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Welcome to the Cannabis Community Project - A weekly web-based broadcast-podcast exploring the business side of the newly emerging Colorado economy; the first media platform to help fellow Cannaprenuers build sustainable business models within the Cannabis community, while living the lifestyle.




(RB)_with Bill from CannaSaftey

Btrip and I sit down with Bill, CEO of CannaSaftey, the company with the antidote to a THC overload. Saturday at 4:20MST. Music by @subliminalTrip

Duration: 01:04:03

(RB)_with Lee Camp from RT

Lee Camp from Redacted Tonight joins me in a conversation about comedy, politics, and building a humorous news show. Saturday 4:20 MST. #cannabis, #comedy, #leecamp, #politics,

Duration: 00:47:08

(RB)_with Nancy Fingerhood

More . Comedian Nancy Fingerhood join Btrip and me in studio.

Duration: 01:00:44

(RB)_Guerilla Healer Returns

A Free Online Event. Listen from website . Guerrilla Healer Returns to the show. Becca Btrip joins me in this chat about CBD heal and life. Music by Young Fait. Saturday at 4:20MST. #cannabis, #cbd, #health, #marijuana,

Duration: 01:11:44

(RB)_with Lilly Grace

A free online event. Listen from the website - Lily Grace joins me for a conversation about MMJ compliance and photographic memory. Music by @Subliminal Trip. Saturday 4:20 MST. #business, #cannabis, #colorado, #marijuana,

Duration: 01:22:00

(RB)_with Damon from Isodiol

More Damon from Isodiol sits in with me in studio to talk about nano infused Hemp. Music by @ReasontoRebeal . Saturday 4:20 MST. #business, #cannabis, #hemp, #marijuana,

Duration: 00:50:38

(RB)_with Cannastasia, LLC

A free online event. Listen from the website . Join Anastasia talk about her journey from digital marketer to MMJ patient. Music by Young F.A.I.T : Saturday 4:20MST #business, #cannabis, #colorado, #marijuana, #weed

Duration: 01:20:57

(RB)_with Abe from THC Legal Group

More Join the conversation with Abe from THC legal group. We talk about intellectual Property in Cannabis. Music by Portobello Road #business, #cannabis, #colorado, #marijuana, #weed

Duration: 01:01:24

(RB)_with Dank Update Insider

More : This week is an update from the Dank Insider. Learn about what is happening on the inside of the industry, and a working dispensary. Music by @Young Fait. Saturday 4:20 MST. #business, #cannabis, #colorado, #marijuana,

Duration: 00:57:08

(RB)_with Becca from MJ Straight Talk

A free online event. Listen from website at . Becca Williams, the executive producer of MJ Straight Talk, the first Cannabis show on FSTV. Also, hear about my investment experience into MED-X INC. Music by The Lindells . Saturday at 4:20 MST #business, #cannabis, #colorado, #marijuana

Duration: 01:30:26

(RB)_with Doug from Weed Real Estate

A free online event. Listen from any web player or . Douglas from Weed Real estate joins me for a conversation about 420 zoning in the US. Also Rick Trojan from Moonrise Extracts gives us the inside to Hemp extraction. Music by Addy Lane (Song: "All for one" on itunes) #business,

Duration: 01:03:58

(RB)_with Aaron from Salt Creek Hemp CO

More We start off with a Car-cast ride with Headie Becca: Then Aaron from Salt Creek Hemp Co takes us onto a tourist hemp farm. Saturday 4:20 MST #business, #cannabis, #colorado, #hemp,

Duration: 00:39:40

(RB)_with Ryan from Vis.Red

A free online event. Listen from the website . Ryan from Vis. Red joins me in studio for the update on the Morley Project.: Also, hear my phone call with Chase bank. Saturday 4:20 mst. #business, #cannabis, #crypto-currency, #marijuana,

Duration: 00:56:09

(RB)_with Shelly from MJ Journal

More . Shelly from the MJ Journal talks about her journey from Pharma sales rep to MMJ patient and small business owner. Saturday 4:20 MST. #business, #cannabis, #health, #marijuana,

Duration: 01:09:07

(RB)_with Tyler from GrowWealth

More This week we talk with Tyler from GrowWealth, LLC. He takes us through the finance side of cannabis and the path for start ups seeking money. Music by T-May of Weird Musik. Saturday at 4:20 MST

Duration: 01:12:34

(RB)_Hannah RM3 labs

Learn about Colorado Cannabis Testing Labs (RM3 labs). Hannah joins me to talk about the process of Cannabis testing and some of the best-tested products. Also learn about the new CCP_Ranch down south in Trinidad, 70 acres of land for the Cannabis Community. #business, #cannabis

Duration: 00:58:46

(RB)_IHRF fundraiser

More Working our way through the middle of 420 week. I'm at the IHRF fundraiser and meet the hemp insiders. Then the new Grow Manager at Dank to take us behind the scenes at a commercial dispensary. Saturday at 4:20pm. Music by: Hail Razor [A La $ole X Dessy Hinds X CJ Fly] Prod. by Backpack

Duration: 01:19:17

(RB)_with Jay from Dank

Free online podcast: from the website Jay Griffin from Dank Dispensary joins me for an update of what's happening in #business, #cannabis, #denver, #marijuana, #weed

Duration: 00:46:14

(RB)_CryptoCannabis and Young Fait

A free online event. Listen from the website This week we have a split show. First segment with an update from the Aurora CryptoCurrency Group. Then Young Fait and T may stop by the studio to talk about the struggles and triumphs of being a...

Duration: 01:23:59

(RB)_Legal Hemp Talk

A free online event. David Law joins me to another informational packed hour of Legal Hemp talk. We discuss 4 laws in Colorado and a couple on a Federal level developing for both the Hemp and Marijuana Industry. Saturday at 4:20 MST.

Duration: 01:11:36

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