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An informative talk radio format where Cleo discusses Metaphysical/Spiritual, Travel, Food, Natural Health, Community, Supporting Small Business.






It's 'Bout That Time!!! CWC Series Finale

Wahgwaan, Stars! Yes, you read right....I have decided that is time to say goodbye to "Conversations with Cleo" Tune in and join me for some laughter, good stories, good vibe....and you know me -- probably a few tears. Thank you, each and every person who tuned in over the years, for your support, love, honesty and loyalty! Much Love & Nuff Respec, Cleo

Duration: 02:04:12

Summer Solstice Kick Off -- Cleo is Back!

Conversations with Cleo is back on BTR and 100% LIVE!! Happy Summer, Everyone! Thank you for stopping by to Kick Off Summer Solstice 2015! It's been a little more than a year since #CWC took a hiatus and now we're back.

Duration: 01:55:01

Lake Worth Street Painting Festival 2014

Happy Monday, My Dears! Hope everyone had a safe & good weekend! The Lake Worth Street Painting Festival was a smashing, creative success. Who knew such a little town could be put on such a huge party. This year was special, too!! LWSPF celebrated its 20th Birthday...this is one of the largest events of its kind in the World. So make sure to visit to see video and photos of the weekend event or drop by LIBSYN ! Always something new at visit...

Duration: 00:20:23

It's a Wrap! Season II Finale

Join me as well celebrate another delicious season of good radio and good fun on BlogTalkRadio (network). As I prepare to write my 2nd book, Conversations with Cleo will be on hiatus until late January 2014. I wish all you a peaceful, joyful and celebratory holiday season -- whatever holiday you celebrate. Take care of yourself and I'll see you next year! Peace, Cleo

Duration: 01:59:45


Hey Darlins': Join me this evening as we discuss current events that will surely be at the front and center of history's most intense and confusion conversations.

Duration: 01:19:08

Guest Co-Host Vulyncia Poindexter - "Timeless Clock"

S2/E20 #CWC Welcomes Vulyncia Poindexter as Guest Co-Host! Vulyncia (aka @Soulsista_101 in the Twitterverse) is the author of "Timeless Clock" (poetry book). She is also the winner of the "Full Moon Madness: Co Host with Cleo" drawing. I am thrilled to bring Vulyncia to the mic! We will discuss her book, current events, Broadway musicals, relationships & much more. I assure you these two sisters in rhyme are gonna a wicked good time!

Duration: 02:00:28

A Conversation with LaDonna Cook

S2/E18 CWC welcomes LaDonna Cook, author of "Until Tomorrow Comes." LaDonna is Poet, Author, Entreprenuer and a true inspiration to anyone she meets. Join us as LaDonna shares her story, her insights and her heart with you and I. Visit her at

Duration: 01:29:37

COSMIC UPDATE: Virgos, Solar Storms & Close of 2013


Duration: 01:31:38

RE-BROADCAST: How Can You Make 2013 Work for You

Hello My Dears: I am RE-BROADCASTING the first part of a series I do at the beginning of every New Year. Two-thirds of the 2013 is over and it's time to check in to see how well you have navigated a "Foundational" year. Tune in on THURSDAY, SEPT 5, 2013 -- NEW MOON to find out how to make the end of the 2013 work for you now and in 2014!

Duration: 00:29:54

Crossover, Grief & Healing: UPDATE

S2/S12 SPECIAL BROADCAST TIME: 3:30 p.m. Hello Everyone! I know our regular time is 7:30 p.m.; however, I have received the most wonderful invitation to BBAD ActivistArtistA's Thursday Open Mic Night. The evening begins at 7 p.m. If you are a local or in the area, come out and join me as I perform a few tracks from my newest CD, "Full Moon Madness" I did not want to pre-record a show so I decided to change the time. It is an UPDATE on my personal grieving and healing process after the...

Duration: 01:01:45

Blame It On the Sun: Solar Flares, Humans & Violence

S2/E10 CAUTION: MATRIX-FREE-ZONE For centuries, people have embraced the idea/truth that the MOON, indeed, has many effects on the behavior of Humankind. However, it has come to light (non pun intended) that the Sun has an equal or more powerful effect on Humankind behavior.

Duration: 01:33:03

America & Drugs: A Historical Love/Hate Relationship

S2/E10 For more than 200 years, America has engaged in a deliberate, co-dependent DRUGS. Whether its street drugs or prescribed narcotics, America is obsessed. Today's conversation will look back through American history to find out what role cocaine, opium, marajuana, heroin and more have impacted our 21st centrury struggle. You might be surprised!

Duration: 01:31:00

Black, Female & Gay in America: Cleo's Personal Story

S2/E9 Join me as I share my reasons for being confused, resentful and saddened. This is a conversation THEY WONT be having on mainstream television. Don't be afraid to tune'll walk away with information you didn't have when you arrived.

Duration: 01:30:38

The (R)Evolution is ALIVE!!

S2/E8 Join us as we discuss "What do we do next?" "Where do we go from here?" and the myriad of emotions being expressed and experienced by those of US who are in shock. And I am committed to creating an environment which is safe for anyone to express themselves -- without judgment -- about the lack of JUSTICE for TRAYVON MARTIN. Let this be the beginning of a new (R)EVOLUTION in the 21st Century.

Duration: 01:56:51

One-on-One with BLACK -- "the Beat Therapist"

S2/E Join #CWC for our FIRST One-on-One Interview of Season Two with BLACK: "the Beat Therapist". REAL TALK! REAL ISSUES! REAL TIME! Tune in as we discuss the Zimmerman trial, Voters Right Act, Music, Racism in 21st Century, Technology vs. Privacy and much more.

Duration: 02:01:21

Freedom of Expression still Legal: An Evening of Poetry

S2/E5 Freedom of Expression is still Legal: An Evening of Powerful Poetry.... Join me & several phenom Poets for an evening of artistry, expression and love.... On the Fourth of July ....join me & few of my friends while we share vibrations, rhyme & a good time. Guaranteed to be a few LIVE performances

Duration: 01:31:38

1965 Voters Right Act: Hung Out To Dry by U.S. Supreme Court

S2/E3 June 27, 2013 Well, it happened. Like so many before me, like me who alleged that the Government will yank the Act as soon as it suited their agenda. It is no longer an allegation. It is now truth. Tune in to hear about Section 4 of the Voters RIght Act and how it makes Section 5 obscelete. Is this all a set up for compounded race issues in this country? Think about it: Zimmerman case, Paula Deen & now the Voters Right Act has been rendered useless. Join the conversation.... Nuff...

Duration: 02:00:43

Navigating Hurricane Season 2013

S2/E2 June 20, 2013 2013 Hurricane Season has arrived and with our first "named" Tropical Depression Andrea under our belt, join the conversation on "How to be Prepared". I navigated Hurricanes Katrina & Wilma in 2005 and I welcome the opportunity to share my lessons as well as my tips. Nuff Respect, Cleo

Duration: 01:30:36

On the Road with CWC in Espana (Spain)

Tune in Thursday at 730p to listen LIVE to my journey through one of the oldest "walkable communities" in Spain. Where did I go? I went to Sitges, Spain -- a small fishing village in ancient Catalunya. You don't want to miss this show! Much Love, Cleo Visit me to see my photo journal!

Duration: 01:28:27

CWC - Season 2 Preview

Hello My Dears! My hiatus was delicious! I am energized, excited and ready to start Season 2!! Tune in to hear about some delicious surprises for the coming months. Thank you for the love! Cleo

Duration: 00:42:12

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