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Our podcasts are designed to help those who are learning Portuguese, especially if you have a previous background in Spanish.




Lesson 15: Pronunciation of 'r' sounds (alt), Good Tippers

Lesson 16: Pronunciation of 'b', 'd', and 'g', Adding Tax to Purchased Item

Lesson 17: Pronunciation of 'j', 'ge', and 'gi', Wearing That Tiny Bikini

Lesson 18: Pronunciation of 'ch', You Call That a Steak House?

Lesson 19: Pronunciation of 'nh', Laundromats, Really?

Lesson 20: Pronunciation of 'lh', Automatic Sprinklers

Lesson 21: Pronunciation of Syllable-final 'l', Making Prints of Digital Ph

Lesson 22: Epenthetic Vowels (wow, fancy word!), Fast Food

Lesson 23: Cool Little Words, Nicknames

Lesson 24: Intonation

Supplementary Lesson 2: Portuguese Consonant Sounds

Grammar Lesson 1: Gostar vs. Gustar, Sitting on the Grass

Grammar Lesson 2: Contractions, Getting Change From A Machine

Grammar Lesson 3: Plurals with 'l', Gas Stations

Grammar Lesson 4: Future Subjunctive, Soda Refills at Restaurants

Grammar Lesson 5: Disappearing Reflexive Verbs, Use of Coupons

Grammar Lesson 6: The Verb 'Ficar', Studying in Cafés

Grammar Lesson 7: Para with Indirect Pronouns, Ice Water at Restaurants

Grammar Lesson 8: Plural of words that end in 'ão', Car Insurance

Grammar Lesson 9: Possessive Pronouns, How to Dress Like an American

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