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021 - Get Rid of Passion - Chicano Shuffle

Yeah... we're still doing this... missed an episode but we're back. Ponganse las pilas... you got it! Double episode time! Someone is a little hungover so, yeah, we kick off with a story of puro pari. We throw in a shout out to a compa's little business, Benny's Bots (link below) and continue on to a discussion about parents and your dreams. That leads the episode to it's namesake, a discourse on passion vs purpose. It's a pretty good random topic, if we do say so ourselves. Then in classic...

Duration: 01:39:24

020 - Resolutions and Diets - Chicano Shuffle

Wow... number 20... don't know if that is a milestone but it feels like it. We really do appreciate the support, thanks. That being said, nothing special to see here... just the usual shuffle. Oh yeah... we do have something a bit special, the announcement of the winners of our first giveaway! Before that, shuffle... A quick conversation about a NYE party and resolutions, followed by a discussion about a new Oregon law concerning gas stations. Then we do a shuffle over to some deliberation...

Duration: 01:09:08

019 - New Year, New Episode - Chicano Shuffle

New year... new episode... well kind of... we are on our union mandated holiday break but still have a fresh lost episode for you. As is customary though, there is plenty of shuffling but we touch on xbox fifa, los adelitas, and enabling each other. The rest of the intricacies of this lost episode, you'll have to discover for yourself... union break. Thanks for listening and supporting us. And... Happy Year!

Duration: 01:01:25

018 - Christmas Episode? - Chicano Shuffle

Did we say Christmas episode, just so no one is under no illusions, this is about 10% Christmas episode, 30% shuffle and 60% "A Day in the Life part 2". The Christmas episode kind of got lost in the shuffle... there is always next year. We hope everyone had a great Christmas... Thanks for listening and supporting us.

Duration: 01:30:48

017 - A Day in the Life - Chicano Shuffle

Welcome back to another shuffle, let's getting going... we start off as usual, with banter and a"sponsor". Not much time is wasted this week before we get to the meat of the episode... A day in the life of our compa Ramon. The story is told as only he can... with plenty of salsa. It's a tale that involves ride sharing, hot dogs, tinder, a barber, and a hipster bum fight. Yeah, he had a crazy day. Not to mention he tells it all while battling the usual interruptions. Then it's back to our...

Duration: 01:22:34

016 - Paisa Frogger - Chicano Shuffle

This week we bring you an episode that got lost in the garage... not to worry it's still good and fresh. We warm up with a conversation about luchadores... come on everyone likes luchadores. Somehow, we shuffle over to discussing 90's styles and a related side hustle... life hacks offered here. That steers us into talking about globalization, Ben Davis, bombers jackets, etc. Of course, that leads to a discourse about people asking for limosna (charity/panhandling) next to people hustling....

Duration: 01:12:44

015 - I Deserve This - Chicano Shuffle

The shuffle pulls an Al Bundy and we reminisce. Oh... the good old days! But first we shuffle around some other random topics... nothing new here then we get a little serious. To start, we drag around some words about facials, truck nuts, and clean cholos. How those are related... only here... you know how we roll. Then a drive by conversation about ghetto burgers. Oh, the Al Bundy days... the reminiscing begins. We get into some stories of our school days, including lunch and prom. Before...

Duration: 01:18:02

014 - Perspective - Chicano Shuffle

Thanksgiving has come and gone... let's get this episode started. We get going with winter bodies and binge watching. That carries us into a talk about 80's revival and then we shuffle through movies, analog, and music. Then... some pretty chingon bus stop stories... and they aren't what you expect, involving pay phones and a hit & run. Shuffle over to a story about chorizo... the sausage. Somehow that segues into when we felt the "señor status" hit. We transition over to a quick discuss...

Duration: 01:21:11

013 - The PSA - Chicano Shuffle

Number 13... yeah... lucky or unlucky? Is there some cosmic entity, god or whatever you believe in that just completely despises the number... who knows and it doesn't even relate to the episode... so moving on. Question that does relate: how about an extra weekend day? We commence with a quick question. Shuffle to another quick topic (for today), street vendors. A news story about an usual traffic stop then leads us into the meat of the episode. We get into a traffic stop story from our...

Duration: 01:05:41

012 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Chicano Shuffle

Episode 012 time... slump time, right... just when we thought things were starting to roll along smoothly. So, yeah... we slump for about 30 seconds. We kick off with a quick tale about a trip up north and the reason for the trip segues us into a dialogue about Morrissey. As we do, that takes us to discussion about vegan food then we shuffle over to a anecdote about buying a fake ID. That transitions us into a clarification of "hazme casita". After a sponsor, it's time for the best story...

Duration: 01:20:33

011 - You Had One Job - Chicano Shuffle

Ohhhh... yeah... surprise episode to celebrate the milestone that was Tuesday's 10th! Okay, truth be told, as usual we kind of forgot about Sto... so yeah, this was his debut episode. At least, seated with the crew at the round table. To get things started, we have a conversation about the cruise ship industry which takes us to a story about being stuck on Catalina. In a semi-rare insistence, we roll along smoothly into Geocaching and relevant stories. That changes quickly to some viral...

Duration: 01:31:45

010 - Hazme Casita - Chicano Shuffle

The big number TEN... 010! That's at least 9 more than we figured we'd get through. Chido! Don't get too excited because we are too cool to make a big deal about el diez. We play it cool. We even start off with a classic, talk of the weather. We get into a small discussion about a possible investment and make a smooth segue into tacos... nice! For the record, tacos segue nicely into any discussion... no matter the topic... facts. Then we hit the title, hazme casita... more on that later...

Duration: 01:15:43

009 - Happy Jalame-el-weenie - Chicano Shuffle

"There are 3 things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics and the great pumpkin." -Linus Yeah, don't know if we touch on all those topics this episode but happy Halloween! All hallows eve! Time to ruin some teeth. This episode we start off with how someone deals with marathon day. Then, some talk about the documentary on Kate del Castillo. Don't worry, the transition is "smooth"... nice shuffle. Take us to a quick talk about the new Stranger Things and another...

Duration: 01:14:21

008 - Is Ignorance Bliss - Chicano Shuffle

It's that time again... shuffle time! On the grapevine we heard that, maybe, some improv classes were in order but pending that... we continue on as usual and stumble around topics in no specific order. As they say... carry on. We start the ball rolling with a discussion about a potentially douchy situation and a possible bike thief (bici pedaleada). That takes us to talking about someone's litmus test and more family chisme. Then a concert story somehow takes us into some random news...

Duration: 01:11:19

007 - No Ice Cream for You - Chicano Shuffle

You are about to enter another shuffle, a shuffle not only of sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of the shuffle. Where we will start with some a quick talk about a recent trip to the mother land and going out to eat without your girl. Then we move on to the meaty stuff. The shuffle leads us to a great story of an epic guy's night involving bikes, sushi dinner and broken dreams. This story pushes us into another story of one of us being "that guy" at the family restaurant. We...

Duration: 01:15:47

006 - El Doblado - Chicano Shuffle

So, let's get to the obvious... this is a long episode! Hence, el doblado. Reason... none... so, grab a cup of coffee or your caffeine intake beverage of choice, or if you're stuck in traffic... that works too, and enjoy a double dose of our special brand of bs. We start off the episode with the continuation of story that was interrupted (nicely done), which flows into a discussion about the band Interpol and music in general. Of course, this take us back to the classic... sneaking food...

Duration: 01:45:28

005 - Life's User Manual - Chicano Shuffle

"I guess I should warn you, if I turn out to be particularly clear, you've probably misunderstood what I've said." - Alan Greenspan So... yeah... this week we go back and try to clear up a delicate topic from episode 002 before we continue on with the irregularity that is our scheduled program. We than carry forward and maybe for the first time (of course with a few detours), we end up staying under the umbrella of the topic of life. But wait you say... that is just about everything under...

Duration: 01:08:05

004 - We have sponsors - Chicano Shuffle

You still around... wow... thanks! So, episode 4... after the heavy topics of episode 3, we try to lighten the mood a bit. We do still stumble over some serious topics. We start off with a lighten quote and move on to discussing the advancing tech of turn signals. Of course, we naturally move backwards in time to talking about some old school topics... such as "K.I.T". That segues us into someone's story of life as a tagger and a quick talk about 90's racism. We take a right turn into some...

Duration: 01:06:29

003 - It's the end of the world - Chicano Shuffle

After, a much appreciated, positive response from the raza... we carry on into episode 3. Just as everyone gets a little more comfortable behind the mic, the world is supposed to end...WTF. Luckily, the end times were rescheduled... the show goes on. We do a quick pass on how men should be treating their women and somehow, don't ask how, that segues into an all star softball moment. We discuss the disasters that are wrecking havoc and destroying people's lives. This leads to some heavy...

Duration: 01:06:01

002 - Cholo Life Insurance - Chicano Shuffle

Rolling into the big 002... have the jitters shaken off... we might not remember because there were more adult beverages served... you tell us! In this episode 2.5 (mistakes were made), we bounce around as usual with some random stories including the story behind the "Jimi Hendrix esta muerto" jam. That takes us into discussing how Ramon is a bad fan plus mixtapes and CDs. The conversation somehow leads to topics, such as, movie remakes and Google fucking up your ability to tell a good...

Duration: 00:58:12

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