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I talk just a little bit about some things that you inherit from your family. I don’t mean the inheritance that you get when someone dies and leaves you money or any kind of material possession. What I’m talking about is your hair color your eye, your nose your mouth that kind of thing. When your firstborn. People always say you look like this when we look like that when and that’s the kind of inheritance and want to talk to you this week about. The thing that makes you, you is what I want...


Christmas Not

I called this Christmas not due to the way Mama reacted to Christmas this year. In 4 years. We have went from being able to go Christmas shopping cannot even knowing what Christmas is. 4 years ago, Mama was able to go Christmas shopping for self. 3 years ago, she was able to tell somebody to go get something for somebody for Christmas. Last year she was able to open her own presence. In 2018 Mama doesn’t even know what Christmas is. She was unable to open any of her presence. She was...


I'm a Baby

I’m a Baby Episode # 66 In this episode, I talk about babies. Were only a few days away from Christmas? And a lot of people are talking about the baby Jesus. Now I don’t know whether it’s all the talk of Christmas here to house, or if Mama honestly thinks she is a baby because of her dementia. This week here in the house, Mama has called herself a baby. You may find yourself in your 50s thinking about whether or not you want to have another child. I would suggest to you, though. Before you...



Caregiving for Dementia Frustrations Episode 65 In this week’s episode of care giving for dementia, I discuss some of the frustrations that I find myself with taking care of Mama with her dementia. Some of the things that she does really frustrates me because their things that she taught me how to do. It’s the simple things that we all take for granted that she can no longer do. When you’re the caregiver of someone there are a lot of things that you do to keep them safe and healthy that...


Putting Things Off

Care Giving for Dementia Putting Things Off Episode # 64 This week’s episode once again brings us to the holiday season. I discuss the past 2 years of the holiday season, along with discussing whether or not once again to decorate for Christmas. Decorations seem to irritate mom with her dementia. Christmas has lost its meaning. Michael is all grown up so Christmas doesn’t mean a whole lot to Stephanie and I anymore right now. Put things off, at times because you either have time and no...


Being Forced to Stay Gone

Caregiving for Dementia Being Forced to Stay Gone! Episode # 63 I just got back from DC pod Fest. I had to force myself to stay away from the house because I was mentally still here, still taking care of Mama. I found it very difficult to focus on the sessions at DC pod Fest because I couldn’t get my mind to let go of the caregiving. I want to thank Jennifer Crawford and her team at DC pod Fest for putting together a great event. The event was fabulously put together. The event was...


Caregiver Gone

Caregiving for Dementia Caregiver Gone Episode # 62 This week’s show, I’ve called caregiver gone because I am the main caregiver and I’m going to be gone for almost 2 days. Although I’m going to be fairly close to home. I’m not going to be right here to take care of Mama. With me not going to be home for 2 days that leaves Michael and Stephanie to take care Mama and they do things different than I do, and Mama’s not used to that. Mama is used to me mom is used to the way I do things. So...


Doing The Hard Things

Caregiving for Dementia Doing the Hard Things Episode # 61 In this episode, I discuss a few things that Stephanie and I are having a real hard time doing. The older you get more hard things there are for you to do. When you’re in school homework is hard and the higher you get in school, the harder the homework becomes. Will this week’s episode of care giving for dementia, I talk about things here in the house that are really hard for Stephanie and I to do. When I talk about things that are...


No Name

Caregiving for Dementia No Name Episode # 60 I had too many names for this episode of caregiving for dementia. So I called this episode. No name because I couldn’t pick one. One of the reasons why I didn’t pick a name for this episode is the fact that one week we’ve taken some of mama’s medication away from her. Which, has woken her up, to the point where she can now carry on a small conversation, or at least to the point where you could figure out what she’s talking about, and to her...


Making Sense at 22

This week’s episode is about some changes that we need to make. We were at the dinner table. The other night and Mama looked at me and got angry was ready to fight. The boy looked at her, grabbed her hand and said grandma, grandma, calm down. We had come in from church and we were eating dinner and we were all sitting around the table and we were talking. All of a sudden mom looked at me and she got really angry and I didn’t know why I mean we had been holding 15 minutes, so one anything...


Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

This week’s episode is about being caught between a rock and a hard place with some more decisions about mom. Deciding whether or not to up some of her medication, whether or not to take her to the doctors for the flu shot. I talk about upping a little bit of mama’s medication. There is a pill that Mama has that she can take 3 of these pills per day. If she takes 3 of these pills a day, all she wants to do is sleep. The whole purpose of this pill is for agitation. Now if I up this pill to...


A Turning Point

In this episode, I refer back to several different episodes of caregiving for dementia about changes. If you would like to hear those episodes that I refer to, I put the direct links for downloads in the show notes. And yet in this episode, I bring you yet another change in mom with her dementia in this episode, I discuss a lot about drinking, Mama is forgetting how to drink. And it’s a major turning point because when she forgets to drink altogether. We have lost any way of getting any...


Mental Illness

Caregiving for Dementia Mental illness Episode #56 There’s not a whole lot of show notes for this one. This entire episode has been on the most severe form of mental illness. You ask what the most severe form of mental illness? Well, the most severe form of mental illness is suicide. Family has not only been hit by mental illness, but it has also been hit by the most severe form of menta l illness. In this episode, I talk a good deal about suicide, my opinion on suicide, my opinion on life....


Scared Caregiver

Caregiving for Dementia A Scared Caregiver Episode # 55 O:55 The Opening 0:56 – 5:40 I’m talking here in this episode about waking up at 3 AM after falling asleep for about a half hour in finding Mama on the floor, because she’s rolling out of bed. I talk a bit about being scared because not only did she roll out of bed and onto the floor, but we found her lying in a pool of blood. You see, she broke her nose when she hit the floor and any time you break your Nose there is a little bit of...


Mama And The Day Elvis Died

Mama, and the day Elvis died Episode # 54 In this episode of : Care Giving for Dementia I share some stories of the summer time as a kid. One of those stories is how I found out that Elvis Presley had died. I have a story of a ride on a car hood. The story of how Mama taught herself how to crochet. As well as some camping stories that we did when I was a kid. When I was a kid you have heroes, people you look up to, people you’d like to be. Well for me one of these people with Elvis...


Being Forgotten

1st off, let me assure everyone that Mama is still with us, so that is not the reason why I haven’t put a podcast out in about 5 weeks. We’ve had some devastating changes in mom this past month, but for the most part she’s holding her own. When your child, you don’t think that one day your parents will forget who you are. I don’t know about you but when we were kids. Every once in a while when we were talking to mom about something, she would end up calling the role, in other words, she name...


Care Giving Pressure

In this episode of caregiving for dementia I talk a little bit about caregiver pressure. Caregiver pressures to pressure that you have as you care for someone with any kind of physical or mental disability. I talk about life pressure and the pressure that you have that you put on yourself as you care for someone else. The pressure builds and comes to where it just explodes and you jump on anybody and everybody that’s around. This was the case I found myself into with my son the other night I...


Losing Spunk

Losing Spunk Episode # 51 In this episode of Care Giving for Dementia, I talk a little bit about the time I got stuck in Atlanta, Georgia airport when I was 14/15 years old. The trouble I had trying to catch the plane from Atlanta, Georgia the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania just to come home for Christmas one year. And the fact that I would probably still be Atlanta, Georgia if my mother had not been is spunky as she was. You see, Mama was the type of person who just had this look, a look that told...


Family Emergency

I open this episode, with a dedication to Debra Lilly the family member how has pass away this month. Things that you are doing don’t matter a whole lot when it comes to family emergencies. Family emergencies, You can’t plan for they come right out of the blue and what ever you’re working on, no matter what it is or how important it is. You have to set aside in order to take care of the family emergency. When you’re caring for someone It’s pretty much like having another child in the...


A Dementia Rollercoaster Ride

Caregiving for dementia Episode # 49 A Dementia Roller Coaster Ride The 1st 11 minutes of this episode is about new equipment that I had to buy for the podcast. In this 1st 11 minutes I talk about a Sony digital recorder as well as the Logitech C920 webca