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Martin 'Chilly' Chillcott has loved music ever since his Granddad used to bring records home from the Decca factory in the early 60s and he first heard the Stones, Kinks, The Who, Animals, Small Faces et al. His musical taste was formed during the period ’69-’72, when he was a regular at Vic’s Youth Club, where a motley collection of Skinheads, Smoothies (all the clobber but not the crop) and other assorted herberts from the Estate, would all turn up on Mondays and Fridays at the Club run by the wonderful, rotund, pipe smoking Vic. Amongst the Darts, Table Tennis and Snooker, it was bring your records and see if they can stay on the Dansette in the corner, with a resulting eclectic mix of Soul, Motown, Ska/Reggae, early Funk, Rock and classic Heavy metal. As long as it was exciting and had some 'edge' it stayed on. You get at least 45 minutes of Vic’s Youth Club on every programme PLUS everything from the 50s to now, as long as it meets the 'Vic standard'!



This show will be available on Sun, Apr 28 at 12PM.