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Chocolate From Kingston Radio 20.09.2017|| #ufe

Featuring riddims like: 67, Reggae Sax, Love Intentions, Out Rage, BRT, Carib Feeling, Golden. Also introducing new tunes and albums like: Stereo Luchs ft. Pronto - Ufe, Collie Herb ft. Cali P - Everywhere We Go, Cookie The Herbalist ft. Lee Scratch Perry - Eaze, Trettmann - #DIY, IamStylez - Back To My Roots, Samory I - Black Gold, Damian Marley - Stony Hill, New Kingston - A Kingston Story: Come From Far and much more!

Duration: 02:17:03

Chocolate From Kingston Radio 06.09.2017 || #nowahala

Chocolate From Kingston Radio 06.09.2017 || #nowahala New show with nuff fresh Reggae & Dancehallmusic featuring riddims like: Dub Play It, Reggae Sax, Come Back Darling, Pineapple Sunrise, One Chance, Mix Baby, Malibu, Golden, Genna Bounce, 1 Guh. Also introducing new albums like: Samory I - Black Gold, Damian Marley - Stony Hill, New Kingston - A Kingston Story Come From Far, Lutan Fyah - African Be Proud, Ginjah - Roots and much more!

Duration: 02:24:48

Chocolate From Kingston Radio 12.07.2017 || #yeahyeah

New show with nuff fresh Reggae & Dancehallmusic. Featuring riddims like: Reggae Romance, Darker Shades, True Emotions, Margarita, Bitterbush, Fly Trap, Unruly Party, La Vida, Dream Team, Eagle. Also introducing new albums like: Chronixx - Chronology & Marla Brown - Surviovor and much more!

Duration: 02:22:56

Chocolate From Kingston Radio 31.05.2017 || #goodlife

New show with nuff fresh Reggaemusic & Bugle-special. Also featuring riddims like: Onward, 67, Good Good Loving, Harmonious, 21, La Vida, Dream Team, Money Mix. Also introducing a bunch of new albums like: Richie Stephens - Luv A Dub Style, Hempress Sativa - Unconquerebel, Jah Sun - Between The Lines, Collie Buddz - Good Life, Morgan Heritage - Avrakedabra, Sizzla - Fought For This and much more!

Duration: 02:35:04

Chocolate From Kingston Radio 10.05.2017 || #backup

New show with nuff fresh riddims like: Onward, Bamboo Bench, Suit & Tie, Obsession, Top Story, Crazy Glue, Senous, Bad & Sexy, Skank & Rave, Money Mix & we are premiering some exclusive Tunes from Claye’s upcoming album Perception and much more!

Duration: 02:17:05

Chocolate From Kingston Radio 26.04.2017 || #pocomanskank

New show with nuff fresh riddims like: Ganja Bizness, Lion Pride, Santiago, Season Change, Hamma Business, Crazy Glue, Concrete Soldier, Top Story, Loodi, Forever, Money Mix & we are introducing Keznamdi’s new project Skyline Levels Vol.1 and much more!

Duration: 02:23:01

Chocolate From Kingston Radio 12.04.2017 || #infrared

New show with nuff fresh riddims like: All Natural, Reggae Fest, Season Change, Invincible, Obsession, Henging Tree, Forever, Money House, Club Life, Humbug, Caliente and much more!

Duration: 02:11:02

Chocolate From Kingston Radio 29.03.2017 || #forever

New show with nuff fresh riddims like: Reggae Fest, Real Life Story, What To Do, Street Knowledge, Mixed Emotions, Sigma, 11 Eleven, Forever, Money House, Humbug, tunes from Queen Ifricas LP Climb, Kristina Alicias Songs From Zion, Dexta Daps Intro and much more!

Duration: 02:11:07

Chocolate From Kingston Radio 15.03.2017 || Kill and Destroy Clash Special

Kill and Destroy Soundclash Special 2017 Introducing all 3 contenders of the clash Jah Work Sound, Blood A Run Sound and Lifted Selection with short interviews and dubplatemixes! Soundclash is taking place on the 25th of March 2017 @ Paraiba Bar, Olten in Switzerland.

Duration: 02:22:14

Chocolate From Kingston Radio 01.03.2017 || #rastanuhgangsta

New show with nuff fresh riddims like: Satta Rebirth, Ghetto Rock, Motivation, Simplicity, Lighthouse, Humbug, Money House, Street Light, World Fete, Caliente and more!

Duration: 02:14:03

Chocolate From Kingston Radio 15.02.2017 || #pondilawn

New show with nuff fresh riddims like: Ghetto Rock, Suit & Tie, Money House, Caliente, World Fete, Pele, Wicked Up, Muddy and more! Also featuring the brandnew album of Chris Martin Big Deal and Gappy Ranks new EP Pon di Lawn

Duration: 02:15:25

Chocolate From Kingston Radio 28.12.2016 || #TB2016

The BIG MUSICAL REVIEW OF 2016! Strictly the best Reggae and Dancehallmusic of this year with Riddims like: Mile High, Lovesick, Break Away, Cure Pain, Ova Dweet, Money Boss, Club Life, Loodi, Wicked Wicked and many more Riddims and Tunes!

Duration: 03:39:26

Chocolate From Kingston Radio 14.12.2016 || #motivator

Featuring Riddims like: Royal Step, Raw Love, Dark Emotions, Toll Road, Loodi, Top Striker, Cure Pain, Success and many more...

Duration: 01:28:17

Chocolate From Kingston Radio 09.11.2016 || #toprank

Featuring Riddims like: Life to Live, Artistry, Fornication, The Terminal, Club Life, Party Hangover, Vybz School, Dancehall Bully and many more...

Duration: 02:12:50

Chocolate From Kingston Radio - 26.10.2016 // #newlevel

Featuring Riddims like: Sitara, Love and Live, Loodi, Frequency, Hardcore, Hard Target, Kick Off and many more...

Duration: 02:08:32

Chocolate From Kingston Radio - 11.10.2016 // #tryharder

The latest and greatest in Reggae and Dancehall - October 2016! Featuring Riddims like: XOXO, Sitara, 47th Floor, Condolence, Red Plate and many more.

Duration: 01:33:47

Chocolate From Kingston Radio - 29.09.2016 // #nahidle

Wir geben euch einen Vorgeschmack auf das neue Cali P Album iThoughts und featuren Riddims wie: Mile High, Guidance and Protection, Toll Road, Kick Off, 47th Floor uvm.

Duration: 01:44:50

Soul Rebel Sound - Can't Cool (Reggaemix 2016)

The brandnew and vibefull Reggaemix of the Chocolate From Kingston Radio Host - Soul Rebel Sound! Your soundtracke for the summer 16!

Chocolate From Kingston Radio - 08.06.2016 // #kickitlikeaball

Die neue Show vom 08.06.2016 mit Riddims wie: Lion Paw, Live To Live, Summa 16, Gold Finga, Ova Dweet, Money Boss, Tunes vom neuen Alborosie, Raging Fyah und We Remember Dennis Brown Album uvm.

Duration: 01:43:51

Chocolate From Kingston Radio - 25.05.2016 // #bunup #yanoww

Die neue Show vom 25.05.2016 mit Riddims wie: Prayer Water, Pile Up, Ova Dweet, Correck, All Incllusive, Wicked Wicked, Guilt, Tropical Flava, Money Boss, Let's Rock, Fire Starta, Real Medz, Grape uvm.

Duration: 02:19:07

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