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CAB 054: Animals

On today's episode, your three favorite Boca Boys are talking about Animals! Listen to hear Manuel forget what an animal really is, find out which animals we feel are inherently Portuguese, hear us create strange creatures, and talk about pets in the Portuguese household. This episode is brought to you in part by Blue Apron. Get $30 off your first order by using our affiliate link: You get the benefit of having fresh, pre-portioned ingredients come straight to...


CAB 053: Cafés (The Location, Not the Drink)

The Boca Boys are hanging out at the most popular hangout spot on the island...the café on the corner over there. In the Azores, cafés are the local hang out spot/day bar. We hash out the differences between our American coffee shops, and the cafés, and think about what it would be like to own our own. This and much more in this episode! New Music Minute-Mike 11 ft Jeremih - My Tata Connect With Us: • Comment on the shownotes • Email • Subscribe...


CAB 052: What if Portuguese People Were Superheros?

In a land, where sopas are plentiful, and festas are all the rage, one man leads the way to keep the peace against greedy organizations. His name, is João da Loka. With his mighty cleaver and animal talking abilities, he is the only one to keep the corrupt board members from ruining the festa! In a last minute change of events, we decided to pose the ever important questions, what if Portuguese people were superheros? What superpowers would a Portuguese person have? Grab your capes and...


CAB 051: Festa Time! (The Board Game) [feat. Michael]

Your three favorite Boca Boys, and good pal Michael sit down, for some much needed chill time and debut our new board game, Festa Time! All props to Luis for coming up with, and designing this great game! To see the game in action, visit our YouTube or Facebook pages for a quick 20 minute run through of the game!


CAB 050: Carnaval Weekend Review 2018 (pt 2)

Three tired boys sit down and watch/review all 18 danças de carnaval that toured California. In this episode, we discuss the following groups:


CAB 049: Carnaval Weekend Review 2018 (pt 1)

Three tired boys sit down and watch/review all 18 danças de carnaval that toured California. In this episode, we discuss the following groups: Stay tuned for next weeks episode, where we review the remaining 9 danças!


CAB 048: Carnaval in California with Manuel DoCanto and Joe Rocha

Manuel DoCanto and Joe Rocha, founders of Grupo Carnavalesco de Tulare, join us in stuido as we discuss Carnaval in California. We talk about the history of this cultural event, the present and where we see it heading in the future. Manuel and Joe discuss the excitement Carnaval brings, and some facts that we were unaware of. You definitely do not want to miss this episode!


CAB 047: Luis Figo

On this episode, the Boca Boys are discussing one of the greatest Portuguese soccer players to have played the game, Luis Figo! He started his soccer career at Sporting CP, and played for major clubs Barcelona, Real Madrid and Internazional. He also played for the Portuguese national team, and helped lead Portugal to a Euro Cup final in 2004, and a World Cup semi-final in 2006. Now, retired from soccer, Figo is doing some interesting things. What things exactly? Listen to find out!


CAB 046: O Galo de Barcelos

Every Portuguese family has a little black rooster, with heart designs, sitting somewhere in their home. Have you ever wondered what it is, or what it means? Luckily, your favorite Boca Boys got you covered and will teach you all you need to know, and more, about the Galo de Barcelos.


CAB 045: Matança pt.2, More Matança

Welcome back guys, hope you didn’t miss us too much. We are all back, rejuvenated and ready to rock Season 2 of the Cala A Boca Show, starting with a second look at Matanças! In this episode we revisit episode 1, and see if we remember exactly what we talked about, discuss alternatives to pig meat, and pose the idea of a Matança themed restaurant! Good idea? Bad? Let us know! New Music Minute-Turnpike Troubadours - 7 & 7 Connect With Us:


CAB 044: Christmas

Can you hear the sleigh bells ringing? It's Santa coming in to drop this episode to all the good boys and girls! Manuel, Joseph and Luis discuss Christmas, and typical Portuguese traditions that go on during this holiday. We talk about our own family traditions, the village, and exactly how extra Joseph's parents are when it's Christmas time! Tune in and enjoy the show! The Boca Boys want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! And we will see you back in Season 2!!


CAB 043: Visitas & Pee Parties

Join your 3 favorite boys as we load up the car and go visit your great-tia Albertina, who smells a little funny but always gives you M&Ms; we're talking about Visitas! And as a subset of visitas, we also discuss a popular Portuguese tradition of what we like to call "Pee Parties." Not sure what we mean? Just give this episode a listen and all questions will be answered!


CAB 042: Azorean Sightseeing (Feat. Raquel)

Hey guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The Boca Boys are all new with this weeks episode talking about sightseeing in the Azores, featuring "everyone favorite little sister" Raquel Rebelo! We talk about all the cool things you can go see in the Azores, and other random stuff (as is the usual with all our episodes!)


CAB 041: California Band Festival '17 Review

This episode, we are joined by everyone's favorite bassoon player, Anthony Baltazar, as we recap this years annual Band Festival! We discuss the weekend, the bands, and everything else in between!


CAB 040: Portuguese Band pt.2 [Band Festival]

The Boca Boys revisit an old topic, and get down to details for the annual Portuguese Band Festival.


CAB 039: Other Sports (Feat. Jason)

Contrary to popular belief, Portuguese people don't just play soccer! Join the Boca Boys and their special guest, Jason Silva, as we go talk about exactly what other sports they play, and a peek into our own sports backgrounds as well.


CAB 038: Halloween (Feat. Raquel)

On this special episode of Cala A Boca, your favorite Boca Boys and special guest Raquel, discuss Halloween from a Portuguese perspective. So everyone put on your best mascarado face, go visit family and get sick off too much candy this episode is frighteningly exciting!


CAB 037: Avós (Grandparents)

Over the river and through the woods, to Avós house we go! And best believe these Boca Boys aren't leaving on nothing but a full stomach, and enough guilt trips to last a life time!


CAB 036: Weddings (Feat. Sarah)

On this episode, the Boca Boys discuss weddings! Joined by special guest, and current bride to be, Sarah Lopes, we get into details about Portuguese weddings, and weddings in general. We discuss everything from how to start planning, menu selections, and even how much those pesky invitations cost! Grab your rice, and start throwing it at some newly weds!


CAB 035: Dairies (Feat. Elliot)

The Boca Boys are joined by our too tall white friend, Elliot tonight as we talk about Dairies! We each have different experiences, and tell our own stories about our experiences with dairies. All the fun times, like getting baptized by cow "merda" and getting stuck in the pen, we're putting on our botas, and getting dirty on tonights episode.


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