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Bourbon Gents World Cup Draw: 2018

It's that time of year again! Try to contain your excitement as the gents draw the bourbons' who will be entered into this years tournament. The Bourbon Gents World Cup starts on the 9th March and this time there will be twice as many entries as last year. That's right a whopping 64 teams (bourbons) will be picked from a hat (bowl) to see who will play who in the first round. So if you like the idea of listening to Mav and Mr Pie read a loads of names from a bits of paper then this is the...


Episode 25 - The One With The Curly Haired Magician

In this podcast the Gents talk excitedly about the up coming Bourbon World Cup, review Makers Mark, fumble around in the dark trying to guess the blind taste test dram, and muse yet again on the lack of jingles our listeners haven't sent us. Bee Gee fans will find #TOOFT at 01h 04m 40s, and it sees the return of an old friend of the Gents. For those of you that want to hear the draw for the World Cup live then download our special podcast and listen along with the Gents as they draw the...


The Mailbag - 1

The Gents are getting so much feedback from our lovely listeners these days that we have decided to dedicate whole podcasts to answering them - and this is the first. So if you ever wanted to know what Mr Pie thinks of De Niro comedies, or how the Gents became friends, then this is the podcast for you. Enjoy!


Episode 24 - The Blade, the Bow, & the Brookers

In this slightly delayed episode of the podcast we discuss Mav's trip to Scotland, rant yet again about the crazy world of whiskey scoring systems, and make Bourbon Gents history in the blind tasting section. For our review we taste the lesser spotted (at least in the UK) Blade and Bow bourbon and attempt to explain the solera system. In the bourbon battle we face off 2 heavyweights of the bourbon world, and for TOOFT fans we have a bit of a mixed bag. Enjoy!


Episode 23 - Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

In this episode we kick off the first podcast of the new year by introducing a new snappier (we hope) format, intended to cut out some of the waffle and focus on the things that make the Bourbon Gents... well the Bourbon Gents! We review our Bourbon Of the Year G. T. Stagg, try our hand at tongue twisters, and have our best attempt yet at guessing a blind tasting. Enjoy!


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