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A conversational podcast hosted by Yasin Dusoruth and Syed Raza. We talk about anything and everything that interests us and we often have guests as well! Come hang with us!

A conversational podcast hosted by Yasin Dusoruth and Syed Raza. We talk about anything and everything that interests us and we often have guests as well! Come hang with us!
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A conversational podcast hosted by Yasin Dusoruth and Syed Raza. We talk about anything and everything that interests us and we often have guests as well! Come hang with us!




Episode 109 - Matchbox - Dr Bano Murtuja & Faiza Khan

Co-directors of Matchbox, Dr Bano Murtuja and Faiza Khan chat with Yasin and Syed about their personalized matchmaking company and why offline dating is a better alternative to some of the services currently available. They explain how it works, the various services they provide, and what you get if you decide to go with the $10,000 package. Check them out here:

Duration: 00:41:44

Episode 108 - Aiman Ghori - Attack on Titan

Crash & Flow's first anime episode! Aiman Ghori chats with Yasin and Syed about Season 2 of Attack on Titan. They nerd out about the possible origins of the titans, who the heck is the beast titan, and why is Captain Levi's ankle rehabilitation taking so long?! [SEASON 2 SPOILERS!!!]

Duration: 00:50:12

Episode 107 - Eric Vaz - Thor: Ragnarok

C&F regular Eric Vaz sits down with Yasin and Syed to review Marvel's newest installment Thor: Ragnarok! They also discuss the current whereabouts of the Infinity Stones and predictions for the upcoming Black Panther movie! [CAUTION: SPOILERS]

Duration: 00:45:17

Episode 106 - Stranger Things & Cat vs Raccoon turf wars

Yasin and Syed sit down for a classic Crash & Flow episode to chat about Stranger Things season 2. They discuss the problem with Eleven drawing power from hate, possible Alien 3 influences, and Steve Harrington, Babysitter Extraordinaire. They also get into biological warfare over a locked staircase and turf wars...

Duration: 00:51:14

Episode 105 - Samera Munir - The perils of dating

The funny and ever entertaining Samera chats with Yasin and Syed about her experiences in the dating world. They get into first date plans, funny (creepy) Minder bios, and sad after parties. This episode will have you laughing and cringing in equal measure...

Duration: 01:12:09

Episode 104 - Sarmad Gilani - Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention

Sarmad Gilani from the RIS team chats with Yasin and Syed about the annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference. They talk about what goes on behind the scenes, the conference's exponential growth over the years, and how to shepherd lost lecturers. They also discuss the impact the conference has had on them, and their beards

Duration: 00:46:34

Episode 103 - Fahad Tariq - CEO of Shift

COE and founder of Shift, Fahad Tariq chats with Yasin and Syed about how he and his team are starting an energy revolution by using tech to turn cow waste into free, clean (non-smelly) cooking gas for those who are in desperate need it. He explains how the process works, the various benefits to using Shift instead of current available methods, and his vision for the future.

Duration: 00:34:52

Episode 102 - The New York Trip

Here's another roaming podcast from Crash & Flow! In this episode Yasin and Syed record mini podcasts at the Washington Square Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the C&F studio. They talk about seeing Aziz Ansari at the Comedy Cellar, ordering cookies at 2am, and capturing an engagement in Central Park. Yasin gripes about getting randomly selected twice, and Syed shares the story of his confrontation with a New York rat. Be sure to also check out the video version of this episode as well as...

Duration: 00:52:02

Episode 101 - Hamza Khan - Marketer, entrepreneur, & keynote speaker

Award-winning marketer and accomplished entrepreneur Hamza Khan chats with Yasin and Syed about a lot of things you probably won't expect; like deconstructing Ja Rule's strengths and weakness, the differences between a stand up comic and a prop comic, and the various racial slurs they were called while growing up. They discuss Mr. Worldwide's original dreams, Transformer 5, and the design decisions of Greek sculptors. Yasin and Syed eventually pick Hamza's brain about morning rituals, how...

Duration: 01:28:30

Episode 100 - Eric Vaz - The Michael Bay movie method & handcuffed to a bedpost

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED OF CRASH & FLOW!!! The lovable and always entertaining Eric Vaz joins Yasin and Syed to talk about a whole lot of everything. They uncover how Michael Bay comes up with movie ideas, what to do if you are ever handcuffed to a bedpost, and why Megan Fox is better than Morpheus. Yasin rants about his deep rooted issues with Laurence Fishburne in the movie Predators and Eric introduces a new character he is working on.

Duration: 01:06:34

Episode 99 - Amar Singh - Stand-up comic

Stand-up comic Amar Singh chats with Yasin and Syed about his battle with his roommate's cat, the Toronto comedy scene, and how slam poetry eventually brought him to an open mic night at the Sin Bin. They also get into writing processes, if struggle is needed for good material, and the importance of asking before punching.

Duration: 00:53:13

Episode 98 - Funny goats, misfit prisoners, & state shifting

Yasin and Syed chat about questionable steaks, Chris Pine's undeniable charm, and devil goats. Syed talks about meeting the host of Cash Cab: Canada and Yasin explains what he learned from his recent NLP class on state shifting. Later, they try to figure out how a brown accountant could survive in a maximum security prison.

Duration: 00:44:43

Episode 97 - Jibreel and Bilal Moore from Mustaqeem

Yasin and Syed chat with the talented Jibreel and Bilal Moore from the contemporary vocal music (nasheed) group: Mustaqueem!!! Jibreel and Bilal explain how they produce their unique sound and their overall creative process. The musical duo also get into their experiences making music videos, their inspiration, and their future vision for themselves.

Duration: 00:40:48

Episode 96 - Locker room smells & asking cops random questions

Yasin and Syed chat about the specific locker room smells of various sports, their upcoming trip to New York, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Yasin talks about the random questions he's asked cops recently and and Syed explains his dreams of being a bouncer...

Duration: 00:39:34

Episode 95 - Asad Moten - Fear of dancing & the logistical issues of polygamy

Yasin and Asad chat with Crash and Flow regular Asad Moten about challenging random people to a dance off, MC’ing a wedding in Sesame Street costumes, and the logistical nightmare that is polygamy. They also get into what it’s like to snort a Listerine breath strip and Yasin tells a story about an upset auntie at a birthday party. This is one silly podcast.

Duration: 00:56:25

Episode 94 - Saba Rizvi - Art therapy, pain, & weed

Yasin and Syed chat with the talented and inspiring Saba Rizvi about how an accident that resulted in brain injury and fibromyalgia inspired her journey to painting and meditative artwork. She also explains her artistic process and how marijuana has helped her manage her pain and increase her focus.

Duration: 01:07:49

Episode 93 - Dragons, Johnny Depp’s money issues, and Baywatch

Yasin and Syed talk about last week's Game of Thrones episode (spoilers), why Jon Jones is a horrible human being, and Johnny Depp's ridiculous spending habits. They also get into their most recent Netflix binges and the awesome Baywatch remake.

Duration: 01:14:05

Episode 92 - Zohaib Naqvi Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Primer

The always entertaining Zobi from the Instant Replay Podcast joins Yasin and Syed to talk about the highly anticipated Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight. They discuss the press tour, Conor's trash talk game, predictions, and possible fight strategies. They also chat about Amir Khan's recent Twitter meltdown, the dirty tactics of the McGregor camp, and future UFC cyborg fighters.

Duration: 01:09:49

Episode 91 - MuslimFest Special ft. Maz Jobrani, Salma Hindy, Hamzah Moin, and more!

This is Crash & Flow's first audio documentary! Yasin and Syed took the Crash & Flow Podcast to MuslimFest to talk with vendors, performers, and award winners. They even got backstage access to chat with comedians Maz Jobrani and Salma Hindy, MC extraordinaire Hamzah Moin and Deputy Leader of the NDP Jagmeet Singh.

Duration: 00:50:36

Episode 90 - Therapy, Linkin Park, & genetic capsules for relationships

Yasin and Syed share their respective thoughts about their experiences in therapy and the benefits they've noticed along the way. They also get into the differences between Indian roti vs Trinidadian roti and the best place to get them in the city. Yasin pitches an idea on the best way to share your 23andMe results and Syed shares his deal breakers

Duration: 00:45:12

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