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Ep. 61 "I Think I'm A Sex Addict" ft. Cameron Cox

This week we are still stuck on porn! So we brought in the 6'6", Mandingo slanging, adult entertainer and producer, Cameron Cox! He tells us what the porn industry is like from the male perspective. We talked about men who are gay for pay, STD scares, bad hygiene and everything in between! Follow our guest: @thee_cameron_cox Follow us: @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean For advice, advertising inquiries, or collaborations email us at

Duration: 01:13:16

Ep. 60 "Mom I Want To Do Porn" ft. Beauti

This week we bring in Beauti, the Porn Princess Fetish Babe. She talks about telling her mom she wanted to do porn and finding out her brother has watched her "movies". She also breaks down just how big is big, insecure men, STDS and HIV, and what really happens in porn. Follow our guest @mz.beautidoll Check out our sponsor: and use code SEXY20 for 20% off Follow Us! @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean @cocktalespodcast Send all inquiries to

Duration: 01:16:34

Ep 59 "Bruh, That's Rapey!"

Rape culture (noun) 1. a culture in which rape and other sexual violence (usually against women and gender diverse peoples) are common and in which prevalent attitudes, norms, practices, and media condone, normalize, excuse, or encourage sexualized violence. In light of recent headlines Kiki and Medinah are tackling the topic. Have we ever found ourselves in compromising situations? Yes. Did we always speak up? No. Listen to our stories If you're interested in advertising contact us at...

Duration: 01:02:30

Ep. 58 "Guy Code...Kinda" ft. Ferrari Simmons and Fly Guy DC

Fly Guy DC & Ferrari Simmons join Kiki & Medinah Monroe this week and things get interesting to say the least. If you leave these guys to write out the guy's dating rules, Ferrari says a woman can't have too many Instagram followers, DC's not eating the kitty cat, and you've gotta love assholes if you want to date them. Take a listen, this description does the episode no justice. This episode is also available on YouTube if you want to see all the action! Follow our guests and check out...

Duration: 01:00:05

Ep. 57 "Corny Ass Niggas" ft. Tay

Do good guys really finish last? Or are some of y'all just corny and somehow no one ever told you? If you do what's in this episode, chances are she's not curving you because you're a good man, it's because you're a cornball. We invited Tay to give us a little insight on the man's point of view as well. Take a listen. Follow Our Guest Tay @smh_damn_tay Follow Us @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean @cocktalespodcast Contact us at

Duration: 01:05:04

Ep. 56 "We Need More Wine"

This week Kiki and Medinah hold down the fort. It's about time for a check in on our love lives or lack there of. We also discuss Grabrielle Union's new book and what we think about sexual reciprocation. Contact us at Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Also check out our YouTube videos!

Duration: 00:58:32

Ep. 55 "F**kboys" ft. B. Simone

Comedian B. Simone is just trying to make it in a world full of fuckboys and Instagram models. You probably thought the viral f**kboy video was a skit, she tells us what really happened, how she's never reached "The Big O", and why her guy friends say she's still single. Oh, she also thinks Drake is the new Michael Jackson. Do we agree? Take a listen. You've been asking to see us and our beautiful faces so this full episode is also available on YOUTUBE!!! Check it out now (it's an actual...

Duration: 00:53:14

Ep. 53 "Strippers Are My Homies" ft. Frosti & Salt Shaker

Atlanta, is full of strip clubs so if you live here you'll find yourself at one at some point. And you can't say you ever really lived here if you haven't made it to the legendary Magic City. Being in the club will have you wondering so many things. Why are they stripping? Is everyone really selling actual sex not just the fantasy? And what do they do at that time of the month??? We invited Frosti and Salt Shaker, two women who made their names dancing at Magic City. Follow our guests on...

Duration: 01:13:48

Ep. 53 "Black Women Talk Too Much" ft. J. Roc

"Black women talk too much and don't know when to shut up sometimes" "Black men only spend their money in the clubs, not on real dates" "Black men have commitment issues" We've all been guilty of generalizing people whether it's good or bad. This week we bring on @iamjerrod of The Commission to tackle stereotypes between black men and women and dating in Atlanta. @Briisthename and @Summerrose702 stuck around for this one too. It gets real! Follow the crew! @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso...

Duration: 00:58:39

Ep. 52 "Pretty Girls Go Crazy For The D" Ft Brii Renee

The #forthedickchallenge has gone viral and rightfully so it’s hilarious! Well to some, and to others it might be disrespectful and degrading. This week we had Brii Renee' join us with her friends to talk about all the crazy things we have done for the D. Brace yourself because these girls are crazy for the D! Follow our guest: @bristhename And @summerrose702 @itslinzbaby Follow Us at @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @medinahmonroe Contact us at

Duration: 00:59:58

Ep. 51 "Ain't No Brother Husbands" ft. Margaux

Does anyone have a clear definition of what an open relationship is? Is it bad to want to be desired by anyone other than your S/O? If you were offered a hall pass by your man or woman would you take it? Listen to hear which of the ladies is tryna have a meeting in their bedroom and who just wants a hall pass date night once a year. This week our guest Margaux joins kiki and Medinah to talk about their ideal open relationships. Follow our guest: @moneymargiela Follow Us! @cocktalespodcast...

Duration: 01:03:32

Ep. 50 "We Can't Be Friends" ft. Mo Quick

Can you ever really be friends with your ex? And a better question, why would you want to? Maybe Mo Quick has the answers when she stops by for a QUICK minute Check out our sponsors! Intimate Tickles: Find a consultant near you for your next party! Whiskey Sharp Unraveled; a novel Purchase at Follow Us Online @cocktalespodcast - IG @cocktalesatl - Twitter @KikiSaidSo...

Duration: 00:59:55

Ep. 49 "Got M.I.L.F.?" ft. Leticia Marie Gardner

This week the ladies invite Leticia Marie Gardner on to talk about what it's like being a young mom & wife, and how she balances it all. Follow our guest @leticiamariegardner We made the charts this month! Help us out and leave a review so we can get back up there. Follow Us @cocktalespodcast @KikiSaidSo @Coffeebeandean If you want to advertise contact, donations also accepted! Thanks

Duration: 01:22:26

Ep. 48 "CockTales And A Whoreible Decision" feat. Weezy

What happens when we link up with Weezy from the Whoreible Decisions podcast??? Well we start off with a cocktail that will leave you on your a$$, unicorns, pegging, and threeway relationships! This is a wild one, you've been warned. Submit your sexy bachelor friends to so we can bring the segment back! Follow our guest Weezy at @weezywtf on Instagram and check out her podcast "Whoreible Decisions" with her cohost Mandii B @fullcourtpumps Follow Us IG...

Duration: 01:25:48

Ep. 47 "Insecure As F**k"

Has your self-esteem ever taken a turn for the worst? Have you been in dating situations that left you insecure? You're not alone, Kiki Said So & Medinah Monroe discuss self esteem highs and lows this week. Check out our sponsors! Mailform- Limitless Bundles- Use code KIKISAIDSO for $20 off Follow Us on Instagram @cocktalespodcast @KikiSaidSo @coffeebeandean Follow Us On Twitter @cocktalesatl @kikisaidso @medinah_monroe And check out our websites

Duration: 01:01:06

Ep. 46 "We Growin & Ish"

Can't believe we've been at this for over a year!!! Thanks for the support. Today we talk about the show's growth as well as our personal growth, whether Kiki is still out here single and confused and Medinah Monroe shares just how much she loves her man. Plus, Ma$e tried to holla and Kiki literally got her wig snatched. Check out our sponsors! use code "COCKTALES" @limitless_bundles_ Use code "KIKISAIDSO" for $20 off Follow us at @cocktalespodcast...

Duration: 00:54:46

Ep. 45 "But The Drag Is...ft. LeRoy"

LeRoy, who goes by Sanuria Bonet on stage, joins us to discuss what it's like dating in Atlanta, whether men are turned off when he dresses in drag, growing up gay in Louisiana, "tricking" boys, and most importantly he answers the question that everyone asks about the men in Atlanta. "Are there really that many on DL?" Be sure to hit subscribe and take a listen as he let's it all out the bag! Follow our guest LeRoy @itsm3l3roy Follow us on IG @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean...

Duration: 00:59:59

Ep. 44 Broke Boys....Again ft. DJ A-One

What are your dating rules? Could you date someone who slept with one of the homies a loongggg time ago? Should women be honest about their "body counts"? Does it really matter? And if it does why?! This week The ladies invited "A Pimp Named Sweet Tooth" , 1/2 of Snoop Doggs super group the Southern Playas AKA "Messiah da Rapper" on the show to talk about why he prefers "outings" to "dating" and what goes in to picking Mrs. Right. Shoutout to our sponsors this week! Mailform Check it out...

Duration: 01:03:07

Ep. 42 "Rumor Control"

What's in a rumor? If you ask Kevin Hart & R. Kelly they may tell you pure BS. Usher still hasn't responded. And we have different opinions on whether there's ever any truth to rumors, when to share them, and how we handle our own gossip. Shoutout to Mailform! Check it out at CALLING ALL BACHELORS!!!! Submit your photos and a quick blurb if you're a single guy (or know one) to Follow Us! Kiki- @KikiSaidSo Medinah- @coffeebeandean @cocktalespodcast...

Duration: 01:13:24

Ep. 43 "She Smashed The Homies" ft. Messiah Da Rapper

What are your dating rules? Could you date someone who slept with one of the homies a loongggg time ago? Should women be honest about their "body counts"? Does it really matter? And if it does why?! This week The ladies invited "A Pimp Named Sweet Tooth" , 1/2 of Snoop Doggs super group the Southern Playas AKA "Messiah da Rapper" on the show to talk about why he prefers "outings" to "dating" and what goes in to picking Mrs. Right. Shoutout to our sponsors this week! Mailform Check it out...

Duration: 00:49:47

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