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149 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Acting 100% Responsible

In an effort to be of service I share my experiences and the things in my life that are hard. It is my intention to show how I use what I have learned to break though the barriers that feel like the challenge that I need to push myself though. I've done this and found my continued success by maintaining 100% responsibility for my life.


148 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Define 100% Responsible

In an effort to take 100% responsibility for my life I feel I need to explore it more to know what it means.


147 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | 100% Responsible

Today I take responsibility for my life and what it is becoming. I learned this through my behavior and the wisdom of the 12 Steps of AA. I have since learned that this is considered the first principle of success. Now I can see why.


146 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Thank you to everyone…

Today I begin by thanking you the listener and as I do I begin to talk on several topics while expressing my gratitude. Really Thanks for listening! Namaste!


145 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Root Causes in Values

These past few episodes have been about exploring root causes of suffering and behavior. In my thoughts about it and my recent experiences the subject of values came up. I immediately saw how the importance we each place on our higher values is a guiding influence in our behavior and responses to events. Through meditation on my values influencing my decisions and behaviors I recognize once again how I am the cause of suffering in my life.


144 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Root Causes in the 4th Step of AA

The fourth step of Alcoholics Anonymous is about me taking a good long look at myself and my behavior. Well once I began studying Buddhism I saw how this is just like looking at root causes and the causes of suffering in my life.


143 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | The Second Noble Truth

In the second Noble Truth of the Buddha he states that the cause of all our suffering is our own desires. Another way to describe this that helps me to better understand it and work toward alleviating it is to think of desires as expectations. So that is what today's episode is about; I can reduce my suffering (stress) by controlling my expectations. I give several examples of how I'm doing just that.


142 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Root Causes continued

Today I further discuss root causes because for me this is a great way to look at my behavior and work to making better choices.


141 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Root Causes – Happiness from within

Realizing and understanding about True Happiness and that it's source comes from within me and not from any outside source has been a big turning point in my sober life. That's what I talk about in today's episode.


140 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Root Causes – Some Examples

The root causes of evil in the world are Greed, Hatred and Delusion. The root sources of joy in the world are the opposite of these, they are Generosity, Love and Wisdom. The Buddha's first teaching is the Four Noble Truths where by he introduces the root causes of suffering in the world. In today's episode I share my experience as I began to understand these and change my thinking which resulted in changing my life.


139 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Root Causes – a start to understanding

Root Causes (are primarily) for the bad things in life are Greed, Hatred and Delusion and the good things are born out of the opposite Non-Greed (Generosity), Non-Hatred (Love) and Non-Delusion (Wisdom). The Greatest Generosity is Non Attachment The Greatest Quality is Seeking to Serve Others The Greatest Wisdom is Seeing Through Appearances Refer to book "The Roots of Good and Evil" by Nyanaponika Thera Published by INWARD PATH, Penang Malaysia link to PDF:...


138 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | How I use Step One

I am taking my life to a new level of success, as defined by me. In doing that I'm using what I know works which is the Eight-Fold Path of the Dharma and the 12 Steps of Recovery. In today's episode I continue to share my journey and how I am accomplishing my success in the hope that my examples will inspire and instruct our programs listeners to their own successes. Namaste!


137 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | How to do step one.

When I lived in a facility for the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse I was given specific instructions on what action to take on step one. I share that process and how it works for me in today's episode. Step One of Alcoholics Anonymous - How to do the action for the greatest chance of successful change. Read The Big Book of AA. Read "The Doctor's Opinion, chapt. 1 Bill's Story, chapt. 2 There is a Solution and chapt. 3 More About Alcoholism. Also Read Step One in the Twelve Steps and...


136 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Changes and Examples

To begin today's program I acknowledge a change I see in myself; a change that began as a suggested tool to help me and now I see as a part of my new better character. I then talk about real world examples of how I continue to apply the wisdom of the steps. I recently did some step one type work in order to address the "bad" behavior I have with my diet habits. I'm doing this as the first step to changing them.


135 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | The Promises

In the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (fourth edition) chapter 6, Into Action, on page 83 are written the promises. Many 12 step meetings include the reading of the promises as part of their structure. It's a reminder of all the things that will get better. It's also an acknowledgement of the areas of life that are improving for everyone, no matter how long they have been clean and sober and working the steps. I also hear a message of progress rather than perfection at the end where it...


134 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Step 1

Step one of Alcoholics Anonymous reads "We admitted we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable." The first part of this step for me is acknowledging/recognizing that I have a problem and then admitting it. I need to finally be honest with myself and see that my behavior is the cause of most of my problems. I need to look at the manageability and admit it exists and that I'm the one who is bringing it into my life. From there I then need to be open-minded to...


133 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Using the tools

The 12 Steps of AA are for me a method to change all the behaviors and habits in my life that I know are not serving me. I continue to use them to create effective change and improve myself, my life and the lives of those around me. Today is a beginning and that starts with awareness and looking to do something different to break the cycle.


132 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | The simplest things to change my thinking

Gratitude was the first principle I was taught by a sponsor I had in the program of AA when I was just first clean and sober. By performing the act of writing down 5 things to be grateful every day I learned very quickly how to begin to see things differently; in other words I was beginning to change my thinking.


131 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Root Causes

Buddha teaches that there are root causes for all things. Everything exists to ones mind and how it exists is based, in part, by root causes. This lesson has taught me to take my self reflection to deeper levels. This has served me in a way that I can now see the emotional state that my behaviors are born out of. I can look at these states and see that a craving or the desire to act a certain way is simply because I'm feeling a negative emotion. Today's episode begins talking about my...


130 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Substituting – One of my shortcomings

In Alcoholics Anonymous the steps number 6 & 7 are about addressing my shortcomings. Recently I have been working on the shortcoming I have of substitution. This is where I will have a habit or behavior that isn't serving me very well but I use it to avoid the root of the problem that I don't want to face. I usually justify it to myself that it's not as bad as what I used to do which was drink and use drugs. I've grown up enough now to face this and make changes so today's episode I begin...


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