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If you are looking for ways to launch your career after college, get a new, better, or more fulfilling job, or start to transition away from working in the corporate world so you can finally start that business - this is the podcast for you! My name is Chris Kochan. From 2.63 GPA in college to working at Apple, then starting my own online businesses - I have worked hard the past 8 years to create a life of choice and freedom. My goal is to help you grow your career, increase the amount of opportunities you have, and achieve your ultimate career goals. Through personal branding and making strategic moves in my career, I have been able to achieve every goal I make... and I truly believe anyone can do this, too! On Careers Over Coffee, I'll be sharing insights, strategies, and tips that helped me grow my career from the aerospace industry to managing 9 figure budgets at Harley-Davidson. Then, how I was able to use personal branding and make some strategic moves to land a job at Apple with my 2.63 GPA, where I managed 10 figure budgets, development projects, and the supply of parts on the iPhone Manufacturing team. He also taps into his network from around the world to bring insights from other industries, professions, and business types - so you will be sure to find plenty of little nuggets of information to help you create your own career destiny. In each episode, my goal is to help you work toward achieving your career goals. Wether it is answering the questions of "how do I get out of a job I hate?", to finding a more fulfilling job, climbing the corporate ladder, or starting a business - this is the podcast for you. In this introductory episode to the Careers Over Coffee podcast, I walk through how this podcast actually started online over video chats and in coffee shops, then grew from there into this podcast. I'll also walk through what you can expect from this podcast and me, as your host. I hope you have a big cup of coffee ready! Press play and lets get started! By the way - don't forget to subscribe so you





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