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5: David Cox - Details of his Disappearance and the Discovery of his Body

David Cox’s body was found in April of 1994 with a gunshot in the back of neck and three more in the torso. But, for three months before that, he was a missing person. David vanished on January 5th 1994. In today’s episode, we dig into the details around his disappearance and his body being discovered. His brother, Steven, tells us that he went out with David the night before and something seemed off. His sister, Christine, shares how the family dealt with his disappearance. We hear the...

Duration: 00:33:21

4: David Cox - Military Justice with James W. Weirick

MILITARY JUSTICE LISTENERS: Pick up where you left off on my conversation with Weirick around 26:00. On todays episode, we are joined by special guest James W. Weirick. Wierick is a retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel, Judge Advocate and lawyer, and the host of the Military Justice podcast. We discuss Weirick's personal connection to the hazing incident that David Cox was involved with in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, how the movie 'A Few Good Men' impacted Weirick's life, and Weirick provides...

Duration: 00:52:58

3: David Cox - In His Own Words

In today's episode David's friends and family share what David was thinking and feeling during his trial in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and also when the movie "A Few Good Men," which depicted the hazing incident he was involved in, was released. And we hear directly from David himself - in a radio interview that he did when "A Few Good Men" first came out. David disappeared from his home in Natick, Massachusetts in January of 1994. Three months later, his body was found in the woods over a half...

Duration: 00:36:54

Minisode 02 - The Wolf Family Murders, Halloween Special

For today's special Halloween minisode, we hear about a murder mystery story that Cold Traces host, Cristina, has a personal connection to. A very special guest joins us to discuss the murdered North Dakota farm family.

Duration: 00:14:25

2: David Cox - A Few Good Men: the True Story with Don Marcari

In today's episode, we hear from Don Marcari who was David Cox's lawyer in Gitmo after he was involved in the hazing of a fellow marine. David and the other marines involved in the incident were charged with attempted murder and faced decades in jail. But, there was an offer on the table - David could take an other than honorable discharge and go home. It sounds like an easy decision, but David said he was simply following orders and he decided to fight the charges in court. This story...

Duration: 00:44:52