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Cancer is Tough, but YOU are TOUGHER!

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Cancer is Tough, but YOU are TOUGHER! is hosted by Dr. Gary Onik, adjunct professor of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and former professor of Neurosurgery at the Medical College of Pennsylvania. Dr. Onik pioneered image guided tumor ablation, an invention that has saved the lives of 10’s of thousands of patients and initiated a 4th branch of cancer treatment called “Interventional Oncology.” He introduced with Prof. Boris Rubinsky the “Nanoknife,” an electrical method for treating pancreatic cancer that can’t be surgically removed, which has been shown to double the life expectancy in this patient population and created a simple way of making a cancer vaccine out of a patient’s own tumor and successfully treated his own terminal prostate cancer using this invention. Join Dr. Onik as he explores the intersection of the mind, body and the spiritual and its relationship to sickness and healing, specifically cancer. Coping with it, pursuing the best treatment for you and helping your partner/family/friend moving forward. Dr. Onik’s podcast is uniquely personal. Rather than focusing on advances in technology and clinical therapies, he explores the heart of a patient’s and family’s cancer journey. He delves into the inner emotional and spiritual resources patients and loved ones need to address, deep concerns such as: -Choosing a treatment strategy that harmonizes with their worldview and life’s goal -Grappling with traditional state-of-the-art vs. outside-the-box options -Finding the meaning of cure vs. healing This podcast is for anyone whose life has been touched by cancer.