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Unsolicited Random Laughter

This episode is a little shorter than we normally do, but it's still a big deal to us . . . it's the first episode we recorded with the new Zoom H6! We talk about the ups and downs of our week, do an odd little comparison between Alexa and Siri, and tell you a little bit about some new stuff my brother has put out. It's the Big TWO ZERO!


Bored In Albuquerque

We broke out the old stories in this one, and we may or may not have had a behind the scenes debate about what "central" means, but in any event, we brought the tales of our National travels and the places we had the most fun . . . or committed the worst crimes . . . or drank the most. One of those. Or all of those. Anyway, kick back and enjoy one of our longer episodes where we reveal the really seedy people we actually are.


Comedy Clubs and Po Folks

Marilyn Manson lost his marbles . . .and so did we, a long time ago. It's a new show and we tried to drag it out of the depression zone from last week. We might have, I don't know, but Leo's probably a racist and we'll let him prove it in this episode! GIVE US FIVE STARS, DAMMIT!!


In Memoriam

We love being funny, truly, we do. This week we took a pause and took a look at a much more serious subject. We got a little bit angry, a little bit political and a whole lot of not funny. It's still good, just not for the laughs this time. Stop killing our kids. We love you!


The Most Beautiful Human Being

This week was . . .well, horrible, and I'll express that, but given the title, it had it's "ups". The title actually has precious little to do with what we talked about, but we did discuss the future of Brick Wit House and how we want to move forward and how we want you to help us do it. Tune in . . . kick back and enjoy!


Proper Parenting Through Fear and Intimidation

We are in need of professional, psychological help . . . which is not really a secret at this point, but in this episode, we're gonna tell you exactly why. Delve into why we're totally screwed up and will proudly continue to be so, on this weeks adventure into our dark, twisted minds. Also, you get to vote for stuff. It'll be fun . . . really.


Aristotle Was a Rapper

Finally, I got someone to actually come into the studio and record a show with us and put that other microphone to use that I bought 4 months ago. Aris, of the Find The Stone Podcast, that we have talked about and plugged so many times is finally here! I strapped a set of headphones on him, slapped a Yuengling in his hand and we had at it. It was a hell of a lot of fun and we hope he'll come back and do this again, many more times. Listen, enjoy and send us some positive words so Aris will...


Nicht essen seife

It's been a rough week, and it hasn't been made any easier by the morons we have spawned. Now that I think about it, it wasn't made any easier by the idiot that spawned me. Find out why I blocked my own father on Facebook . . . 3 days after his own mother died. Yep, we've reached a whole new level of a$$hole in the dad department. Come in and enjoy my anger and Leo's rising BAC. You won't be sorry. Or maybe you will, I'm not sure yet.


Tummy Time

Why are our precious little millennials growing up to be entitled little turds? Because doctors tell us it's good for them, and because the parents almost don't need to be present to feed them. They do, however need to be present in order to not grow up with a flat head. We'll talk about that with my friend and also nurse, Liz . . . as much as we can at least, until Leo and I manage to take the conversation completely elsewhere. As we do.


The Aftermath

You know how some comedians feel about following big acts? Nobody wanted to come up after Sam Kinison, and with good reason. You just can't follow that up. That's how we felt doing this episode, because Alanna is a tough act to follow, but we gave it our best shot . . . even though Leo tried going sober for this weeks show. Lesson learned. We have to find the perfect BAC for Leo from now on. I'm thinking a nice, cool .08 would be just about perfect.


The Overdue Holiday Episode

Ok, so I promised this on Christmas . . . then again on New Years Day . . . so is Jan 2nd close enough? It's here, it's EFFING crazy and never have we more gone off the rails making an episode. We had a couple of special guests on this show and one of them may have been hitting the holiday whiskey and it was NOT Leo. Come on in and find out how we put Eric's editing skills to the ultimate test. Happy Holidays, ya'll!


Going Retro

Leo and I are turning back the clock to the 1980's in this episode. We're talking about the music, the bands and what we can do to keep it alive. Eric is also going to have a chat with a ghost from his past, so you really don't want to miss this episode!


Back In The Saddle

After overcoming several technical issues by way of tearing everything apart and putting it back together again a different way, we are BACK! Hopefully to stay on a regular basis again. Find out what happened and what we did to fix it. Eric also goes off on another extended rant so you may want to put your phone down, drive the car and just listen. As a final touch, Eric is going to share one of his favorite recipes that he can still make despite the fact that his new apartment doesn't...


What the s***, Alanna!! Part 2

The second half of the two and a half hours I spent with Alanna from and man did we have a good time. We could have gone on for hours more but I guess we'll just have to have her back again in the future. Speaking of the future, tune in and find out just what the future holds for White Girls Be Like!


What the s***, Alanna!! Part 1

We've been teasing you repeatedly, but now you're finally getting the happy ending . . . it's the Alanna interview! The magical mind behind "White Girls Be Like . . ." hopped on Skype and entertained me (and now you) for two and half hours. So much so, I had to break this up into two episodes. Settle in for your morning commute or afternoon of ignoring work and find out what the future holds for White Girls Be Like as well as for Brick Wit House because she's gonna be a regular! Sorry...


Third Move is a Charm

At least we hope the third move is a charm. This is the episode that was not to be . . . mostly because we told everyone it wasn't going to happen. Fortunately, we changed our mind and pieced something together, so stop on in and find out about the best boss in the world and the worst "landlord" in the world. While this episode does take on a serious tone for a little while, we're still just who we are. Find out why Eric is moving, yet again . . . and find out why Leo needs to keep his day...


SoundCloud Can Suck It

We recorded this episode on Friday night just like Leo wanted and you'll figure out exactly why Eric didn't want to do it on Friday night by the time you are 10 seconds into the episode. He's CRABBY and he is pretty much going to hate on everything, but SoundCloud is going to be the main target of his ire. Strap in, it's going to be an interesting ride!


How To Sell Your House in 2 Days

We're back again for Episode 3 and we're making excuses for why we didn't publish an episode last week. Eric moves. A lot. We'll tell you why and how he can help you sell your house in just a couple of days . . . . but only if you move to Georgia. Just for extra fun, find out why Leo has a little Indian man up his butt. Really. Apparently, nothing is off limits.


Hurricane Anxiety

We're back! Hurricane Irma is just a memory and we're going to tell you how it went down here in Tampa during the storm and why the hurricane shelter may not have necessarily been the safest place for everyone in there. Find out how the shelter experience leads us into talking about our experiences with Social Anxiety and why Eric may not be a sufferer of said anxiety, but is just mean spirited. Laugh with and at us as we stumble through the horrible diagnosis.


Introducing Eric, Leo and Irma

Come get to know us in our very first episode of Brick Wit House where we will introduce ourselves, tell you about how we met and came to be the people that we are now. This episode is off the cuff and completely ad-libbed as we recorded it in the face of Hurricane Irma because that big nasty lady decided she wanted to make her appearance right when we planned on making episode 1. We weren't going to allow her to take that from us, so here we are!