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Barry Farber brainstorms with a variety of guests ranging from billionaires to brain surgeons and athletes to entertainers on the art of breaking through. Barry and his guests will share real world and practical solutions on how to take it to the next level whether you're trying to breakthrough in a new business deal, new job or new level of performance at work and in life.




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Breakthrough with Olympic Medalist & American Record Holder

Breakthrough with Deena Kastor, three-time Olympian an American record holder in the marathon (2:19:36) and half marathon (1:07:34). Denna will discuss her greatest tools for success (aside from hard work) that have helped her breakthrough and become one of the worlds most extraordinary female athletes.

Duration: 00:29:10

Breakthrough with the creator of HBO's hit show Entourage

DOUG ELLIN (Director/Writer/Producer) created and executive produced the long running hit HBO series “Entourage”, on which his feature film of the same name is based. He will discuss his breakthroughs along the way starting out as a stand-up comedian and becoming an award winning writer, producer and director.

Duration: 00:18:19

Breakthrough with Gary Sheffield

Part 2 of Hitting under pressure with former Major League Baseball player, Gary Sheffield. Gary Sheffield is a nine time All-Star, five-time silver slugger award winner and one of the top 25 all-time homerun hitters with 509 home runs. He will talk about performing in pressure situations and preparing yourself for any opportunity, whether its in sports, business or life.

Duration: 00:29:49

Breakthrough with CEO of Kent Bicycles Arnold Kamler

Customer service, leadership and manufacturing strategies that built a bicycle company from 6 million to over 200 million in sales. Join Barry as he welcomes Arnold Kamler as they discuss "breakthrough's in life and business" and what it takes to be a good CEO.

Duration: 00:29:47

Breakthrough with Jonah White

Founder of the Billy-Bob teeth company which sold more than 15 million, now has his own reality show on the Discovery Channel called "From Gags to Riches". He will share his breakthroughs from living in a cave isolated for a year to creating a business phenomenon with only $400 start-up capital which was his entire net worth.

Duration: 00:39:00

Breakthrough with Kelly Carlin

Kelly Carlin is the host of "The Kelly Carlin Show" which airs on the 24/7 George Carlin channel on Sirius XM called Carlin's Corner. She will discuss her career in show biz as a television producer, writer and actress along with her current one-woman hit show called "A Carlin Home Companion" selling out in theaters across the country.

Breakthrough with Admiral Robert O. Wray, Jr.

A two star nuclear trained admiral will discuss leadership skills and breakthrough strategies for success in any endeavor.

Duration: 00:31:28

Breaking Through with Kenneth Faried of the Denver Nuggets

Kenneth Faried an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association. He was a center at Morehead State University, where he was named Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year twice and an All-American in 2011. Kenneth joins the show to discuss breaking through and what it means to him.

Duration: 00:17:24

Breakthrough with the founder and CEO of the world's largest florist

Jim McCann is a highly successful entrepreneur whose vision and energy have helped grow, the company he founded in 1976, into the world's leading florist and gift company. Jim will share his insights on the art of conversation leadership and the strategies that he uses to inspire, innovate and breakthrough.

Duration: 00:36:36

Inside The Making of Super Bowl XLVIII

Wayne Hasenbalg is President and CEO of New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority. He has been overseeing the state’s readiness for the big game on Feb. 2nd. Wayne will share his insights on how planning, preparation, teamwork and a strategic vision bring about a successful event.

Duration: 00:31:49

Breakthrough in the Direct Response Television Market

Bill McAlister is the President of Top Dog Direct (formerly Media Enterprises), a marketer of direct response television/As Seen on TV products. Bill has been in the DRTV industry for 27 years, having started at QVC. He will share his insights on how to find the right products using the infomercial format and what it takes to successfully market products on TV and roll them out to the retail market.

Duration: 00:36:40

Breakthrough with President and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Financial Services

Irv Rothman, President and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Financial Services will share his insights on success, leadership and building long term value. He's the author of Out-Executing the Competition and he explains how he and his teams led the transformation that enabled AT&T Capital to become the second-largest leasing company in the U.S., Build Compaq Financial Services (CFS) from its greenfield inception in 1997 into a global force with over 3.7 billion in assets and successfully merge CFS...

Duration: 00:27:17

Breakthrough with Astrophysicist & Nobel Prize Winner in Physics, Dr. Adam Riess

Dr. Adam Riess jointly led the study with Brian Schmidt in 1998 for the High-z Supernova Search Team which first reported evidence that the Universe's expansion rate is now accelerating through monitoring of Type 1a Supernovas. Riess will share his insights into the nature of the universe, such as the existence of dark matter and his breakthroughs along the way. The discovery of the accelerating universe was named 'Breakthrough of the Year' by Science Magazine in 1998, and Riess was...

Duration: 00:28:41

Breakthrough with Qi Gong Masters

Breakthrough with one of the most powerful forces on planet earth... Brian Coffey and Fran Maher will share their passion and insights on the power of qi (also chi or ch'i) frequently translated as "natural energy", "life force", or "energy flow". Qi Gong spans a huge geographic territory and a history of more than 8000 years (the most recent 3000 years recorded) it still remains one of the modern world’s best kept secrets. Fran is a Teacher of Tai Chi and Qi Gong Forms, certified by Dr....

Duration: 00:51:06

Breakthrough with the Co-founder of Honest Tea

Barry Nalebuff is Chairman of the Board and Co-founder of Honest Tea. He's the co-author of Mission in a Bottle, the honest guide to doing business differently and succeeding. He will share his breakthrough strategies on building a successful brand and how he sold it to The Coca-Cola Company. A graduate of MIT, a Rhodes Scholar, and Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows, Nalebuff earned his doctorate at Oxford University.

Duration: 00:31:33

Breakthrough with Neurosurgeon Dr. Mark McLaughlin

Board certified neurosurgeon Dr. Mark McLaughlin is the Medical Director for Princeton Brain & Spine Care and specializes in cranial conditions and specific spine disorders. He will share his unique insights on using your mind to create laser focus and breakthrough results. Dr. McLaughlin was recently selected as the “Top Doc” in the New York Metro area.

Duration: 00:34:13

Breakthrough with Founder of MyPillow

Michael Lindell is founder and CEO of the MyPillow®, one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. He will share his strategies on how he broke through from 3 million in sales in 2011 to $102 million in 2012.

Duration: 00:31:05

Breakthrough with Ann Liguori

Ann will share her own breakthroughs along with insights from her award-winning interview shows with sports legends such as Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Wilt Chamberlain, Sam Snead, Hank Aaron and Billie Jean King, to name a few.

Duration: 00:49:31

Breakthrough With Harvards Heather Henriksen

Heather Henriksen, director of the Office for Sustainability at Harvard University will share her strategies on how companies and individuals can create a more sustainable environment. She holds a Master's in Public Administration with a focus on energy and environment from the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). Before graduate school, Heather was Director of Corporate Marketing & Business Development at Time Warner.

Duration: 00:46:10

Hitting under pressure with Gary Sheffield

Gary Sheffield is a nine time All-Star, five-time silver slugger award winner, and one of the top 25 all-time homerun hitters with 509 home runs. He will talk about performing in pressure situations and preparing yourself for any opportunity, whether its in sports, business or life.

Duration: 00:15:08

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