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Join Matt, Pete, and Jimmy as they Check Out from the world around them, and explore the far side of life. Often irreverent, sometimes insightful, but always funny, Join the guys and make light of this heavy handed world. #CheckedOut

Join Matt, Pete, and Jimmy as they Check Out from the world around them, and explore the far side of life. Often irreverent, sometimes insightful, but always funny, Join the guys and make light of this heavy handed world. #CheckedOut
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Join Matt, Pete, and Jimmy as they Check Out from the world around them, and explore the far side of life. Often irreverent, sometimes insightful, but always funny, Join the guys and make light of this heavy handed world. #CheckedOut




Checked Out In Jersey Episode 623- John David Booter from Done Disappeared, Gilbert Gottfried, Tony Germinario, and Daddio Sugar

Oh what a wonderful show we have for you again! All we need to say is John David Booter from "Done Disappeared", the haunting true crime podcast that is taking the world by storm, Gilbert Gottfried and Daddio Sugar do schtick along with The Screamer and Zain and Lea are back! Plus! Tony Germinario sits in and does a great Gilbert Gottfried impression. All this and more! LINKS Promo BOX4DAD promo CHECKED OUT

Duration: 02:24:19

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 622- Heart Attacks thanksgiving Gas Matt Read Jackie Martlings Book and Crazy News

We've gotten over the first hurdle of the dreaded Holiday Season. This year's was a real "gas". In this rare (kinda) Monday night live show, Matt and Pete welcome Jason Patrick as he fills in for Zain. Matt laments Zain and Lea's absence, yet again. Matt and Pete talk about going to see Gilbert Gottfried who will be at the Stanhope House with friend-of-the-show and stand-up comedian, Francesco Paladino. Also: -Matt finishes Jackie Martling's book - Jason takes the reins on "Zain's...

Duration: 02:06:15

Checked out In Jersey Episode 621- Jackie the Jokeman Martling and Collective Lot

Matt has been in contact with Jackie "the Joke Man" Martling for a few weeks now. He's trying to get him on the show. Well, in this episode, Matt sends Daddio Sugar and his cousin Seamus down to Buck Hill Brewery and Restaurant in Blairstown, where Jackie had a show on November 16, to deliver a tub of meatballs and a ig Box of Magic. Why? LISTEN Our guest in this episode is Tae from the Collective Lot, a group of creative individuals who remind us all that "to be human is to be...

Duration: 02:01:41

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 620- Millennial Dating Terms Texas Shooting The Fraudulent Teachers Convention

This week's show is all screwed up because Peter forgot his anniversary. You'll just have to listen to learn how that works. So that means we did our Facebook Live show on Tuesday instead of Thursday. If you listen to this on iTunes or another podcast app, that doesn't matter to your except that you get two uploaded this week. Hooray for you. Also, it means that Zain and Lea couldn't make it but they call in anyway. In this epsiode, Matt and Pete discuss Millennial dating terms which, if...

Duration: 02:10:59

Checked Out In Jersey- Episode 619- Another Game of Busey or Bullshit with Bad Frank Director Tony Germinario Daddio Sugars Box and Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood-like Attempt to Gay-Deflect Fails

The great filmmaker, Tony Germinario, sits in with us to discuss his latest film, Matt's amazing performance in his last one, to play our hit game show "Busey or Bullshit" and to comment on the news of the day while in Zain's World. But not before we discuss a strange call we received from a Kidd Chris whackpacker-type named Country Jeff Dust, introduce our new sponsor, Admiral Air Tech, and receive a phone call from Daddio Sugar as he shares a gift he left at the studio for Tony. This...

Duration: 02:54:59

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 618- JFK Doc Dump, Trunk or Treat is Lame and Governor Christie's Belly Sits In On The News

New Jersey governor Chris Christie is wrappig up his last term in office and Governor Christie's Belly spends the whole last hour with us for the last time as the Belly of a sitting governor. We are truly honored. Other topics covered in this exciting episode are the release of more documents related to the JFK Assassination that will tell us nothing about anyone but Oswald being the assassin, Harvey Weinstein and his Red Wings, this stupid and lame new tradition known as "trunk or treat"...

Duration: 02:11:34

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 617-Parks and Rec is Real A Listener Asks About Polyamory and Movie Trivia

** Please forgive the lower-quality audio. "Somone" (Peter) forgot to record the audio so we pulled it from the Facebook live video.** Of course crazy news comes out the week we take off. There's so much ground covered in this episode. We begin with talking about just how close the NBC show "Parks and Recreation" was to nailing local government. Then we move on to a question sent to us by a listener about including a third person in a relationship. We take a short break from the heavy...

Duration: 02:30:06

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 616- The Las Vegas Shooting and "D" on Adam Corolla

The #VegasShooting by Stephen Paddock has rocked the nation and the information that has been coming out since only adds confusion and uncertainty to the mix. In the first segment of the show, it's business as usual. After the break, we open the phones and read comments from the live feed on Facebook as we discuss the shooting. LINKS Promo BOX4DAD promo CHECKED OUT COIJ is produced by the New Jersey...

Duration: 02:18:50

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 615- Billy Webster, Daddio Sugar, #TakeTheKnee, Jackie The Jokemans Tell-All and more

We continue with Billy Webster when a special guest pops in. That's right, Daddio Sugar surprises us with a visit and a gift. Zain continues to wax philosophical as we try to get through the news. The stroies we cover are the #Taketheknee controversy, Jackie "The Jokeman" Martiling's tell-all book and Megyn Kelly's tanking career since she left Fox News (here's a hint, Meg, they showed your legs on Fox and old farts like them. Feminists and cucks who watch NBC don't appreciate your...

Duration: 01:11:34

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 614- Singer-Songwriter Billy Webster

The Great Billy Webster stops by to talk his music. But first, Chet and Rodney from Down The Hall Podcast share this week's movie, "Night Owls". LINKS Promo BOX4DAD promo CHECKED OUT Produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys

Duration: 01:29:23

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 213- EJ Koelsch Talks 9-11 Conspiracy Theories

EJ Koelsch (pronounced "kelsh". I know, right?) of The Revolution Radio Show, had a Facebook debate with Matt a few days ago about 9-11 Conspiracy Theories and leprechauns. EJ suggested Matt have him on the show to discuss it rather than write it. So here he is. 9-11 was a major event for the United States and the people who lived through it, especially in the New York/New Jersey area-- just cuz we're better than the rest of the country and, therefore our pain and grief and struggles...

Duration: 01:50:31

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 212- Zain and Lea Take Their Seats and Pete Converts to Judaism

Zain and Lea Ono join us for their first dry-run show in their new roles as third input and producer. PLUS! Pete doesn't only share a name and waistline with cartoon megastar, Peter Griffin. He also shares the insane belief that if he converts to Judaism, success will just fall on him like mutton on rye. We explore this idea and a caller weighs in. LINKS Promo BOX4DAD promo CHECKED OUT Produced...

Duration: 01:16:48

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 611- Colin from Guilty- A True Crime Podcast and Gay Star Wars Characters

Colin from the new #truecrime #podcast, "Guilty: A True Crime Podcast" is on the phone for an interview about his new show, the true crime podcast genre and how great our show is as well as his love for Daddio Sugar. Then Matt and Pete explore the question "Do gay people give a flying fuck about JJ Abrams adding a gay character to Star Wars?" We think they have more important things to worry and rejoice over in their lives, but, call us "old-fashioned", we think people are fully formed...

Duration: 01:21:50

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 610- Chet Joberts Manservant Rodney and Movie or Band

Chet Jobert's Manservant and Co-host on Down the Hall Podcast, "Rickety Rodney" Hart, flies solo in this episode and brings with him a game for Matt and Pete: "Movie or Band". Also, big show announcement regarding new members to the crew. *COIJ is produced by

Duration: 00:57:26

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 609- Pumpkin Spice SUCKS and Other News and Commentary with Whateverwise

Whateverwise and Lea Ono and "The Kilted One', Superfan Mark, are still with us as Matt navigates us through the murky waters of the American News cycle. Some articles we're able to focus long enough to get to cover Pumpkin Spice and how much we hate it, Craig Carton and Whateverwise's days as a boy toy to old rich broads. LINKS Promo BOX4DAD promo CHECKED OUT Produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys...

Duration: 00:57:25

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 608- Important Info On The Sleepy Hollow Meet-up and The Great Whatever Wise

Every now and then you get a guest who can roll with the punches and make your show many times better. This is such a show. In the first hour of this week's episode, Superfan Mark, stops by, kilt and all, to inform us that anyone who wants to go our Sleepy Hollow Meet-Up on October 14 (details available in our events section on our Facebook page), needs to buy tickets in advace and they go quick! It's not that you can't just roam around, but if you want to do any of the events they...

Duration: 01:04:39

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 607- Trump Robs a Bank In Italy New Requests For White People Sex Robots That Talk A Man Trapped In An ATM and More

In this episode, Matt, Pete and Jason Patrick discuss the the news of the day including new requests for white people from BLM, Trump robbing Italian ATMs, a man trapped in an ATM and more! All with a very uncomfortable debate. LINKS Catch us LIVE! Thursdays at 8p EST Big Box of Magic 10% off with BOX4DAD at check out. The Patriot Militia 20% off with CHECKEDOUT Bookmark

Duration: 01:30:25

Checkd Out In Jersey Episode 606- The Headless Podcasters Go To Sleepy Hollow Meet Up and Busey or Bullshit

Looking for something to do in October? Why not join us on October 14 in Sleepy Hollow Checked Out In Jersey's first anal meet-up. We will....oh I'm sorry, first ANNUAL meet-up...anyway... we will hang out and take part in whatever festivities are there. Check out the event invite on our Facebook page and send us a message if you want to be invited. Chet and Rodney from Down The Hall Podcast will be there as well as Daddio Sugar. You don't want to miss it. See links below for our Facebook...

Duration: 00:53:27

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 605- The Heroin Epidemic Hits Home, The Great Carmen Bucco Gets Dating Advice and Runs for Town Council

RECORDED LIVE AT THE BIG BOX OF MAGIC STUDIOS Host of the Man of Style show on Facebook candidate for town council of the 2 ward in Kenilworth and owner of Bucco Couture, Carmen Bucco is an enigma and renaissance man. He's also great with pick up lines and this episode's guest. But first, Matt tells us about how the heroin epidemic has touched his family in a tragic way. Chet and Rodney join Matt and Pete in an impromptu psychoanalysis of Carmen and give him dating advice. Then we get...

Duration: 01:58:10

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 605- Eric Post- American A Nazi Pug Jack the Ripper IDd and more

We're back after a short break. Summer is just that way for this show. Which is fine considering you're all on vacation and don't listen to podcasts. It makes sense. It's YOUR time on vacation. Podcasts are only good for your boss's time that he's paying for as you listen at your desk. But I digress... Eric Post- American, made headlines for a viral video he made in response to a bunch of whiny, snowflake SJWs planning on burning American flags in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. Since...

Duration: 02:36:28

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