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I’m Shaun and thank you for tuning in to our first ever Castaway morning show! Today your hosts Marcel and I will explain to you about what we want to achieve with this platform. I’m sure that many of you are already members of the Digital Nomads Medellin Facebook group and are already in Medellin or are planning on visiting sometime in the future. Well, this show is for you guys. We are going to discuss everything from the hottest events in town, to current events that are shaping Colombian society around you. We’re going to be inviting interesting nomads into the studio so that you can share your stories. We’re also looking for artists, musicians, and writers who would like to use our platform to share their creativity. We’re very much in lean start up mode here. We’re going to be experimenting with the platform and jigging things around until we get to a product that we’re all happy with. So, if you have any suggestions, ideas, or if you’re thinking ‘This Shaun guy has a face for the radio and a voice for the shower’ then just let us know in the comments section.