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Chicago, IL


Beer: A true work of art. Collective Brew features the makers of craft beer and the process behind their genius. This podcast not only showcases the passion behind crafting the perfect brew, but it brings together master brewers, novice creators, and amateur drinkers to dive deep into what makes Craft Brewing so unique. Home brewers, seasoned beer drinkers, master brewers, and beer amateurs; you're all invited.




Episode 3 - Urban Chestnut Brewing Company

This week, we go back to St. Louis and talk to Jon Shine, head of sales for Urban Chestnut Brewing Company. Listen as Jon takes us through Urban Chestnut's history, and tells us some of the exciting things Urban Chestnut has brewing. Also, we have a special taste test of Urban Chestnut's beers!

Duration: 00:58:44