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Welcome to the Chasing Tone Podcast from Wampler Pedals. Join Travis, Max, and Brian as they talk about guitars, guitar pedals, amps, and other guitar gear, answer questions, and discuss all things guitar related as well as how to get the most out of your gear to get the best guitar tone.




177 - Tone Tips - Suggested Pedal Settings: IGNORE them! A test with 6 amps & 3 pedals

One of the most common questions we get through our website is this: "How should I set my _____ pedal to get the sound from this song ______ ?” Unfortunately, that's something that we can't really answer. It depends on a myriad of different things including but not limited to what amp you're playing, how you have it set, what guitar you're playing, how loud you're playing, and that's not even taking into account the playing style... as there is indeed alot to be said for "tone is in the...

Duration: 00:19:23

176 - The Doctor, new JHS collaboration, and making Humbuckers better

Travis calls in and catches up with Brian on what he is up to lately. The Doctor is in and Brian and Travis talk about it’s origins and when Travis plans to order his. Travis is putting down the Strat picking up his Les Paul and playing some 90’s covers. He talks about how he got better tone out of his Humbuckers. Impulse response is becoming a thing, just don’t tell Travis. He still writes and records the old fashioned way. Oh, and get off his lawn. And JHS is collaborating with a big...

Duration: 00:24:52

175 - Podcasting 101 and capturing Warren Haynes Tone

175 - Podcasting 101 and capturing Warren Haynes Tone Brian and Blake discuss their podcast setups and how much they enjoy listening to themselves(not) Brian is at it again. This time he gets to hang out with Warren Haynes of Govt Mule. He discusses a Wampler pedal that tries to capture that “Haynes Sound”. And more proof that tone is in the hands. And the question came up, “What is one widely loved band that you personally cannot connect with?” Brian and Blake agree on a band that might...

Duration: 00:40:52

174 - Could you gig the rest of your life with only ONE pedal?

If you had to choose just one pedal to gig with, could you do it? What would you choose? Brian and Blake discuss what they would do. We all have quirks, dislikes and odd fears. Like Brian’s fear of Pool drains or Blake’s dislike of chewing on dry towels. (Yeah, I know). And there is a new pedal that has caught Brian’s eye. It has some very cool features that the guys discuss, but it also has some “interesting” marketing. Dive in with Blake and Brian. Brian tackles Blake’s mini display...

Duration: 00:36:35

173 - Hangin’ with Brad Paisley and what does it take to "make it" >

173 - Hangin’ with Brad Paisley and what does it take to "make it" Brad Paisley was in town over the weekend and Brian was on stage with the band. He talks about the experience. Chase Bryant. Brian knew him before he was big. Brian and Blake talk about his story and how it is a great example of patience, being extremely talented, and using networking to get to where you want to be. And there is a new way to podcast that the guys are mulling over using and they would like your input. They...

Duration: 00:43:38

172 - Should you gig with a headstock tuner?

Tuners are very necessary. Some use a pedal and some use a headstock tuner. But would you leave that on your guitar throughout a gig? Is it wrong to do so? Brian and Blake have strong opinions on the subject. Brian got away from it all for a few days of outdoor fun with his son. This meant he was “off the grid” for several days. Needless to say, his inbox was a bit full. Was it worth it? Brian will answer that. (And your emails…eventually) Pedal rental services. Brian points out a very...

Duration: 00:36:55