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From newbs to pros, this show is dedicated to new folks getting learning about and getting involved in crypto. No question too dumb, as long as you're willing to do some reading, we're here to help you learn about and stay up to date with crypto.

From newbs to pros, this show is dedicated to new folks getting learning about and getting involved in crypto. No question too dumb, as long as you're willing to do some reading, we're here to help you learn about and stay up to date with crypto.
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From newbs to pros, this show is dedicated to new folks getting learning about and getting involved in crypto. No question too dumb, as long as you're willing to do some reading, we're here to help you learn about and stay up to date with crypto.






Cardano review -- Part 2 -- Core Functions

CARDANO Cardano is striving to change the way crypto currencies are made and also design a system that will integrate with legacy systems, or simply work in their stead in places without enough money to make them work. This project is a collaboration of the brightest minds from across the world, not claiming to be the best or the answer, but a best effort to provide a single, good answer. This second part of the Cardano review will go deeper into the core components as identified by the...


Cardano review -- Part 1

[podcast src="" height="90" width="100%" placement="top" theme="custom"] CARDANO Cardano is one of the most complex, well thought out, and usable cryptos to enter the space. It was started in 2015 with the stated objective of changing how crypto was developed. There was no white paper because...


Banana Coin, is this the shift?

Unusual Movements in the Business Market with BlockChain We're finally seeing what the hopeful few have been talking about for years, business adoption of crypto. An ICO I thankfully invested in early in 2017, HIVE is doing incredible. Now my wife asked I look into something called Banana Coin. If you're at all like me, you immediately assume this is another trash token made as a joke by someone to see how much money they can get from morons. It turns out; this is in my mother-in-law's...


Centra Tech A promising crypto

CENTRA Tech Centra, a credit card, crypto currency, wallet, blockchain, network, merchant services provider, and currency exchange. If this sounds like too much to be real, you'd be wrong. This company started selling tokens at $.50 each and their value has soared as they have developed an incredible platform, app, and credit card to make spending your crypto easy. They did things the right way and managed to avoid the hazards of the Waves network shutdown, making them the only game in...


HIVE, THE Business Case for Crypto

HIVE This is an intro to an immensely successful, professional, and in business terms, a valuable company that I initially invested in at ICO time, HIVE. I didn't invest a significant amount of money but still asked an excellent whale friend what he thought first. He told me how stupid it was and how they would fall apart. I explained how this business model and the case is already in use, but lacks an adequate creditworthiness tracker and also doesn't have the flexibility. He told me to...



SteemIt The Blockchain & Next Gen Facebook If you're like most people, you share your life and cool things from other's lives on the regular over FaceBook & YouTube. This doesn't do much for you beyond waste time and generate revenue for the news/social media giants. This causes some hard feelings for a lot of people. We share things we might want others to see and FaceBook or even YouTube then decides to take it down because some snowflake got their feelz hurt. Even better is when you've...


Token Review - Proof Assurance Market Protocol

Proof & Assurance Market Protocol (AMP) If you're wondering what Proof or an Assurance Market Protocol is, you're in the right place. Even after a look at the whitepaper, you can be a bit confused. As the crypto market evolves we see a growing number of trash coins, scams, duplicates, copies, and generally useless trash. Occasionally we see a solid coin with a quality team actually tackling a real market problem. Proof is one of those very few quality projects. I have yet to go a day...


Why Get into Crypto?

Why Get into Crypto anyway? This may seem like a silly question, but a lot of people really don't know where to start or even why to get into crypto. When everyone is talking about it, it's usually time to get out, but the reality is, they're just talking about it. The number of people currently invested in crypto is minuscule. There is a huge swath of world population that thinks they're either too late or think it's a fad. I would argue that these are mostly the same people. It's like...


Analyze Before You Buy*ICO Shutdown?

Analyze Before You Buy*ICO Shutdown? Building Crypto Today Podcast Analyze before you buy, the market constantly changes I'm getting blown up from folks wanting to get into Crypto. This is partly due to trust and rapport, but also because I'm warning them to think and possibly wait for a pullback. Why wait? Well, the market is at an all-time high, as usual. We've seen enough 1-2 month pull backs that we should be expecting another. My expectation, a lot of money will pull out to pay for...


CryptoKitties bring blockchain mainstream

CryptoKitties bring blockchain mainstream Building Crypto Today The dumbest thing I've ever heard of, CryptoKitties is surprisingly enough, exactly what the cryptospace needs. Stupid time wasting crap is what makes the world go round. I personally hate it because transactions on the ETH blockchain are hanging for days if you don't bump up your gas price. I started experimenting on a new exchange and it's awesome! I've decided to put in on Zilla, what do you think about it? From my...


Is Tether a scam and can it be trusted? #3

Is Tether a scam and can it be trusted? Building Crypto Today Is Tether a scam and can it be trusted? This is a legitimate question. With 2 hacks in 2017 and their own currency that somehow never changes in value, there are more than a few skeptics and for good reason. A lot positive and negative press is constantly streaming through the webs about Tether and how it is the downfall or savior of crypto. I'd say it's a little more negative than positive, but still useful. As the old...


A boy learns a hard truth about life.

TAXATION IS THEFT Let's just be clear, taxation is theft. With that being said, I pride myself on be a strict, fair, and loving father. I try my very best to teach my kids everything I can about freedom. Like any parent, you struggle to ensure your kids aren't brainwashed with partisan garbage the government schools teach, same with grandpa Buck and his Faux new or aunt Sue and her Clinton New Network (CNN). Well one Sunday night as I'm putting my daughters to bed, my son is trolling...


Picking winners, losers & HODL

Building Crypto Today #2 Picking winners, losers & what to HODLs Important terms to know coming into this: ICO (initial coin offering), VC (venture capitalist), HODL (hold) There are a ton of varying perspectives in terms of what you should be looking at for cryptos to buy, sell, hold, or initially invest in via ICO. A popular theory is that of the the traditional VC; I think it's wrong. Wrong might be a bit strong, but in general, it's not quite accurate because of how new the industry...


Building Crypto Today How to get into Crypto

Building Crypto Today How to get into Crypto Welcome to the community, built for newbs to start learning and get into crypto an otherwise challenging world in a safe way. We’re not in the investment advising game, we’re not CPAs, nor are we attorneys, but we do love to share information and help other good people do good things. This week we’re getting into the beginnings of crypto, places to start and a few reasons you may or may not want to start. There is a coming boom and busts will...