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The modern world is awash in news. Every day, we can turn on our computers, flick on the TV or tap on our phones to get the latest updates from locales both far-flung and close to home. And yet there are still important stories left untold, voices that never enter the media mainstream. WAMU 88.5 in Washington, D.C. is proud to produce Breaking Ground with Kavitha Cardoza, a documentary series dedicated to those voices, to making the invisible visible by uncovering the stories you won’t hear anywhere else. Stories about adults learning how to read and write for the very first time, stories about military children, and stories about students who struggle to graduate from high school.






Lower Income, Higher Ed

We'll introduce you to Christopher, a teen from Washington D.C. who overcame incredible odds to make it into college. Unfortunately, like many students in his situation, college life was not what he expected. In our latest Breaking Ground documentary, Kavitha Cardoza explores the factors contributing to the low graduation rate for our nation's low-income college students.

Duration: 00:50:15

Military Children

Nearly 2 million American children have parents serving in the military, and many more have veterans in their families. In this documentary, reporter Kavitha Cardoza looks at the unique challenges these kids face and the potential lessons in resilience they have to offer.

Duration: 00:50:18

Yesterday's Dropouts

Every year more than one million students fail to graduate high school on time. How does this affect their lives and their communities, 10, 20, or even 40 years after they leave the classroom? Kavitha Cardoza explores in this one-hour documentary.

Duration: 00:53:58