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Candi & Randy Featuring: Candi Fox ("Ms. Naughty") and Randy Slovacek ("Mr. Entertainment") Join us on Wednesday evenings for Arts and Entertainment, and on Sunday nights for delicious naughtiness from dish, to sex and relationships.






Changing Tides

The Rock n Roll psychic Andrew Brewer will be joining Candi and Company this week. Listed as one of the top 100 psychics in the world, Andrew is no novice at predicting world issues. Today he is ready to give us some truth. Most of us search for that. In a time were most of what you see on TV, including the news, has been cut and scripted where do you go to find out what's really happening? Wednesday will be tackling some tough topics and revealing truths' that will be relevant to you....

Duration: 01:31:19

Robyn Peterman - "How Hard Can It Be?" - Feb 22,2013

Candi & Randy welcome author Robyn Peterman to the show to chat on her new book "How Hard Can It Be?" Based on a three minute pitch, Robyn secured her first book deal - a two-book deal - and has already had her first book optioned as a movie. Listen in to hear how this debut author navigated her way through publishing offers to author success! She, and her book, are very funny and entertaining. From Robyns website: "What happens when an accountant decides to grab life by the horns and try...

Duration: 00:51:57

Manifesting a Powerful 2013 - Feb 11,2013

Join Candi and JoLynne Valerie as they talk about manifesting a powerful 2013. Time to kick those blocks out of the way, break down barriers and adjust your settings to SUCCESS. Success takes on many forms... well be discussing this. There are many ways to block success; well be discussing that as well. In addition, there are powerful tools to manifest success, and well be touching on some of the most effective. JOIN US LIVE, call in to share your insights, and comments.Candi Fox | JoLynne...

Duration: 01:00:41

Dreams Come True - Feb 08,2013

Join Candi and Award winning paranormal author JoLynne Valerie talk about dreams and dream interpretations. In the mysterious and fascinating world of dreams there are no rules. Fly to the moon, swim in the deepest ocean. Anything is possible in a dream, but what does it all mean? We will explore common dreams and even interpret some of your dreams.Candi Fox | JoLynne Valerie | Dreams | Paranormal | Supernatural

Duration: 01:29:48

Afternoon Tease with Phil Gigante - Feb 01,2013

Audie Award winning actor Phil Gigante will join Candi as co-host for an evening of fun and frivolity. Candi will be catching up with Phil finding out what his latest projects are and how he is doing in the new year. Its always a fun evening with Phil..7pm CT Super speical guest Celerity Chef Blythe Beck is stopping by at 6:30 pm CT to talk about her latest restuarant The Movie Lounge she will also share upcoming events. Tun in to hear it here first. Candi Folx | Phil Gigante | Blythe Beck...

Duration: 01:38:27

Public Eye: Private Life - Jan 28,2013

Ever wonder what its like to live in the public eye? Where should reporters draw the line? Join Candi with special guests Steven Gantt and Thomas Gubelli. Steven stars on Showtimes hit series Gigilolos. Thomas is on Fox News Radio in New York City. Tune in and learn about both sides of the coin.Candi Fox | Paparrazi | Steven Gantt | Thomas Gubelli | Social Media

Duration: 00:59:58

Topical Talk - Jan 24,2013

Paul Meenan will join Candi this week to talk about: Well Everything. Did Beyonce lipsync at the Inaguration? Will Kim Kardashians maternity fashion get better? What superbowl commercial are you most looking forward too? Will your team win? What about that speech Jodie Foster gave? These are just a few things we will be showcasing. Join us Call in 818/495-6931Randy Slovacek | Candi Fox | Paul Meenan | Kim Kardashian | Beyonce

Duration: 01:00:36

A Beary FIERCE Fundraiser - Jan 21,2013

Candi will be joined by the "Care Bears" Jed Ryan and Joe Manetti as well as John-John Onyx. This will be the Care Bears second fundraiser in NYC. The fundraiser is for the FIERCE foundation. FIERCE is a membership-based organization building the leadership and power of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) youth of color in New York City. This FIERCE and Furry event will take place on Feb. 2, 2013 at 9 pm ET at the Rock Bar in NYC.Candi Fox | Jed Ryan | Joe Manetti |...

Duration: 01:02:29

Free Publicity - Jan 14,2013

So, youve written your masterpiece, recorded your album, shot your independent film - now what? How do you get the world to notice? The role of a publicist in the life of any creative or business endeavor can be the difference between financial success or failure. But what does a publicist do? Where do you find one? What do they cost? What impact can you realistically expect? Candi and Randy are joined by veteran PR guru Michael Caprio, of Caprio Media Design, to discuss all these topics...

Duration: 01:07:58

Alicia Jacobs from TLC's "Sin City Rules" - Jan 09,2013

Alicia Jacobs, one of the stars of the TLC reality series "Sin City Rules," joins Candi and Randy to talk about the new series based in Las Vegas. The veteran entertainment reporter and longtime Las Vegas resident shares behind the scenes "dish" regarding what goes into making a reality series, what she expected when she was cast and how she looks at reality TV now.Candi and Randy | Alicia Jacobs | Sin City Rules | Las Vegas | Reality TV

Duration: 00:54:20

Resolutions - New Year, New You - Jan 07,2013

Many people decide to start the New Year with resolutions of how how they will improve themselves. Many choose weight loss, quitting smoking, or perhaps to give up something else entirely. While intentions are good, many folks give up before their goal is acheived. So what makes for a good New Years resolution? Whats the best approach for success? Is one approach better than others? Join Candi and Randy as they discuss how to succeed in a "New Year" to get to a "New You"Randy Slovacek |...

Duration: 01:02:25

Linda Dix 2013 predictions - Jan 02,2013

Last January, Linda Dix was our guest on the show and shared her 2012 predictions. Go take a listen here, they came true! This year Linda will make share her 2013 predictions and perhaps even channel a few of our favorite celebrities. Tune in and welcome psychic/medium Linda Dix to The Candi and Randy show. P.S. We are not taking calls for this one..xoRandy Slovacek | Candi Fox | Linda Dix | Psychic | 2013 Predictions

Duration: 01:02:24

Favorite moments of 2012 with Celebrity Chef Blythe Beck - Dec 31,2012

2012 is coming to a close. Join Candi and Randy as they discuss the year in review. They will talk about the best quotes, moments, music and guests of 2012. Join us for a very special announcement from Celebrity Chef Blythe Beck ("The Naughty Kitchen with Blythe Beck"). Chef Beck will be joining us at the top of the hour. Call in with your favorites from 2012 - (818) 495-6931Randy Slovacek | Candi Fox | Chef Blythe Beck | 2012 | New Year

Duration: 01:03:06

A Bear-y Merry Christmas - Dec 25,2012

Join us and our bear-y special guests Mike Enders from, Gerald McCullouch from the film BearCity 2, Travis & Chris from and Ian Parks from the web series Where The Bears Are for a fun, holiday episode of The Candi & Randy Show. Listen in as our guests share their holiday memories and stories - sure to be a lot of fun, so let the fur fly! Plus we play their favorite Christmas songs along with some of our own. Candi and Randy | Mike Enders - Accidental Bear...

Duration: 01:06:52

A Very Bear-y Christmas - Dec 24,2012

Join us and our bear-y special guests for a fun, furry holiday episode of The Candi & Randy Show.: • Mike Enders from • Ian Parks from the web series Where The Bears Are • Travis & Chris from • Gerald McCullouch from the film BearCity 2 Listen in as our guests share their holiday memories and stories - sure to be a lot of fun, so let the fur fly! Plus we play their favorite Christmas songs along with some of our own.Candi and Randy | Mike Enders -...

Duration: 01:06:52

Christmas with Olivia, Vanessa & Jon - Dec 22,2012

Olivia Newton-John, Vanessa Williams and Jon Secada share their favorite holiday memories and tradtions with us. Plus, we enjoy some of our favorite holiday music by our guests and many more. Listen in to enjoy a fun and relaxing special holiday episode of The Candi & Randy Show.Olivia Newton-John | Vanessa Williams | Jon Secada | Christmas | Candi and Randy

Duration: 01:29:05

The 2012 OutMusic Awards - Dec 19,2012

Fresh from his double win at the 2012 OutMusic Awards, Matt Zarley joins us to talk about attending the event this past weekend in Las Vegas where he was honored for Single of the Year ("Change Begins With Me") and Album of the Year ("Change Begins With Me"). The OutMusic Awards are presented by LARA (LGBT Academy of Recording Arts). The OutMusic Awards nominate and honor LGBT musicians for their achievements and contributions during the past year.Randy Slovacek | Candi Fox | OutMusic Awards...

Duration: 00:59:59

Home for the holidays - Dec 17,2012

Candi & Randy discuss being home for the holidays. Do you travel home to see family? Does the family travel to see you? How do you plan for either? How do you handle entertaining, feeding, keeping visitors busy....? Tune in to find out our tips. Or call in and give us yours! Plus, we welcome Broadways Natalie Toro to the show to debut her new Christmas single "Just In Time For Christmas." Did you love the Hobbit as much as Candi? Plus a moment for Sandy Hook.Candi and Randy | Christmas |...

Duration: 00:51:42

Social Media: The New World Revolution - Dec 13,2012

Join guest host Kelly Demon Lover Oakes and I as we chat about Social Media. What is Social Media? According to Wikipedia Social media "refers to the interaction of people in which they create, share, exchange and comment contents among themselves in virtual network communities". In other words we share information via the internet on sites like Facebook and Twitter. In the coming year Social Media will become even more prelevant perhaps replacing some other form of advertising and...

Duration: 01:00:55

The Amazing Race's Team Chippendales - Dec 10,2012

Join Candi & Randy as we hear from The Amazing Race "Silver Medalists" James & Jaymes. Entertainment Weekly says "the Chippendales were the most entertaining of any team this season, the pluckiest and most charming." James & Jaymes talk about the exciting ending, what its like to watch as a spectator after running the race, and how they are still working to raise money for Jaymes father who continues battling advanced cancer. You can help Jaymes father by going to...

Duration: 00:31:20

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