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Join Matt, Pete, and Jimmy as they Check Out from the world around them, and explore the far side of life. Often irreverent, sometimes insightful, but always funny, Join the guys and make light of this heavy handed world. #CheckedOut




Checked Out In Jersey Episode 611- Colin from Guilty- A True Crime Podcast and Gay Star Wars Characters

Colin from the new #truecrime #podcast, "Guilty: A True Crime Podcast" is on the phone for an interview about his new show, the true crime podcast genre and how great our show is as well as his love for Daddio Sugar. Then Matt and Pete explore the question "Do gay people give a flying fuck about JJ Abrams adding a gay character to Star Wars?" We think they have more important things to worry and rejoice over in their lives, but, call us "old-fashioned", we think people are fully formed human...

Duration: 01:21:50

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 610- Chet Joberts Manservant Rodney and Movie or Band

Chet Jobert's Manservant and Co-host on Down the Hall Podcast, "Rickety Rodney" Hart, flies solo in this episode and brings with him a game for Matt and Pete: "Movie or Band". Also, big show announcement regarding new members to the crew. *COIJ is produced by

Duration: 00:57:26

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 609- Pumpkin Spice SUCKS and Other News and Commentary with Whateverwise

Whateverwise and Lea Ono and "The Kilted One', Superfan Mark, are still with us as Matt navigates us through the murky waters of the American News cycle. Some articles we're able to focus long enough to get to cover Pumpkin Spice and how much we hate it, Craig Carton and Whateverwise's days as a boy toy to old rich broads. LINKS Promo BOX4DAD promo CHECKED OUT Produced by the New Jersey Podcast Guys...

Duration: 00:57:25

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 608- Important Info On The Sleepy Hollow Meet-up and The Great Whatever Wise

Every now and then you get a guest who can roll with the punches and make your show many times better. This is such a show. In the first hour of this week's episode, Superfan Mark, stops by, kilt and all, to inform us that anyone who wants to go our Sleepy Hollow Meet-Up on October 14 (details available in our events section on our Facebook page), needs to buy tickets in advace and they go quick! It's not that you can't just roam around, but if you want to do any of the events they...

Duration: 01:04:39

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 607- Trump Robs a Bank In Italy New Requests For White People Sex Robots That Talk A Man Trapped In An ATM and More

In this episode, Matt, Pete and Jason Patrick discuss the the news of the day including new requests for white people from BLM, Trump robbing Italian ATMs, a man trapped in an ATM and more! All with a very uncomfortable debate. LINKS Catch us LIVE! Thursdays at 8p EST Big Box of Magic 10% off with BOX4DAD at check out. The Patriot Militia 20% off with CHECKEDOUT Bookmark

Duration: 01:30:25

Checkd Out In Jersey Episode 606- The Headless Podcasters Go To Sleepy Hollow Meet Up and Busey or Bullshit

Looking for something to do in October? Why not join us on October 14 in Sleepy Hollow Checked Out In Jersey's first anal meet-up. We will....oh I'm sorry, first ANNUAL meet-up...anyway... we will hang out and take part in whatever festivities are there. Check out the event invite on our Facebook page and send us a message if you want to be invited. Chet and Rodney from Down The Hall Podcast will be there as well as Daddio Sugar. You don't want to miss it. See links below for our Facebook...

Duration: 00:53:27

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 605- The Heroin Epidemic Hits Home, The Great Carmen Bucco Gets Dating Advice and Runs for Town Council

RECORDED LIVE AT THE BIG BOX OF MAGIC STUDIOS Host of the Man of Style show on Facebook candidate for town council of the 2 ward in Kenilworth and owner of Bucco Couture, Carmen Bucco is an enigma and renaissance man. He's also great with pick up lines and this episode's guest. But first, Matt tells us about how the heroin epidemic has touched his family in a tragic way. Chet and Rodney join Matt and Pete in an impromptu psychoanalysis of Carmen and give him dating advice. Then we get...

Duration: 01:58:10

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 605- Eric Post- American A Nazi Pug Jack the Ripper IDd and more

We're back after a short break. Summer is just that way for this show. Which is fine considering you're all on vacation and don't listen to podcasts. It makes sense. It's YOUR time on vacation. Podcasts are only good for your boss's time that he's paying for as you listen at your desk. But I digress... Eric Post- American, made headlines for a viral video he made in response to a bunch of whiny, snowflake SJWs planning on burning American flags in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. Since...

Duration: 02:36:28

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 603- Chet and Rodney From Down the Hall Podcast in Our Studio Daddio Sugar Presents Prizes of Unspeakable Value Pornstar Nina Kayy Makes Ridiculous Statements and WWJD

Down The Hall Podcast's Chet and Rodney in studio; Daddio Sugar in studio; and our Down In Jersey Contest winner, Mark, all on this special live Sunday show. After several hours of drinking beer at New Jersey's own Jersey Girl Brewing Company, Matt, Chet, Rodney, Daddio, Pete and listener Mark head to the Big Box of Magic Studios for a rare Sunday live broadcast of the show and it's an action-packed one. First, we do our movie segment live with Chet and Rodney. Then Daddio presents...

Duration: 02:26:39

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 602- Actor Russ Russo and Audible Soul

The "Bad Frank" interviews continue. This time, Russ Russo, who plays "Niko", joins us to talk his career, The Doors, New Jersey and Tom Sizemore. Then our old friends, Audible Soul, come by to promote their EP release party, July 22, and grant us a performance of one of their songs as well as their rendition of the Matt Josephs original "Hiners and Giners". LINKS Promo code...

Duration: 01:42:22

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 601- Bad Franks Tony Germinario and Kevin Interdonato

LIVE FROM THE BIG BOX OF MAGIC STUDIOS!! After months of trying, we finally got the great Kevin Interdonato, of "Bad Frank" and "The Sopranos" fame (among many others) to come on the show. Plus "Bad Frank" writer/director, Tony Germinario returns to the first podcast he was ever on and joins us, in studio, for the whole episode! With Tony we discuss the recent release of "Bad Frank" and the roles he has for Matt and Pete in his upcoming film. Of course, Matt begs for more. With Kevin we...

Duration: 02:04:51

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 521 SEASON 5 FINALE- S-Town, Last Podcast on the Left, Gone At 21, True Crime Garage, Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast, Michael Phelps Races Jaws, Long Island Pioneer Pioneers Racist 911 Calls AND MORE!

LIVE FROM THE BIG BOX OF MAGIC STUDIOS! Happy birthday to show regular Jason Patrick! In the season 5 finale, Brad Whitley from Decomposition Podcast sits in with us as we discuss our favorite podcasts, including S-Town, Last Podcast on the Left, True Crime Garage, Gone at 21 and Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast. Chet from Down the Hall Podcast joins us to briefly discuss last week's Summer movie recommendation, "Staten Island Summer" and Matt delves deeper into Chet's...

Duration: 02:15:02

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 520- Matt Goes To Francesco Paladinos Show The Imitation Game with Down The Hall Podcast and Brandon Stu From 2nd Act Brewing Company

LIVE FROM THE BIG BOX OF MAGIC STUDIOS!! Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there and, more importantly, happy Mattmas to Matt Josephs, the man for whom the bell tolls and for whom the day is named. During the banter segment, Pete tells us about his wild Father's Day, Matt tells us about his naked cake party for Mattmas and reviews Francesco Paladino's show which he saw on Saturday. After talking about "The Imitation Game" with Chester and Rodney from Down the Hall Podcast, we...

Duration: 01:41:09

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 518- ActorFrancesco Paladino

Comic. Actor. Icon. Opportunist. Francesco Paladino is all those things wrapped up in a bearded bag and he joins us for an in-depth interview covering his career spanning over a decade. From is Mother Tour to a stint on "The Wendy Williams Show", "Orange Is The New Black", Francesco has done a lot and continues to do as much as he can, even our show! Things get particularly fun when he rips on Pete for going to see Kevin James perform. We also learn that going downtown on your lovers can...

Duration: 01:52:41

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 518- The Decomposition Podcast and Kyle From The Patriot Militia Gives Us A Gift

LIVE! from the Big Box of Magic Studios!! Good Lord this is a full show complete with two guests. Well, three but from two entities. We begin with Katie and Brad from Decomposition Podcast, a fun show that decomposes the bad songs we love. Matt and Brad discover they get douche chills from John Mayer for the same reasons. Together, we all analyze the Pina Colada Song, by Rupert Holmes, no relation to John Holmes Then, Kyle Kappmeier of The Patriot Militia stops by to present a gift made...

Duration: 02:06:28

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 517- Wunderkind Filmmaker Craig Thiessen

LIVE! From the Big Box of Magic Studios! Craig Thiessen is an up and coming filmmaker from right here in our own backyard, Sussex County, NJ. For his senior thesis he had to make a short film. It should have run about 10 minutes long but Craig was so inspired that he made it a tad longer and it is good! Check it out: Plus, Rodney flies solo to talk about last week's film, "Don't Think Twice", Matt dressed as a fat nun in the Jim Morrison role of his feature-length...

Duration: 01:55:49

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 516 Good-bye Chris Cornell Assorted News and Ugly Depression

Trust us, this episode is not as depressing as it may seem and we're #sorrynotsorry for the super-long show. Think of it as a "very special" Checked Out In Jersey Recorded live at the Big Box of Magic Studios in Hackettstown, NJ The suicide of Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman, Chris Cornell, has sparked a very emotional reaction in fans and non-fans alike many people say that his death is affecting them in unexpected ways. This then leads to Matt opening up and sharing some of his...

Duration: 03:07:49

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 515- The Down In Jersey Contest The Studio Is Named and The Great Daddio Sugar and his Big Box of Magic

"He is perhaps the most fascinating guest that they've ever had on Checked Out in Jersey." -Podcaster Magazine "The Chemistry between Matt Josephs and Daddio Sugar is second only to Carson and Don Rickles." Entertainment Weekly "In my humble opinion, The Big Box of Magic should be called 'The Bigly Box of Magic' because it's gonna be huge." President Donald J Trump "None of these people or entities ever said these things. I don't even know if 'Podcaster Magazine' exists." Matt...

Duration: 01:49:25

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 514- The Controversy Show- Pete and Matt Fight Over "Chef", Sex Dolls For Pedophiles and Fyre Fest Lawsuits

This show is full of controversy! First, Pete departs from his usual enthusiasm for Chet and Rodney's (Down the Hall Podcast) movie recommendation of the week, "Chef". Matt loved the film and John Leguizamo liked his tweet about it. So, there, Pete! Then we get into the news of the day including Fyre Festival lawsuits filed by famed attorney Mark Geragos, plus a controversial new product to help pedophiles not offend: realistic, child sex-dolls. Yeah, it's as disgusting as it...

Duration: 01:56:56

Checked Out In Jersey Episode 513- Chet From Down The Hall Podcast Joins Us, The Movie "Chef", Fyre Festival and Rachel Dolezal

Chet from Down the Hall Podcast flies solo and again and, this time, sticks around for the whole show. We cover topics ranging from how female comedians are 99.998% unfunny, the movie "Chef", the wonderfully comedic debacle known as Fyre Festival and everybody's favorite trans-racial moron, Rachel Dolezal, on her historic "Use Your Delusion" tour to South Africa. We are also joined by former stand up comedian, Jenna Brown, who some of you might know from Matt Defede's "The Digital...

Duration: 01:50:00

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