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It’s Uncomplicated Podcast E7 – Good Old “Snail Mail.”

[audio mp3=""][/audio] Show transcript: Whether you’re sending customer statements, marketing brochures or critical patient information forms, you really can count on good old “snail mail.” Go ahead. Laugh. But there’s absolutely no question that traditional direct mail is still one of the most effective methods available to get your message to your audience. In fact, you can be sure nearly 100% of your correctly addressed...

Duration: 00:04:11

It’s Uncomplicated Podcast E6 – Are Your Labels in the Hands of a True Expert?

[audio mp3=""][/audio] Show transcript: Labels convey mission-critical information and that makes choosing a label supplier mission-critical too. How do you make sure you’ve chosen a vendor that can not only support your program, but actually improve it? You might try throwing them a curve ball to see if they can hit a home run. Find out if your label supplier is a true expert based on their response to these five “foul...

Duration: 00:04:57

It’s Uncomplicated Podcast E5 – 10 Strategies to Make Sure Your Direct Marketing Cuts Through the Clutter

[audio mp3=""][/audio] Show transcript: Suppose you’re headed to a big trade show. Two days before the show you get an email from an exhibitor. There’s a photo of a nice laptop bag and if you’re one of the first 50 visitors to their booth you can take one home. Would you take a minute to stop by? Or perhaps you receive a postcard from a local food bank with pictures and quotes from real people who have been helped by your...

Duration: 00:04:39

It’s Uncomplicated Podcast E4 – Tips for Foolproof Print Files

[audio mp3=""][/audio] Show transcript: Imagine this. You put your heart and soul into designing a brochure…the perfect design, images, colors and fonts. You checked and rechecked the design file to make sure everything was just as you planned because this one needs to be perfect. There’s a lot riding on it. And you’ve had print projects mysteriously altered somewhere during the prepress process before. When you looked at...

Duration: 00:05:46

It’s Uncomplicated Podcast E3 – Digital Print: The Right Choice? plus Does G7 Really Matter?

[audio mp3=""][/audio] Show transcript: At Curtis 1000 we’re frequently asked, “Is digital printing the best option?” The answer is often yes, but the decision to use digital printing, or its older cousin offset lithography, really depends on the specifications of your project. Here are some basic guidelines for making that digital versus litho choice. • Quantity: Because digital printing doesn’t require lengthy set up...

Duration: 00:04:00

It’s Uncomplicated Podcast E2 – The Simple Truth About Online Ordering Systems

[audio mp3=""][/audio] Show transcript: Fact or Fiction? Branded Web-to-print ordering portals only make sense for very large companies with many locations. I’ll bust that myth right now. Sure, national companies with multiple locations will benefit from an online ordering site, but the truth is that Web-based ordering platforms make sense for organizations of all shapes and sizes…and many won’t cost you a dime unless...

Duration: 00:05:23

It’s Uncomplicated Podcast – Episode 1

The post It’s Uncomplicated Podcast – Episode 1 appeared first on Curtis1000.

Duration: 00:02:22