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2018 Recruiting Recap

The brothers give an extensive breakdown of the 2018 recruiting cycle. They go conference-by-conference, naming their teams on the rise and the decline. In their first segment of the episode entitled “Old Takes Exposed,” they call out a Twitter follower for an attempted take-down of Trey. Michael then tries to Stump the Bros with a trivia question about the 2008… Continue reading "2018 Recruiting Recap"


News Roundup (2/7/18)

The College Football Bros catch up on the biggest news items of the last month. They briefly discuss the Michigan State situation, as well as new Arizona head coach Kevin Sumlin. They also go over the big assistant coaching changes, player transfers, and winners and losers from the NFL draft announcements. Breaking news: Clemson’s D-line might be pretty good. Finally,… Continue reading "News Roundup (2/7/18)"


2017 Season Trivia

Ryan and Trey once again compete in a battle of college football wits in a special trivia episode. Quizmaster Michael leads the contestants through six rounds of questions about the 2017 season, each relating to a different category (regular season games, players, coaches, stats and records, bowl games, and potpourri). Play along! Also, stick around until the end for a… Continue reading "2017 Season Trivia"


CFP Championship Recap

The College Football Bros recap a thrilling CFP Championship game before turning their sights to 2018. They debate whether Georgia will be a top 4 team next season and where Jalen Hurts should go from here. After that, the brothers show off their singing voices to recap the 2017 season in song. A surprise guest calls in to congratulate Trey… Continue reading "CFP Championship Recap"


CFP Championship Preview

As promised, the brothers recap the New Year’s Six and the rest of the recent bowl games. Their segments include news and notes in which they discuss Rich Rodriguez’ abrupt firing and Sam Darnold’s decision to go pro, “Ryan was wrong”, and Stump the bros trivia. They then do a deep dive preview of the CFP National Championship game between… Continue reading "CFP Championship Preview"


2017 Bowl Preview – Part 4

After a grueling bowl preview season, the brothers have finally reached the end of the bowl list. After recapping the bowl games to date, they preview the remaining non-New Year’s Six bowls. If you enjoyed our bowl preview series, be sure to let us know in the comments at our website and in the “Reviews” section of your podcast app.… Continue reading "2017 Bowl Preview – Part 4"


Playoff and New Year’s Six Preview

The College Football Playoff is finally here. But first, the brothers preview the rest of the New Year’s Six bowl games (Cotton, Fiesta, Orange, Peach). After that, it is Michael’s turn to try to “Stump the Bros” with a trivia question involving Baker Mayfield and Trae Young. Finally, the brothers give a thorough preview of the Oklahoma-Georgia and Clemson-Alabama matchups.… Continue reading "Playoff and New Year’s Six Preview"


2017 Bowl Preview – Part 3

As a gift to the listeners, the College Football Bros are releasing an episode on Christmas day! The brothers start out with some segments including news and notes and the premieres of “Trey was wrong” as well as “stump the bros.” They then preview the next slate of bowl games including the Camping World Bowl (Oklahoma St vs Virginia Tech)… Continue reading "2017 Bowl Preview – Part 3"


2017 Bowl Preview – Part 2

The brothers recap last Saturday’s bowl games in which the chalk did not fare well. They also go over some news and notes, including a discussion of the latest ASU turmoil and Jim Leavitt’s deal to remain at Oregon. Each of the brothers then gives their expected winners and losers for the 2018 recruiting cycle as the early signing period… Continue reading "2017 Bowl Preview – Part 2"


2017 Bowl Preview – Part 1

Bowl season is upon us and the College Football Bros will be here to preview all of them. Before previewing the first crop of games, however, the brothers go over some news and notes. They debate who will be Michigan’s starting quarterback next year and grade the latest coaching hires. They then answer two mailbag questions before finally getting to… Continue reading "2017 Bowl Preview – Part 1"


2017 Golden Bro Awards

The College Football Bros recognize the best and brightest from the 2017 season with the first inaugural Golden Bro Awards. There are awards recognizing the nation’s best offense, defense, OL, DL, surprise team, kicker, breakout player, defensive player, QB, RB, WR, assistant coach, head coach, game, and of course, the Heisbro Award for the nation’s most outstanding player. We request… Continue reading "2017 Golden Bro Awards"


Championship Week Recap, Playoff Selections

The College Football Bros recap a chalky championship weekend in which every betting favorite won. They review the decision by the CFP Committee with an attention to detail that even Erik the turf guy would admire. The brothers then quickly run through their initial thoughts on every New Year’s Six bowl, including the Peach Bowl where the Scott Frost-led UCF… Continue reading "Championship Week Recap, Playoff Selections"


Week 13 Recap, Championship Week Preview

With the coaching carousel at a fever pitch, it’s a jam-packed episode of the College Football Bros. Michael, Ryan, and Trey recap an exciting rivalry week including Auburn’s upset victory over Alabama. They then discuss the latest hires, each giving their letter grades, and debate candidates for the various job openings. They run through the most likely Playoff scenarios and… Continue reading "Week 13 Recap, Championship Week Preview"


Week 12 Recap, Week 13 Preview

It’s a Thanksgiving edition of the College Football Bros! The brothers quickly recap a relatively uneventful week 12 before moving on to their batch of segments. This week’s segments include news and notes (Jim Mora firing, Will Grier injury) and giving thanks for college football. Finally, the brothers preview rivalry week including USF @ UCF, Ohio State @ Michigan, and… Continue reading "Week 12 Recap, Week 13 Preview"


Week 11 Recap, Week 12 Preview

Week 11 was one of the best weekends of the 2017 season and the College Football Bros break down all the major games and stories. In their segments, they hop aboard the coaches carousel discussing the openings at Florida and Tennessee, as well as the potential openings at Nebraska and Texas A&M. They examine the latest Playoff rankings and take… Continue reading "Week 11 Recap, Week 12 Preview"


Week 10 Recap, Week 11 Preview

In breaking down the week 10 results, the brothers try to make sense of what happened to Ohio State. In their segments, they contemplate whether Wisconsin controls their own destiny to make the Playoff and discuss the latest Kevin Sumlin rumors. They then preview a loaded week 11 slate which includes three matchups between top 10 teams (Georgia @ Auburn,… Continue reading "Week 10 Recap, Week 11 Preview"


College Football House of Horrors

The College Football Bros embark on a journey through a haunted house. In each room, the brothers encounter unique college football-related surprises. The Solid Verbal’s Ty Hildenbrandt even makes a guest appearance. If the brothers survive, they’ll also go on to recap week 9, including the game of the year in Columbus, discuss the upcoming playoff rankings, and preview week… Continue reading "College Football House of Horrors"


Week 8 Recap, Week 9 Preview

The College Football Bros are a man down this episode as Ryan is on vacation. Trey and Michael start the podcast by teasing the celebrity guest appearing on the podcast next week. They then attempt to shoulder the load in Ryan’s absence and recap an exciting week 8 including Notre Dame’s beatdown of USC. For their segment this week, they… Continue reading "Week 8 Recap, Week 9 Preview"


Week 7 Recap, Week 8 Preview

After an upset-filled week 7 in which four top ten teams went down, the brothers engage in an extensive recap. To mark the midseason, they present the state of the college football union by giving their Heisman picks, surprise teams, and updated playoff predictions. As always, they close out the podcast with their weekend preview and ATS picks.


Week 6 Recap, Week 7 Preview

The brothers recap week 6, including Oklahoma’s stunning loss to Iowa State and what that means for the Big 12. They discuss Gary Andersen, Quinten Dormady, Notre Dame, and Kentucky during their segments. As always, they close the podcast with an in-depth preview of the upcoming week’s big games.


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