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An Easter Forgotten

In this episode # 79, , I talk a little bit about Easter When I was a kid. Easter is a holiday for the children. When I was a kid, one of the 1 signs of spring was Easter. One of the 1 signs of Easter was the fact that we were able to go out and get some dress close to where for Easter Sunday. I talk about Mama not remembering those times. The times when we were kids and we went out my front yard running colored eggs for Easter, the times where we all got candy for Easter...


Q&A from Facebook

Once again this week I was on Facebook. I was in some of the caregiving for dementia support group’s, and I’ve got a few questions that I had answered and I thought I would just make an episode out of the questions. 1:33 – 4:40 The 1 question that I come upon was, someone had said something about getting their loved one in iPhone and iPad or an android. I wasn’t really sure why they were talking about it, but my advice to the writer was, don’t do that. Here in the house,...


Getting some Help with your Caregiving

Getting some Help with your Caregiving Episode # 77 In this week’s episode, I talk a little bit about getting help with your caregiving, because after dealing with this disease for 7 almost 8 years now, I’m finding it very difficult to do everything by myself. We have ran on to a lady from our church who is willing to come in and sit with mom and help take care of mom. And Stephanie and I are really thrilled with the way she handles mom. This lady, not only helps...


Not Understanding Dementia

Not Understanding Dementia Episode # 76 This week’s episode, I talk a little bit about some of the things that I don’t understand about dementia. One of the things that I don’t understand is where dementia comes from 2 how you get dementia and 3 why does it act the way it does. It doesn’t seem that anyone knows exactly where or how you get this devastating disease of dementia. No one seems to know why it acts the way it does. There are some that say it’s connected...


Mental Stress

Mental Stress Episode # 75 In this episode, I talk a little bit about mental stress while caregiving for our loved one. There are a whole lot of things that goes on that I don’t share in the podcast. There may come a time when I’m able to do so, but as of right now I don’t feel comfortable sharing everything that goes on. There’s a lot of times when there is of good bit of back and forth between Stephanie and I, Michael and I, Stephanie and I and...


Things that may help in your caregiving

In this episode, episode # 74 I’m a little bit all over the place with some things that I found on Facebook. I had joined some caregiving for dementia and Alzheimer’s support groups on Facebook. With being in those support groups, I have been able to come up with some really good content. One of those things that I’ve seen in these groups is someone had asked a question, If the medication that they were giving their loved one would help? With dealing with dementia for or the...


I will

Care Giving for Dementia I will Episode 73 I come to you again this week with yet another poem from a Face book group that I had joined. The poem or saying that was posted was posted by Michelle DeSocio. The saying is as follows. I will When you forget I will remember for the both of us When you get lost I will find you When you are sad I will be sad with you When the fear comes I will comfort you When you cry I will dry your tears When you lash out at me I will not be angry When you repeat...



Care Giving for Dementia Episode # 72 Mistakes I talk a lot in this episode about mistakes in life and caregiving and mistakes in general. We all make mistakes and we will make mistakes and till death. This is just part of life and no one or anything will stop you from making mistakes, whether that be in life in general, or within your caregiving journey. I don’t know about you all, but I know that when caregiving journey is said and done, I will always ask myself, certain questions like,...


Do not ask me to remember

Caregiving for Dementia Don’t ask me to Remember Episode # 71 One of the things I constantly hear from veteran podcasters is be where your audience is. The people that are listening to your podcast are hanging out in certain places such as Facebook, LinkedIn, that kind of thing. You need to be where they are. You need to be able to talk to them. You need to find out what they’re thinking what they ’re talking about what they have questions about. So this week I went and joined some...



I talked this week in a podcast about why society thinks it’s all right, just to put sick people, your loved ones that you are caring for in a long-term care facility. I talked to mom is Dr. and that was one of the things that he was talking about was putting her in a nursing home. I don’t understand why people are constantly asking, why mamas not in a nursing home ? She’s not in a nursing home because I refuse to put her in a nursing home and as long as I am physically and mentally capable...


Being Worried

In this episode, I talk about things that I worry about. Things like whether or not mommy’s eats, whether or not were giving her the right medication, or even the fact whether or not the doctors are giving her too much medication. I also talk a little bit about worrying about the family being out in bad weather. Mama seems to be getting more and more agitated. She doesn’t always want to what we needed to do. I don’t know whether that’s because we’ve taken some of the medication away from her...



I talk just a little bit about some things that you inherit from your family. I don’t mean the inheritance that you get when someone dies and leaves you money or any kind of material possession. What I’m talking about is your hair color your eye, your nose your mouth that kind of thing. When your firstborn. People always say you look like this when we look like that when and that’s the kind of inheritance and want to talk to you this week about. The thing that makes you, you is what I want...


Christmas Not

I called this Christmas not due to the way Mama reacted to Christmas this year. In 4 years. We have went from being able to go Christmas shopping cannot even knowing what Christmas is. 4 years ago, Mama was able to go Christmas shopping for self. 3 years ago, she was able to tell somebody to go get something for somebody for Christmas. Last year she was able to open her own presence. In 2018 Mama doesn’t even know what Christmas is. She was unable to open any of her presence. She was barely...


I'm a Baby

I’m a Baby Episode # 66 In this episode, I talk about babies. Were only a few days away from Christmas? And a lot of people are talking about the baby Jesus. Now I don’t know whether it’s all the talk of Christmas here to house, or if Mama honestly thinks she is a baby because of her dementia. This week here in the house, Mama has called herself a baby. You may find yourself in your 50s thinking about whether or not you want to have another child. I would suggest to you, though. Before you...



Caregiving for Dementia Frustrations Episode 65 In this week’s episode of care giving for dementia, I discuss some of the frustrations that I find myself with taking care of Mama with her dementia. Some of the things that she does really frustrates me because their things that she taught me how to do. It’s the simple things that we all take for granted that she can no longer do. When you’re the caregiver of someone there are a lot of things that you do to keep them safe and healthy that they...


Putting Things Off

Care Giving for Dementia Putting Things Off Episode # 64 This week’s episode once again brings us to the holiday season. I discuss the past 2 years of the holiday season, along with discussing whether or not once again to decorate for Christmas. Decorations seem to irritate mom with her dementia. Christmas has lost its meaning. Michael is all grown up so Christmas doesn’t mean a whole lot to Stephanie and I anymore right now. Put things off, at times because you either have time and no money...


Being Forced to Stay Gone

Caregiving for Dementia Being Forced to Stay Gone! Episode # 63 I just got back from DC pod Fest. I had to force myself to stay away from the house because I was mentally still here, still taking care of Mama. I found it very difficult to focus on the sessions at DC pod Fest because I couldn’t get my mind to let go of the caregiving. I want to thank Jennifer Crawford and her team at DC pod Fest for putting together a great event. The event was fabulously put together. The event was...


Caregiver Gone

Caregiving for Dementia Caregiver Gone Episode # 62 This week’s show, I’ve called caregiver gone because I am the main caregiver and I’m going to be gone for almost 2 days. Although I’m going to be fairly close to home. I’m not going to be right here to take care of Mama. With me not going to be home for 2 days that leaves Michael and Stephanie to take care Mama and they do things different than I do, and Mama’s not used to that. Mama is used to me mom is used to the way I do things. So I’m...


Doing The Hard Things

Caregiving for Dementia Doing the Hard Things Episode # 61 In this episode, I discuss a few things that Stephanie and I are having a real hard time doing. The older you get more hard things there are for you to do. When you’re in school homework is hard and the higher you get in school, the harder the homework becomes. Will this week’s episode of care giving for dementia, I talk about things here in the house that are really hard for Stephanie and I to do. When I talk about things that are...


No Name

Caregiving for Dementia No Name Episode # 60 I had too many names for this episode of caregiving for dementia. So I called this episode. No name because I couldn’t pick one. One of the reasons why I didn’t pick a name for this episode is the fact that one week we’ve taken some of mama’s medication away from her. Which, has woken her up, to the point where she can now carry on a small conversation, or at least to the point where you could figure out what she’s talking about, and to her...