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Days of the Dead Covfefe

This week our heroes talk our adventures at Days of the Dead horror convention! We walk you through our journey from start to finish while providing interviews from celebrities, cosplayers, and the man who brings the whole convention together! So grab your switchblade, a nice Pachanga, and don't forget the White Castle as we guide you through our ridiculous journey. Cheers!!!

Duration: 01:57:21

American Psycho

This week our heroes delve into the world of cocaine, Phil Collins, and mass murder as we dissect the 2000 Christian Bale classic, American Psycho!! We are joined by Nick of Epic Film Guys and John of Now In Technicolor podcast as we weave our way through Patrick Bateman's complicated world. So grab a brew, a pristine silver axe, and your best business card and join us on this episode. Cheers!!

Duration: 01:17:25

3B Three: Sequels

This week our heroes delve into their all time favorite horror sequels in the newest edition of the 3B three! We also give our review of Alien Covenant and welcome back our favorite special guest Jon from Now In Technicolor Podcast! So grab a brewskie and see if you agree with our picks or consider them the work of some idiot CHUDS in this new episode. Cheers!!

Duration: 01:30:22

Blunt Force Troma feat. Lloyd Kaufman

This week our own Shampu and the Nerd got a chance to have a (long) chat with film legend and co-founder of Troma Entertainment, Lloyd Kaufman! In this episode the puns flow like water as we talk about Toxie, Poultrygeist, Lemmy and much much more! Kick back, grab a beer (or six) and listen to one of the greats as he expounds on everything from filmmaking to his feelings on China! Cheers!

Duration: 01:04:41

3B Three: Stephen King Films

This week we celebrate the undisputed king of horror, Stephen King! We count down our top 3 Stephen King films with our special guest Jon from Now in Technicolor podcast. We also talk our excitement for the Dark Tower and IT trailers while the Nerd and Carlos Baby are channeled in Exorcist style. So grab a brew and celebrate the Master of Horror with us constant CHUDS. Cheers!

Duration: 01:18:46

Friday The 13th Part 3 feat. Larry Zerner interview

It's 3B IN 3D as we cover Friday the 13th part 3!! We put on our hockey masks in excitement as we talk to the man who gave Jason his, Larry Zerner aka Shelly!! We also welcome back one of our original CHUDS and drink Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp 2017. So grab your 3D glasses, machetes, and brews and join us for this very special episode. Cheers!

Duration: 01:33:27

3B Commentary - An American Werewolf In London feat. Juliette Miranda

This week our heroes join forces with Juliette Miranda of the Unwritable Rant Podcast to watch An American Werewolf In London! We talk about backpacking across Europe, the oddity of a three day relationship and what kind of treats would be best served from a human skull! So sit back, grab a beer (or bourbon) and follow along as we watch perhaps the greatest werewolf ever. Cheers!

Duration: 01:36:24

Dream Warriors 30th Anniversary feat. Ira Heiden interview

This week our heroes celebrate the recent 30th anniversary of one of the greatest sequels of all time...Dream Warriors!! And to truly celebrate we talked to an actual Dream Warrior, The Wizard Master himself..Ira Heiden!! So listen and share a brew with us as we discuss one of the best movies of one of the greatest franchises of all time. Cheers!!

Duration: 01:27:34

Death Becomes Her and Surly Overrated

This week our heroes put themselves in a bubble with Surly Overrated and debate what makes a horror movie. Occasionally they talk about Death Becomes Her too....Cheers!

Duration: 02:03:42

Chopping Mall and Lost Coast Brewery's Sharkinator White IPA

This week our heroes feel the wrath of Black Friday as we cover the classic Chopping Mall and give the robotic deliciousness of Sharkinator White IPA a try. Cheers!

Duration: 01:46:03

Return of the Living Dead

After a bit of a hiatus we are finally back! To celebrate this is a previously unreleased thought to be lost episode. We cover the zombie classic Return of the Living Dead and drink what we call "not beer". Cheers!!!

Duration: 02:01:35

Troll 2 feat. Wychwood Hobgoblin

This week our heroes drink Wychwood Brewery's Hobgoblin and just completely give up on Troll 2.

Duration: 03:55:55

Jason X feat. New Glarus Moon Man Pale Ale

This week our heroes journey to space to watch Jason X. To fuel our fight against Uber Jason we brought along some New Glarus Moon Man Pale Ale. We finally meet #SorryLindsey and find out Chris' top ten Jason kills. Brandon argues about the pronunciation of an animated picture and Shampu Burns in Hell. We hope you enjoy! Cheers!

Duration: 04:28:25

Aliens featuring Likeweisse Director's Cut

This week our heroic team of Ultimate Badasses grab their pulse rifles and watch one of the greatest sequels in cinematic history, James Cameron's Aliens (The Director's Cut of course)! Fittingly, the beer of the week is Likeweisse Director's Cut. Game Over, man!

Duration: 03:00:34

Cabin Fever feat. Stone Arrogant Bastard

This week out heroes roll their eyes as Brandon rants about his dislike of Eli Roth for 90 minutes while we watch Cabin Fever. Oh, and we drank some beer too! Stone's Arrogant Bastard Ale (or as Brandon calls it: Liquid Eli Roth). We hope you enjoy and DON'T DRINK THE WATER! Cheers!

Duration: 01:56:25

Nightmare on Elm Street 4 featuring Bent River Uncommon Stout

This week our heroes delve into your dreams to battle Freddy Krueger and watch Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. In order to stay awake, we brought some of Bent River's Uncommon Coffee Stout. 1, 2, we're coming for you! Cheers

Duration: 01:59:57

Episode Zero

This week our heroes begin their journey across the dangerous frontier that is the internet, with episode zero! We all stroke our egos this week and talk about our podcast, horror movies, beers and most importantly OURSELVES! The whole show is set to some pretty kickass music, so grab a beer, sit back and turn it up! Cheers!

Duration: 00:28:58