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Critical Yoga Studies with Roopa Bala Singh: Race + Liberation + "Yoga"

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Roopa's nationwide SAAPYA panel discussions broke ground and provided the foundation for ongoing efforts in "decolonizing" yoga. The first person to publicly raise the issue of yoga and cultural appropriation from a desi perspective, Roopa Bala Singh is a licensed attorney (NY State Bar) and faculty in Legal Studies and Civic Engagement at California State University, Monterey Bay. Roopa has been organizing around yoga, race, and culture since 2013 when she launched the first public panel discussions at UC Berkeley and the Brecht Forum (NY) featuring South Asian diasporic voices and teachers in yoga speaking out about racial, cultural, and commodification related tensions in U.S. industrialized yoga. Roopa is a founder of Critical Yoga Studies (CYS), which centers the study of race, and engages legal scholars who formed Critical Race Theory as well as indigenous writers who formed Indigenous Studies. (BA in Political Economy and Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh; JD, UC Berkeley School of Law, MA, Cinema - Tisch School of the Arts (NYU), PhD, Justice Studies, Arizona State University). @roopabalasingh (IG and Twitter); @roopadidi (TikTok)