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Bigs In Blue: Police Outreach

Police officers in a dozen cities volunteer as Big Brothers/Big Sisters. K-LOVE's Tracy Lynn has details.

Duration: 00:07:34

Preschoolers Play With The Elderly

The Intergenerational Learning Center in West Seattle is an award-winning daycare-nursing home combo where "the joy and the laughter and the smiles that come from both sides are just unbelievable." K-LOVE's Susan Miller talks with Charlene Boyd of Provide

Duration: 00:18:11

'Prisoner Packs' For Christmas

Thousands of convicted felons in Illinois received Christmas boxes put together by members at Willow Creek Church. K-LOVE's George Rath talks with Josie Guth, Dir. of Local Compassion and Justice of Willow Creek Community Church about the spiritual and pr

Duration: 00:18:14

Businesses Join 'Super Service Challenge'

Your employees can win prize $$$ for charities they already care about. "Our mission is to see businesses transformed by service." K-LOVE's Tanya Bohannon talks with Super Service Challenge exec dir Patrick Sells about how companies and co-workers partici

Duration: 00:18:38

'Shower To The People' Mobile Baths

A box truck tricked out with shower stalls, body wash and fresh towels rolls around St. Louis serving the city's homeless men and women.“One of the most inspiring things for me is just to see people’s whole demeanor change just by something as simple as h

Duration: 00:18:22

Prison Recovery Network

Matthew Platshorn is an ex-con and the son of convicted felons. His mission? Connect other ex-cons with support and skills for building a new life after prison. K-LOVE's Kindra Ponzio is on location at Prison Recovery Network.

Duration: 00:08:29

Joys of Cycling

Jump on your bike for fun or exercise or to save money on your work commute. Cities across America are more rider-friendly than ever. K-LOVE's Rafael Sierra talks with Alex Doty, Exec. Dir. of The League of American Bicyclists.

Duration: 00:18:22

Ex-Cons Learn To Live In Christ

"I was a criminal, I was thief, that's what I wanted to be; so when I gave my life to Christ and decided I need to stay out here, I didn’t know how. People that were here they taught me how to be a Christian man. I love Shepherd’s Fold." K-LOVE'S Frank Ha

Duration: 00:28:46

Kids Learn About Money

"Imagine 5th graders understanding the importance of budgeting and teaching our kindergarten and 1st grade students about the value of a dollar." K-LOVE's Rafael Sierra talks with Tara Michener with Junior Achievement USA.

Duration: 00:08:52

Explore The "Made From Scratch" Life

"Homestead" wife and mother Melissa K. Norris offers tips for simplifying your home, eliminating processed foods from your dinner table and growing closer to God in the process. K-LOVE's Monika Kelly reports.

Duration: 00:08:22

Dependence On Rx Painkillers

Medicine for your bad back or post-surgery narcotics can quickly lead to prescription addiction. K-LOVE's Kenny Noble Cortes talks with recovering Rx addict Michele Zumwalt and Will Wesch, VP of Admissions at Novus Medical Detox.

Duration: 00:18:21

What Voters Want: Election 2016

"Many people feel like there’s a disconnect between themselves and their leadership; we see this on the Right and on the Left." K-LOVE's Tracey Lynn talks with Dr. Mark Caleb Smith, dir. of the Center for Political Studies and Chair of the Dept of History

Duration: 00:27:05

Challenge Academy for At-Risk Kids

In nearly every U.S. state the Nat'l Guard offers troubled teens a FREE, 6-month, residential program to get their futures on back on track. K-LOVE's Alex Gregory talks with Maj. Peter Lewis of the CA Nat'l Guard Challenge Academy and Dir. Peter Thomas of

Duration: 00:18:30

Gamer Pastor

Known as "SouZy" when he plays his Xbox, Pastor Matt Souza offers Jesus to more than a billion online gamers worldwide. K-LOVE's George Rath learns about the gaming world and the weekly stream of GodSquad Church.

Duration: 00:18:12

DIG DEEP: Clean Water for U.S.

Right here in 2016, 2-million Americans still live with no running water. DIG DEEP helps. K-LOVE's Billie Branham talks with founder and executive director George McGraw.

Duration: 00:08:17

Police For Christ

Meet five police officers who love Jesus -- and their jobs. K-LOVE's Phil O'Bryan visits with Sgt Jorge Alessandri, Capt Eric Garcia, Sgt Dean Wellinghoff and officers J C Prellezo and Carla De Garcia of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers Miami-Da

Duration: 00:17:48

Boys Read Barbershop Books

“What Barbershop Books is trying to do is to really help young boys of color to identify as readers and to help them cultivate a habit of reading for fun.” K-LOVE's Kenny Noble Cortes talks with former teacher Alvin Irby about putting books in barbershops

Duration: 00:17:44

REVIVUS Reaches Addicted Kids

And ex-addict husband and his wife team up and go anywhere they know kids will be doing drugs. "I give them my personal phone number, whatever they need." K-LOVE's Billie Branham talks with Chad Davidson about the Revivus mission and method.

Duration: 00:08:23

Solo Kids Flood the U.S.

Thousands of children from Central America are crossing into the U.S. without their parents. Reactions range from outrage and shock to sympathy and compassion. K-LOVE's Kenny Noble Cortes get the stats from Kamy Akhavan of ProCon and talks with Christian

Duration: 00:26:40

U.S. National Day of Prayer (2016)

The NDOP was created and voted into law by the U.S. Congress in 1952. KLOVE's Kenny Noble Cortes talks with NDOP event coordinators Carole Urbas and Rex Tonkins in Colorado about the nationwide mission and purpose of this annual event.

Duration: 00:08:12

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