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Creating Espacios: Interviews with Self-Made Latinas Who Are Innovating in Their Spaces-logo

Creating Espacios: Interviews with Self-Made Latinas Who Are Innovating in Their Spaces

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The personal stories highlighted on Creating Espacios will serve as a resource for other aspiring entrepreneurial women and act as a first step in closing the gap in information and resources for diverse communities who want to become a part of the media or startup world.

The personal stories highlighted on Creating Espacios will serve as a resource for other aspiring entrepreneurial women and act as a first step in closing the gap in information and resources for diverse communities who want to become a part of the media or startup world.
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The personal stories highlighted on Creating Espacios will serve as a resource for other aspiring entrepreneurial women and act as a first step in closing the gap in information and resources for diverse communities who want to become a part of the media or startup world.






Denise Soler Cox — On Being Latina, Being American And Learning To Choose Yourself

Denise is the co-founder of Project ñ, a movement that is anchored in the many worlds first-generation Latinx-Americans live in. Throughout our conversation we dive into what it takes to put together a documentary for such a movement and how doing so helped Denise come out of her shell and really learn to tell her story. The episode does an amazing job of putting the cherry on top of a season that has unintentionally always focused on inspiring you to learn to put yourself...


Natalie Boden — You Are The Architect Of Your Own Life

Natalie Boden is the mastermind behind BODEN Agency, an award-winning agency that has worked with everyone from Target to Pepsico. During our conversation we take a step back from Natalie's biggest wins and dissect how she got here. At the core of every story is the agency Natalie has always claimed as her own — she's the architect of her own life and it's a lesson she hopes to pass on to all CE listeners. ---- @vivnunez on Twitter/Instagram Show notes:


Leticia Gonzalez-Reyes — Beginning Makes The Conditions Perfect (So, No More Excuses)

Leticia Gonzalez-Reyes is the co-founder of 109 World, an org that allows you to use your social media platforms to change the world (seriously!). She and her friends - Olivia and Rachel (who you may know as Yoga Girl) - execute trips around the world with specific goals in mind. On this episode we chat about what it took for her to leave her established career path for a startup, how important it is to trust your gut and why social good will never go out of style. ---- @vivnunez on...


Michelle Herrera Mulligan — Learn To Get Out Of Your Own Way

Michelle Herrera Mulligan is the former editor-in-chief of Cosmo for Latinas and a constant champion for Latinas and the power their stories have. Throughout this episode we talk about the current political state of the country, why (now more than ever) it's important for you to tell your stories and how the first step for any progress is learning to get out of your own way. ---- @vivnunez on Twitter/Instagram Show notes:


Mitzi Gaitan — Being First Generation and Thriving Comes With Its Own Set of Responsibilities

Mitzi is a twenty-something career woman, who lives in LA and balances her tech job with one of her other (big) passions - her family. This episode focuses on what it means to be first generation and no longer just surviving. For instance, disposable do you make the most of it? We also touch on family guilt, moving away and learning to trust yourself. ---- @mitzign on Instagram @vivnunez on Twitter/Instagram Show notes:


Catherine Cuello-Fuente — Prioritize Wellness In Your Entrepreneurial Career

Catherine Cuello-Fuente is the founder of Inside Crowd and Greenhopping, an app dedicated to making healthy living more accessible. Throughout this episode we talk through the health scare that sparked her entrepreneurial career and tips on how Latinxs can embrace a healthier lifestyle. Bonus: she offers up PR advice you won't want to pass on! #CreatingEspacios ---- @catherinecuellofuente on Instagram @vivnunez on Twitter/Instagram Show notes:


Gina Rodriguez — On The Importance of Being A Meaningful Specific

Gina Rodriguez encourages Latinas to live life on their own terms and conditions because at the end of that path is where they can find happiness. On this episode of Creating Espacios she also dives into the importance of being a meaningful specific, why self-care needs to be taught and encouraged among Latinxs, and how to navigate your way through Latinx guilt. #CreatingEspacios ---- @hereisgina on Instagram @vivnunez on Twitter/Instagram Show notes:


Marly Gallardo — Building Your Hustle Starts With Not Selling Yourself Short

Marly Gallardo is a RISD-educated artist based out of New York City, but more than that she's a creative driven Latina who understands the very common dilemma of how your family and your hustle sometimes pull you in different directions. In this episode we remind you why your dreams are important and that it's never a bad idea to remind people of your value. ---- @marlygallardo on Instagram @vivnunez on Twitter/Instagram Show notes:


Marines Duarte — Why Latinas Are Princess Warriors

As the founder of En Tus Zapatos, a one-stop shop for women who are conquering life at home, at work and in their relationships, Marines has created a safe haven for moms who want to embrace their careers and Latinas killing it at work who want to start a family. And, with her newest endeavor,Princesas Guerreras, she's taken her personal mission one step further. In this episode, Marines walks us through how she got the idea for Princesas Guerreras, what her career has taught her and how...


Francesca Kennedy — How To Act On Your Passions, Instead Of Your Fears

Francesca Kennedy is the founder of Ix Style, a socially responsible brand that produces huarache sandals and donates 15% of its profits to organizations that help bring clean water to Guatemala. In this episode she walks us through how to get your social business off the ground, why you shouldn't be afraid to cold email and how to trust your gut and your passions! #CreatingEspacios -- @ixstyle on Instagram @vivnunez on Twitter/Instagram Show notes:


Creating Espacios Hour

#CreatingEspacios goes live! A full hour with four stories you won't want to miss. You'll hear how I got my start and how it led to Creating Espacios. Francesca Kennedy will remind you you're brave enough to make big asks. Patty Rodriguez gives you the definition of impostor syndrome and then tells you how to remind it you're boss. Finally Beatriz Acevedo helps us get rid of the old saying, calladita te ves mas bonita. -- @vivnunez on Twitter/Instagram Show notes:


Denise Paredes: You Wanting It Is Enough Of A Reason To Follow Your Dreams

Denise Paredes is the Founder of Equal Uprise, a lifestyle brand dedicated to producing handmade and ethically sourced products. During our conversation she shares how her career as an entrepreneur started by making the jump to follow her dreams and be a solo founder. Plus she sheds light on how important it is to have the right network of people around you. Especially as a Latina entrepreneur because when your family doesn't get it, your friends may. #CreatingEspacios -- @equaluprise on...


Barbara Gonzalez - It's Okay To Pursue Your Own Version Of Happy

Barbara Gonzalez kicks off Season 2 of Creating Espacios the only way she knows how, by not being afraid to be herself and speak her mind. The episode focuses on what's next for CE, how Barbara is pursuing her own version of happy and a reminder that it's more than okay to follow your own happiness too. #CreatingEspacios -- @ohhaibarbie on Twitter/Instagram @vivnunez on Twitter/Instagram Show notes:


Soledad O'Brien: You've Earned Your Right To Be Exactly Where You Are

As an award-winning journalist and CEO, Soledad O’Brien is a woman who knows the significance of a good story. With her company Starfish Media Group and philanthropy The Starfish Foundation, she has truly championed every opportunity to uplift voices that may not otherwise be heard. In this episode she talks the importance of carving a space for yourself at the table and why being the most prepared person in the room is the best way to avoid imposter syndrome.


Jessica Mendoza — The Balance Between Relentless and Real

Jessica Mendoza is an ESPN analyst, who just so happens to be the first woman to take on the role. Her resume is packed with Olympic medal wins, noteworthy ‘firsts’ at various sports broadcasting jobs and most importantly, the common theme through all of her achievements, an ability to connect with others in an authentic, powerful and vulnerable way. During her Creating Espacios episode, Jessica told us stories of growing up in a family of athletes, how fear shouldn’t stop you from making...


Pilar Pinel - Giving Back to the Communities The Raised Us

As the founder and CEO of ELLAS, Pilar Pinel has invested her life in mentorship. ELLAS creates clear pathways for young women, particularly high school students, to achieve their dreams. By pairing them with Latina role models, the girls learn that their goals hold value. In this episode we discuss the importance of understanding the cultural approach to mentorship and what it means to give back to the communities that raise us.


Ana Flores — Deciding To Be Authentic Can Be The Launch Pad For Growth

Ana Flores is the mastermind behind #WeAllGrow Latina Network, formerly known as Latina Bloggers Connect. As the first brand and blogger network in the nation for Latina digital creatives, #WeAllGrow has gone from connecting influencers with brands to hosting events across the nation. On this episode, Ana highlights how authenticity played a pivotal role in setting the tone for the LBC community and how you can apply her lessons learned to your own entrepreneurial endeavors.


Catalina Girald — On Building A Brand You Can Be Proud Of

As CEO and co-founder of lingerie company Naja, Catalina Girald has worked tirelessly to keep empowerment for all women at the root of her company. Throughout her episode she shares tips on how to build an empowering brand, why mentors are important and how being socially responsible could go a long way. All things she’s learned by strategically monitoring that Naja’s growth is in line with her own core values.


Dior Vargas — Taking the Cultural Stigma Out of Mental Illness

Dior Vargas is the Creator behind the People of Color & Mental Illness Photo Project, a social media campaign that took over Twitter and emphasized the importance of representation in the conversation around mental health. As a Latina who has successfully launched her career and embraced self-care, Dior sheds light on how prioritizing your mental health doesn’t have to go against having the career you want.


Patty Rodriguez: Bad Days Lay Foundation For Big Accomplishments

As a Senior Producer at “On Air for Ryan Seacrest,” owner of two businesses, and mother of two, it’s safe to say that Patty Rodriguez has a lot on her daily to-do. In this episode we talk to Patty about her Mexican-American upbringing and how her community has grounded her in the midst of chaos. Patty shares her wisdom on how in a world of stereotypes, defining yourself first is key and how bad days serve as strength training for the big accomplishments.


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