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Season 2 - Episode 15: Bill Watts

In this episode we interview Bill Watts prior to his trek across the Colorado Trail.

Duration: 00:43:22

Season 2 - Episode 14: Ray Zahab

In this episode we sit down with Ray Zahab and talk about his multi-day excursions as well as his work with Impossible2Possible.

Duration: 00:43:39

Season 2 - Episode 14: Emilia Lahti

We are very honored to have Emilia Lahti as our guest in this episode. Emilia will be running the length of New Zealand in November to raise awareness for domestic violence and abuse. Emilia tells us about her own personal experiences and how she has arrived at where she is today with the Sisu Not Silence project. For more info on Emilia and the project, visit:

Duration: 01:32:50

Season 2 - Episode 13: Sally Law

We're very pleased to have had the chance to interview Sally Law, Mal's wife and support system. On May 2nd, Mal's newest adventure begins: a 1700 km circumnavigation of Wales on foot, to raise money for mental health. Sally gives us all the details as well as many other great stories from her adventurous life. We had a blast talking with her! For more about the run around Wales, visit:

Duration: 01:02:57

Season 2 - Episode 11: Annie Weiss

Today we spoke with Annie Weiss about her journey with mental health, and her future running plans that include running across the Ice Age trail in Wisconsin.

Duration: 01:01:55

Season 2 - Episode 10: Rebecca Moxey

In this episode, we interviewed Rebecca Moxey about her experience with mental health issues, and the athletic journey she's been on along with them.

Duration: 01:14:31

Season 2 - Episode 8: Emily Baxter

This week, we are pleased to have Emily Baxter join us. Emily is a lawyer and former Fellow at the University of Minnesota Law School’s Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice. She is now the director of We Are All Criminals. For more info, check out the website: Enjoy!

Duration: 01:06:01

Season 2 - Episode 7: Samantha Gash

In this interview, we speak with Samantha Gash about her adventure across India, among other things!

Duration: 00:49:48

Season 2 - Episode 6: Sandi Nypaver

In this episode, we're very honored to have Sandi Nypaver, co-founder of Sage Running, as our guest. Sandi is an ultra runner, coach, writer, and an all-around wonderful human being. We talk about everything, including her struggles with mental health, anxiety, and depression. For more about Sandi, go to: and Enjoy the podcast!

Duration: 00:57:44

Season 2 - Episode 5: Betsy Hartley and Spencer Newell

Join us as Betsy Hartley and Spencer Newell talk about their own battles with addiction, and how they are helping other people to overcome their own struggles in life. Two great people with two incredible journeys here! To learn more, check out their website:

Duration: 01:24:47

Season 2 - Episode 4: Ellie Krug

In this episode, we are very pleased to have interviewed Ellie Krug, a transgender woman who shares her incredible story. Join us as she takes us on a journey through her life, including the good, the bad, the funny, and the sad. We think you'll like it, because we sure did! Enjoy! To learn more about Ellie, visit her website: Also check out her book, "Getting to Ellen: A Memoir about Love, Honesty and Gender Change"

Duration: 01:12:17

Season 2 - Episode 2: Eleni Pinnow

In this episode, we chat with Eleni Pinnow, who lost her sister, Aletha to suicide on February 20th, 2016. Eleni wrote a very touching, open and honest obituary about her sister and the cause of her death. This eventually lead to an article being published in The Washington Post. We appreciate everything that Eleni is doing to honor her sister's memory and help defeat the stigma of mental illness.

Duration: 00:51:26

Season 1.5 - Episode 6: Jim Walmsley

Season 1.5 ends with a long and fun 2-hour chat with ultra speedster Jim Walmsley. We touch on many topics, including Jim's background, racing, training, Strava CRs, his shirts, beer, and of course, his experience at the 2016 Western States 100-mile Endurance Run. Enjoy this interview, because we sure did!

Duration: 02:00:09

Season 1 - Episode 30 (Bonus): Zumbro 2016 Recap

In this bonus episode, Jason Hara joins us as we talk about racing and pacing at the 2016 Zumbro 100-miler. All of us have a post-race hangover. You have been warned. NSFW.

Duration: 01:36:57

Defeat The Stigma Podcast Episode 18: Run Across the USA with Jeremy Schaefer

Jeremy Schaefer joins us to talk about his incredible self-supported run across the USA for mental health

Duration: 01:54:06

Defeat The Stigma Podcast Episode 15: PTSD with Dr. Josh Briley

In this episode, we interviewed Dr. Josh Briley, a psychologist who specializes in treating PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) of soldiers and veterans. We learned a lot during this episode and were honored to have him as our guest. Please enjoy!

Duration: 00:58:23

Defeat The Stigma Podcast Episode 14: Chris Vargo

This episode, it was our pleasure to interview Chris Vargo, member of the Nike Elite Trail running team. Chris has overcome addiction to become a top-level ultrarunner and coach. We talk about everything in this episode, not just running. It's a little long, but we were all having a good time with some great discussion. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:38:23

Defeat The Stigma Podcast Episode 10: Dusty Olson

This week, we interview the one and only, Dusty Olson, Minnesota ultra running legend. We talk with Dusty about everything: his childhood, his job, his ongoing battle with Lyme disease, running, skiing, canoeing, hiking, racing, pacing, and what it was like to pace Scott Jurek.

Duration: 00:58:12

Defeat The Stigma Podcast Episode 8: Doug Kleemeier

This week, local speedster and Defeat the Stigma runner Doug Kleemeier drops by to talk about running, racing, teaching, mental illness, raising awareness for mental health, life, music, movies, and more.

Duration: 01:10:42

Defeat The Stigma Podcast Episode 7: Sue Abderholden

In this episode we talk with Sue Abderholden, executive director of NAMI MN. Sue shares with us her wealth of knowledge from over 25 years of advocating for mental health treatment, from working with late Senator Paul Wellstone to lobbying for new and improved programs for mental health treatment today.

Duration: 00:49:34

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