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The podcast journey of two dads bootstrapping a SaaS business (or 2) to achieve financial freedom.




119 The Reunion Show

Brecht and Scott are back and slipping into your earbuds, at least for today. After almost a year and a half after much prodding and some haranguing we published another show. This one's a long one we had a lot to catch up on so if you don't like long podcasts just EABOD (a whole bag) or whatever because we didn't record this one for you.

Duration: 01:45:43

Episode 117: Why Are You Setting Goals

It's that time of the year again to listen to Scott & Brecht talk about goals and goal setting. But this time, it isn't just about goals you want to hit, it's about why hitting those goals are important and how it impacts other areas of your life outside of work.

Duration: 00:57:06

Buying and Selling a SaaS Business - Rob Walling’s Hittail Story

Brecht sits down with Rob Walling, an online entrepreneur who you may have heard of. He's a co-host of the podcast Startups For the Rest of Us, former owner of HitTail, organizer of MicroConf, and creator of Drip (email marketing software), among other things. They chat about what it's like to be in the realm of buying and selling online businesses. Hear what you need to know and how to research info for buying an online business, and also the data you should have at the ready when you're...

Duration: 00:54:32

Episode 113: $180k in Leads, EOY Planning, and Automating Your Client Updates

Brecht & Scott chat about upselling products, end of year taxes, outreach, and systematization. What's the best way to sell an add-on product? How can you balance your books to pay the tax man and get something for yourself? How's LinkedIn outreach going? And systematization!

Duration: 00:53:59

Episode 110: Broadcasting Live From Pre...

Brecht talks about his new funnel tactic and why he thinks webinars are where it's at. Scott moves forward with Linked Outreach and gets the keys for replying to the reply.

Duration: 00:40:58

Episode 109: Deliver Your Message

Scott got insightful from his email outreach, moving forward with Sysdoc and its challenges, and how to keep the ones who pay his invoices happy. Brecht completed the webinar, got feedback from Q&A, and learned what he did wrong and right to make follow up webinars go off without a hitch.

Duration: 00:42:40

Episode 106: Kinks In The Armor?

Scott is going for an at bat and Brecht tries to poke holes in his story. Listen to Scott and Brecht have a jousting match about Scott's new endeavor.

Duration: 00:37:36

Episode 102: Fear Not. Forge ahead.

Obstacles. Challenges. Potential danger. It's everywhere. Where would we be if we didn't confront it head on. As President FDR once said, "we have nothing to fear but fear itself."

Duration: 00:33:48

Episode 99: I Got Flow

One of the hardest parts about contracting remote workers and keeping them is keeping a steady flow of work. How do Brecht and Scott manage to keep skilled workers around when projects are slow? They've got to put food on the table too.

Duration: 00:38:59

Episode 98: Shut The Front Door!

There is a mystery guest host on this week's episode. Hear 7 reasons why it's important to communicate with your partner about your endeavors. After all, we're not going for ramen profitable.

Duration: 00:26:08

Episode 97: Utopia? I Prefer Reality

It might not be exactly what you had in mind, but it's your dream. It won't be perfect, but it's yours.

Duration: 00:45:37

Turbo Charge Referrals and Gain Revenue Predictability with Steli Efti

Scott talks with Steli Efti, a guy who knows a thing or two about sales, and how Scott can apply some tactics into his business map to attract and satisfy clients.

Duration: 00:51:41

Episode 96: Liberation

Scott has to dump customers, Brecht goes sand surfing, and we learn that plans will change as projects/life goes in motion.

Duration: 00:43:09

Episode 95: Defend Your Psyche. F*ck the Haters. Forge Ahead.

Brecht tells Scott to do this and that occasionally from episode to episode. Brecht found out that applying those same principles to his own business may not always work as expected.

Duration: 00:44:07

Episode 94: Onboarding Your Spouse

Scott got paid! He cut the check to himself and got to do his first payroll. Brecht takes down the for sale signs on his business. Why? Listen in.

Duration: 00:53:49

Episode 93: Hurdle Jumping

Run for the hills! Brecht is losing API support for LinkedIn. You know Scott is "the man" now. So, if he's going to stick it to anyone it's himself! Right?

Duration: 00:34:11

Episode 92: Scott Goes Big Time

Scott completes his hop, skip, and jump from corporate employee to BMOC (big man on computer). Brecht found another way to automate something (surprise) - check it out in this week's episode!

Duration: 00:39:09

Episode 91: Microconf 2015 Recap

Brecht and Scott catch up on their jaunt to Sin City and discuss some of the high points from Microconf 2015.

Duration: 00:52:04

Episode 90: Have A Beer With Your Buds

Brecht & Scott are getting ready for Microconf Vegas baby! Don't sleep and soak it all in. Brecht comes to terms with his existential crisis and Scott shares a drink to think.

Duration: 00:31:27

Episode 89: Why Are We Here? An Existential Crisis

Scott loses his life source. Well, he forgot his computer and it's a couple hundred miles away. Brecht finds out that being a bootstrapper needs a purpose, for him at least.

Duration: 00:41:26

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