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The Pirate ShipShow EP. 154 - Maverick McNealy

Callaway staffer Maverick McNealy joins us after his awesome finish at Q-School. **The PirateShip Show is a 2x weekly podcast series hosted by our SVP of Marketing, Harry Arnett, and CMP Correspondent, Amanda Balionis, and takes you inside the innovative world of the Callaway marketing team (AKA the Zoo Crew). You can expect special guests (i.e. Tour pros, members of the golf media) and/or a member of the Zoo Crew on each episode. Subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes:...

Duration: 00:28:02

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 153 - It's Grandaddy Week With THP!

We're heading out to Palm Springs this week for the Grandaddy with The Hackers Paradise! It's going to be an amazing experience for 12 lucky THP community members, and Josh Babbitt joins us on the Show to discuss: (0:43)The Hackers Paradise forum (2:17) All about The Grandaddy (5:49) Why we love the event (6:37) What does it take to play in the Grandaddy? (7:57) How competitive does it get? (10:07) The perks of playing in the event (14:18) How to enter (15:10) The smack talk between the...

Duration: 00:20:13

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 152 - Dave Neville On Epic Red Drivers

The new Tour Limited Epic Red Driver is turning heads, and Dave Neville (Sr. Brand Director - Equipment) joins Amanda and Chad to discuss how the driver was created and why golfers already love it. Subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes: Subscribe on Stitcher: Follow us on TuneIn:

Duration: 00:16:33

The Fitting Room EP. 66 - Blades or Cavity Back Irons?

It's one of the most debated questions in golf...should I really be playing blades? AJ & Nate are here to break it down to see if those new Callaway MB irons or X Forged Irons should be in your bag. Callaway - The #1 Irons in Golf. Ask all your fitting questions on the Callaway Community: What clubs should you be playing? Visit our newly revamped Custom Fitting page and try one of our selector tools:...

Duration: 00:26:03

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 151 - Sandra Gal

Callaway LPGA Staffer Sandra Gal is proud to be hosting the Charity Challenge later this month, and she joins Harry and Amanda on the ShipShow to talk about: (1:05) - Getting excited for 2018 (5:04) - Trying new things in the golf space (7:20) - Anthony Taranto's new designs on Tour Limited Wedges (10:20) - Sandra's 2017 season (12:40) - Why Sandra is more of a feel player (14:05) - Why she loves her putter (16:30) - Her upcoming charity event (20:45) - Growing women's golf BID NOW ON NEW...

Duration: 00:25:18

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 150 - Tyler Shean On His Long Drive Win

Callaway Zoo Crew member Tyler Shean just won the long drive event at the Industry Cup (the biggest tournament for golf manufacturers), and he joins Jeff Neubarth and Amanda on the ShipShow to discuss: (0:21) Branden Grace's big win (1:45) Grace winning at home in South Africa (5:35) Tyler's 2nd time on the ShipShow (7:00) The all-Callaway final in the Long Drive competition (8:20) Why Epic is the longest driver in the Industry Cup (11:12) Tyler's busy week at the ad shoot and the Industry...

Duration: 00:15:42

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 149 - Colin Montgomerie

Callaway staffer, world golf hall-of-famer, and Champions Tour superstar Colin Montgomerie joins AJ and Amanda: TIMESTAMPS (1:10) AJ and Amanda on what makes Colin Montgomerie one of the best (6:19) What Colin thinks about The PGA Tour Champions (8:47) How competitive the players can get (11:28) Why his equipment has allowed him to play so well this year (13:32) Injuries, and why athletes often don't take off enough time to recover properly (18:10) Why Tiger might have come back early from...

Duration: 00:32:05

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 148 - World-Renowned Golf Instructor David Leadbetter

Amanda Balionis and AJ Voelpel sit down with David Leadbetter to talk David being awarded Teacher Of The Year and his unique relationships with PGA Tour Professionals. (0:36) Amanda on filling in for Harry on The Pirate Ship Show, and the best advice she's gotten as a broadcaster (5:02) Amanda on what David Leadbetter and Leonardo DiCaprio have in common (7:32) David on his relationship with Nick Faldo (11:07) Who stands out as one of David's toughest clients (13:51) David on what he...

Duration: 00:23:20

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 147 - PGA Tour Staffer Talor Gooch

PGA Tour rookie and Callaway staffer Talor Gooch joins AJ and Amanda to talk: (6:08) What the "rookie life" has been like on Tour (7:10)The perks of playing at Tour event (7:55) Why his putter has been so important this year (9:15) Who he hangs out with on the road (11:18) His big win from last season (15:01) The most roomates he's ever had at an event (16:15) Which tournaments he's most looking forward to

Duration: 00:19:57

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 146 - Chris Velardo On Web Design & The Dodgers

Callaway Creative Director Chris Velardo leads all of our web and digital content(and he's our biggest Dodgers fan, and he joins AJ and Amanda on the Show to discuss: 2:05 – AJ’s favorite guest on Callaway Live 3:49 – The best Callaway content right now 7:55 – Chris’ reaction to Game 5 10:40 – How the creative team has evolved in the last year 12:45 – The importance of cross-promoting content 14:25 – Why it’s important to create energy on our website 15:50 – Why we constantly update our...

Duration: 00:21:40

The Fitting Room EP. 65 - Arian Foster

AJ and special guest host Dave Neville (product strategy for woods and wedges) chat with former NFL star Arian Foster about his recent fitting at the Callaway Performance Center, what clubs are in his bag, and his role in Golf Lives Part II and III. Watch Golf Lives Part I, II, and III here: Ask all your fitting questions on the Callaway Community: What clubs should you be playing? Visit our newly revamped Custom...

Duration: 00:15:42

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 145 - Sam Burns

Harry Arnett and Amanda Balionis talk Halloween costumes, their favorite golf trophies, and they welcome new Callaway Staffer Sam Burns to the show! Timestamps: (0:20) Harry and Amanda talk Halloween costumes (5:16) Sam Burns talks personal style (5:51) Sam on what it feels like to become a tour professional (8:53) His introduction to Callaway (11:10) What it's like to play against the big shots after watching them on TV (12:32) What Sam is most looking forward to about turning pro...

Duration: 00:22:50

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 144 - John Smoltz

Amanda Balionis and Jeff Neubarth sit down with Hall Of Famer John Smoltz. Also be sure to catch a live Fitting Room Podcast on Siriusxm PGA Tour Radio at 4PM EST or 1PM PST. (0:23) Jeff reacts to millennial slang (0:45) Amanda and Jeff debate the merits of Wikipedia (2:14) How to catch The Fitting Room Podcast Live! (6:16) The similarities between golf and baseball (9:48) John's putting troubles (15:13) What it's like for John to call games (16:53) John on following his dreams Subscribe...

Duration: 00:22:08

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 143 - Scott Goryl On Golf Lives Part 3

Scott Goryl is the man who brings our Golf Lives series to life, and as we get ready to air Part 3 this week, he joins us on the ShipShow to discuss: (0:20) Colin Montgomerie's big Champions Tour win (2:11) Remembering Part 1 with Scarface (3:25) Why Golf Lives is so entertaining (7:06) Why we are always trying new things with content (8:10) How we decided to feature Arian Foster and Scarface (11:05) The positives that come from working with Vice (14:05) The feedback we've received for...

Duration: 00:20:27

The Fitting Room EP. 64 - Fact or Fiction With Putting Guru Phil Kenyon

With Nate busy at the Links at Petco, AJ chatted solo with renowned putting instructor Phil Kenyon (coach to Henrik Stenson, Alex Noren, Danny Willett, amongst many other top pros) in an ALL fact or fiction episode. Ask all your fitting questions on the Callaway Community: What clubs should you be playing? Visit our newly revamped Custom Fitting page and try one of our selector tools: Subscribe to our podcasts...

Duration: 00:38:49

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 142 - Callaway Staffer Morgan Pressel

Harry Arnett and Jeff Neubarth sit down with LPGA Tour Professional Morgan Pressel to talk Breast Cancer Awareness, Pink Truvis, and what Morgan wishes she knew ten years ago (0:38 Harry and Neubarth talk baseball (7:13)Morgan's thoughts on Pink Truvis (8:57) Morgan's foundation and how to get involved (13:47) What the rest of her season looks like (18:04) What she knows now that she wishes she knew ten years ago Subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes:...

Duration: 00:24:57

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 141 - AJ Voelpel On Golf Lives

Golf Lives returns this week with our good friends: NFL legend Arian Foster and hip hop legend Brad Jordan aka "Scarface". AJ Voelpel is in the middle of the Golf Lives action and he joins us on the ShipShow to discuss: - What it was like to follow Arian in Houston - Why Scarface is the biggest golf nut ever - How Arian got involved in Golf Lives - Why this series follows a whole lot more than golf - Why commercials drive AJ crazy - Harry's terrible Super Bowl memories - AJ's fantasy...

Duration: 00:28:40

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 140 - Behind The Scenes Of The Links At Petco

Jeff Neubarth and Nate Adelman sit down with the Senior Vice President of Business Development of the San Diego Padres to talk about how The Links At Petco came to be. (0:51) Nate Adelman on the countdown to Links At Petco (3:53) Reaction to Maverick McNealy signing with Callaway Golf (4:53) Who is the hardest working member of The Zoo Crew? (6:28) How Links At Petco came to be (8:08) The biggest challenge The Padres faced in setting up The Links At Petco (9:31) How does the Petco Parks...

Duration: 00:16:08

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 139 - The Links At Petco Is Back

Nate Adelman is the mastermind behind the Links at Petco Park, which returns for its third year next week, and he joins us on the ShipShow to discuss: (0:38) Highlights from our National Sales Meeting (1:39) Props for Dave "Specs" Neville (2:34) What keeps the Callaway brand going (3:14) How the Links at Petco came to be (5:30) Why Nate's job is all Links at Petco this week (7:11) The first conversation about Links at Petco (8:05) Some of the initial ideas for the event (8:56) New...

Duration: 00:22:14

The Pirate ShipShow EP. 138 - Wesley Bryan

Wes Bryan had an unforgettable rookie season on the PGA Tour, and now that the 2016-2017 campaign is in the books, he joins us on the ShipShow to discuss: (2:57) The (fake) Chrome Soft Pumpkin Spice launch (5:35) Recapping Wes' best moments of the year (7:40) The short offseason (9:55) How he will make his schedule for next year (11:30) What his plans are for the rest of 2017 (13:55) The goals he set for this year (15:08) What he's focusing on for 2018 (18:05) Why he's putting an emphasis...

Duration: 00:23:24

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