lynch and the rest of the crew. Millions of listeners get their day started with our Morons in the News, Eye Opener and the Chat Room! Be sure to catch Lamar, the People's Movie Critic every Friday with his review of the latest Hollywood releases.






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I stopped doing

Today on the Bob and Sheri: Hour 1: It's stuck in my mind. America's got talent superstar. The crab has had enough. Morons in the news. Hour 2: Sports confuse me with Jim Szoke. America's got talent crowns a winner. The things you stopped doing. Audrey won't be feeding those kids. Hour 3: Natasha is giving up on dishes. Lori is giving up on her relationship with her sister. Rebecca is not picking up the dirty laundry. Kara is giving up on her hair. Hour 4: Young people don't...

Duration: 01:32:31

NO means NO

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: Country singer hangovers. Hearing for the first time. B&S Speed Queen Dirty Secret winner. Morons in the news. Hour 2: Billy Bush's marriage comes to an end. Tiger Woods won't pick up the check. Raised by those strict parents. Christy ran away from her strict parents. Hour 3: Jessica's mom was so strict she crashed the prom. Rod's friend totally rebeled against his parents. Tammy was raised with a strict church atmosphere. Suzanne grew...

Duration: 01:31:13

He's an over primper

Today on Bob and Sheri : Hour 1: Life with Madonna. Jennifer Garner takes on Hamilton. Almost off the grid Morons in the news. Hour 2: Mario Lopez had to back it up. Top movies to watch on a plane. Is your man a primper? Crystal's mom's ex fiance' was the primper. Hour 3: Lamar has his primping days. Bob's primping on camera. Kelly's co-worker is a primper. Courtney's husband is catching up to her. Hour 4: The best movie props of all time. Snoop and Martha hanging. He's...

Duration: 01:32:33

I just had to fess on myself

Today on Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: Least favorite baby names. My bad…. Get a jump start on the hangover. Morons in the news. Hour 2: Sports confuse me with Jim Szoke. Speed Queen daily winner. Kevin Hart steps up for his mistake. Trish had to confess to her parents. Hour 3: Brandon ratted himself out about the brownies. Amy fessed up on deleting the files at work. I can't believe I had to tell them. Davey had to confess about getting involved with co-worker. Hour 4: Target...

Duration: 01:32:31

All phones are open

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: The joys of getting to school early. Larry's charged bottom. No it's not Mexican food. Morons in the news. Hour 2: What you say vs. what you mean. More of what you mean vs what you say. Lamar's review of Home again. Happy Peanut week. Hour 3: Rob the doll. The workplace crush continues. What is Amanda hoarding? Doobie the clown. Hour 4: Reasons you might be a cheater. Inflation of the prices Old school beauty tips. Bob's feeling...

Duration: 01:45:11

Lamar reviews - Home Again

As in “I couldn’t wait till it was over and I could go”. You know me, I am not adverse to a really good Romantic Comedy/Chick Flick. Especially one with Reese Witherspoon in it. She is awesome, I love her every time. She brings an energy to every movie she’s in. But even she can’t do it by herself especially with the material she was working with. She plays Alice Kinney, a single mom with two daughters played by Lola Flanery and Eden Grace Redfield. Both of which are scene stealers. Alice...

Duration: 00:07:07

The workplace crush

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: Mark Ronson is headed back to court. England's dirtiest job. How much is Brit Brit spending. Morons in the news. Hour 2: He's the ultimate coach. Larry King beats cancer. Having a work crush. Her workplace crush turned bad. Hour 3: Rachel's workplace crush was married. Melissa workplace crush was younger. She was driving her crush home from work. The crush overcame everything. Hour 4: The toy hallof fame nominees. Bob almost blew...

Duration: 01:32:30

They have it all wrong about my state

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: Todd's picking up the babysitting gig. Bob's little trivial facts. Casey's Hurricane Irma update from Tampa. Morons in the news. Hour 2: Sports Confuse Me with Jim Szoke. Hand and Hand fundraiser for Hurricane Irma recovery. Becky's watcing IT all alone. What did they get wrong about the place you come from? Hour 3: Amber is from NY but not the city. Joshua is from CO and he's not always stoned. Tiffany has to defend KC, Kansas. Janet...

Duration: 01:32:39

Kids know best

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: The fitting room store. The tunes to set the mood. Speed Queen's dirty little secret. Morons in the news. Hour 2: The food we grab on the run. Hurricane relief show hits it out with stars. Being called out by the kids. Sheri called her dad out. Hour 3: No smoking for mom. Jessica's daughter called her out about her drug use. Natalie got called out for her driving. Katherine got called out for cursing Hour 4: Attempting to become a...

Duration: 01:32:07

Riding the storm out

Today on the Bob and Sheri show: Hour 1: Driving by with the critical eye. Bob has aquired new skills. Remembering 9/11. Morons in the news. Hour 2: Floridians that braced for the hurricane. Don't shoot at the hurricane. Cindy's family is riding out the storm. Jim Carey is out there in the interview. Hour 3: Acts of kindness during the Hurricane. Celebs getting caught facing it head on. Laura is preparing to ride out Hurricane Irma. The pile of cubed ham. Hour...

Duration: 01:32:12

Good Clowns and Bad Clowns

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show... Hour 1: What exactly does Dennis Robman do with Kim Jung Un? Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes finally come out. Clowns are creepy, and it's not their fault. Morons in the news... Hour 2: The devestation of Hurricane Irma. Wild fires going on out west. Lamar Reviews: Steven King's It. Trying to defend clowns. Hour 3: Welcome to Clown Town! Circus clowns are the nicest guys! Clown Mom. Hurricane Irma hitting the Carribean. Hour 4: Eating contest...

Duration: 01:34:04

Critic's Reviews- It

It I have a public service announcement. If you are one of the idiots across the country that over the last 6 months have been dressing up like creepy clowns and sneaking through the woods and backyards scaring people, you might want put them big shoes and face pant in a box and set it on fire. The next few months ain’t gonna be a time for that crap. I did not read the book. I did not watch the mini-series on TV back in 1990. But you would have to live under a rock not to know what...

Duration: 00:05:54

Morons... Pants Down

Morons... Repeated pants dropper returns to the crime... again. Sheri gives a pro-tip for arsonist. Stealing the mother's ashes.

Duration: 00:05:28

It's Great Being An Adult

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: Trying to pull one over the on the cops. Hitting that mid-life crisis. Failure to communicate. Morons in the news. Hour 2: Tracking Hurrican Irma. The evacuation begins in Florida. Excited about the adult stuff in your life. Sarah's excited to build an uncluttered closet. Hour 3: Beth is wearing her bifocal sunglasses today. Martin was excited to register for wedding presents. Jessica is so excited for the kitchen presents at the...

Duration: 01:32:12

I can't let it go

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: I want to keep my money. Post modern jams Taylor. No disrespecting the bass. Morons in the news. Hour 2: Sports Confuse Me with Jim Szoke. Are you keeping that stuff? What's the strangest thing you're still holding on to? Shannon is still holding on to her tonsils. Hour 3: Trish is holding on to her brother in law's stuff. Niecy is holding on to the cords. Samantha's hubby just won't let go of it. Lynn is holding on to the...

Duration: 01:32:11

What's in a name

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: Where do you purchase something like that? Who did the orginal of the covers? Things you need to do before 35. Morons in the news. Hour 2: The toe wave. Dancing with the stars returns. Sheri's family wedding gathering. It's in the name. Hour 3: Is Ashley cray-cray? Matthews is a peaceful person. Cheryl vs Sheryl. Jessica is the party type. Hour 4: More things to do before 35. Takis are en fuego. There's something new in the...

Duration: 01:32:16

Racing against the clock

Today on Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: What they don't understand about the US. What we let ourselves go? Where are the sexy people. Morons in the news. Hour 2: Sharks and Nightmares. Tina's son's getting annoyed. Lamar's ass whippin' Bob's list of ice cream. Hour 3: Lee is overrun with pets. Bobby's racing time. Katherine finds her father. Jasmine's put up with tantrums. Hour 4: Paranoid is good. The hidden story of Van Halen. Mystery of the magic 8 ball. The show has to...

Duration: 01:33:02

Critic Review's Bodygaurd

Today on the Bob and Sheri show: Hour 1: The evil dictator baby. No more trapper keepers. What if there we no more football? Morons in the news. Hour 2: The tips for a longtime relationship. The lazy mom. Lamar reviews-The Hitman's bodyguard. Are those dancer feet? Hour 3: Her birthday journal. Karen's son's car got popped! Marcus and Vaughn the twins. The caregiver getting duped. Hour 4: Jim Szoke with Sports Confuse Me. We're The Happiness Boys. He...

Duration: 00:23:44

Breakup Banter

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: Bob's gotta eat like a baby. Lose the weight in a slow pace. House hunting shows are ridiculous. Morons in the News... Hour 2: Finding a vacation home. The Running of the Balls! The rescue dog. Karen break up involved her being "independent". Hour 3: Skylar gives her ex a Demi Lavato break up! Heather has places to go, and people to see. Shana tells her man she's gay. Don't put your suitcase down! Hour 4: The monkey and the...

Duration: 01:34:25

Love Bomb

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: Keep that room clean! Dating the celebs. Troubles livestreaming McGregor and Mayweather fight. Morons in the News. Hour 2: Sheri's friend Alison calls in to tell us about Houston. Being clean or not when your family comes over. Sheri is a light weight. Have you been love bombed? Hour 3: Tasha's man turned into a couch potato! Samantha's man turned to selling drugs. Mattie was dating a guy that she didn't know was...

Duration: 01:34:20

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