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DIBBcast - A Disney Podcast with a British accent.-logo

DIBBcast - A Disney Podcast with a British accent.

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Welcome to theDIBB's Disney Podcast. Brought to you by a small dedicated team of Disney loving Brits. This podcast has Disney from a British viewpoint. The DIBB Website's (The Disney Information Bulletin Board) slogan is Disney With A British Accent. Come and join us for a regular look at Disney from a Brits viewpoint.

Welcome to theDIBB's Disney Podcast. Brought to you by a small dedicated team of Disney loving Brits. This podcast has Disney from a British viewpoint. The DIBB Website's (The Disney Information Bulletin Board) slogan is Disney With A British Accent. Come and join us for a regular look at Disney from a Brits viewpoint.
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Welcome to theDIBB's Disney Podcast. Brought to you by a small dedicated team of Disney loving Brits. This podcast has Disney from a British viewpoint. The DIBB Website's (The Disney Information Bulletin Board) slogan is Disney With A British Accent. Come and join us for a regular look at Disney from a Brits viewpoint.






DIBBcast #183 - Mid December 2017 - Twas the night before DIBBcast

Rachel is hosting an evening in and seasonal offerings are doing the rounds. To share the food and drink, she is joined by Auntie Mel and Darth Jezza. They undo each little parcel in turn - news and rumours, the delights of Disneyland Paris at Christmas, Advent Calendar surprises and Fun Day frolics. Lots of party elements to enjoy. A very Merry Christmas to all our listeners.

Duration: 01:06:35

DIBBcast #182 - 1st December 2017 - We need a Disney Christmas now!

It's December and it's starting to feel like Christmas. The Grand Hall at DIBBcast Towers is sparkling with a festive tree and is festooned with garlands. Jeremy is the party leader accompanied by a bubbly Anna and a not so wide awake Geoff. There is loads in the Christmas stocking from Tron Cycle rides to new lands at Star Wars, new drinking facilities to discounts via Magic Bands and a whole heap more. Geoff solves a listener's music query and Anna flirts witha nre Marvel character. We...

Duration: 01:24:17

DIBBcast #181 - Mid November 2017 - Turkey (leg) trot

Over - rated snacks, especially those evil bird limbs, are on the Dibber's Corner list and talking of which, one tough old bird makes a return. Auntie Mel has a power cut and is reduced to candlelight in the North Wing, so Geoff re-appears to fill in on her behalf. Grant and Rachel help to "wheel" him back into things, looking at random refurbishments, Christmas cinematics, muridaen (look it up) merry makings, Coronado constructions and more. Geoff, in turn, takes us on a spooky trail...

Duration: 01:15:22

DIBBcast #180 - 1st November 2017 - When shall we three meet again?

Not a man in sight so our Glowtini Girls are totally in charge. Anna takes the helm and guides Mel and Rachel through a conjuring of demolitions, not so rapid falls, room service changes and Marvelous modifications. They have great feedback on a previous Bon VoyagEE, facts about the Fun Day and even a blast of Jeremy whizzes through on a whirlwind. Now the clocks have gone back, it's the perfect brew for a dark winter''s night.

Duration: 01:08:18

DIBBcast #179 - Mid October 2017 - Spooky goings on

There's a light over at Dibbcast-stein place! Jez has taken on a spectre's form and he is accompanied by the Arendelle apparitions of Anna and Rachel. It's one Spooktacular! Stitch is demoted, whilst the former Writer's Stop is now full of spirits! Blank cheques abound at Disneyland Paris as DIBBers run riot with wrecking balls. A Hocus Pocus brew awaits you in the cauldron.

Duration: 01:31:26

DIBBcast #178 - 1st October 2017 - Moana who? But I do know Selina Scott!

Auntie Mel takes the driving wheel for this one as she takes a Retro trip with Grant and Jeremy. Grant is really reminiscing and as he has been banned from referring to Judith Chalmers, he starts to wax lyrical about the Clothes Show. There's a rainy drive ahead whilst they discuss the right age for Disney. It's a rocky road of a show but they get to their destination with lots of laughs fueling the ride along the way.

Duration: 01:19:39

DIBBcast #177 - Mid September 2017 - Funnel Wedding Cake anybody?

Rachel, Rob and Mel take a slice of the Disney confections. There are tranches of giant Slinkies, Jedi junkets, towering projections, night time VIP tours and tricycle haunts - a real mixed bag of ingredients. Add a sprinkle of Dibbers' Corner and the cherry of Bon VoyagEEs and you have the perfect patisserie for this month.

Duration: 00:56:03

DIBBcast #176A - 2nd September 2017 - An Hour With Lou Mongello

In this one hour DIBBcast special Jeremy and Anna get to chat to an all time icon, Lou Mongello of WDW Radio. Favourite park food, rides and what he might ask Walt are all featured. Even the number of bricks in Cinderella castle get a mention! So sit back and enjoy.

Duration: 00:59:59

DIBBcast #176 - 1st September 2017 - Summer Isn't Summer

Grant heads up the team for this end of summer show aided and abetted by Auntie Mel and Jeremy. Anna reports on her recent trip to Disneyland Paris for the 25th Celebrations and how the spruce makeover at the Cheyenne Hotel has enlivened the rooms. The team reveal the DIBBcast Fun Day Out details for 2018 - An Alice in Wonderland tea party where you can all celebrate your "Unbirthdays"! There's Bon VoyagEEs galore to round off the proceedngs - who's for a cup of tea?

Duration: 01:12:00

DIBBcast #175 - Mid August 2017 - Chewbacca and Cocktails

Umbrellas, Wookies and booze. Is there anything they don't discuss? You DIBBers take us to your favourite resorts and Grant, Anna and Jeremy stroll the lobbies and grounds of them. It's all about location! They have a look at V.R. (geddit?) but only Jeremy is convinced of its merits for Star Wars. Still, there's always Jingle Bell Jingle Bam to cheer up everybody.

Duration: 01:16:49

DIBBcast #1745 - 1st August 2017 - Pimp my Gondola!

This Show is presented by the droid B B Bob (R Zero B) accompanied by a couple of Jawas - Anna and Jeremy. There's Magic and Star Wars everywhere! There is an in depth look at all the announcements that came out of the D23 Expo in California and Anna decides that a plain old cable car isn't for her and neither is Mission Space. Jeremy books up for a stay at the new Star Wars hotel whilst his colleagues flatly refuse to join in any Cosplay! It's the usual mayhem - enjoy!

Duration: 01:35:12

DIBBcast #173 - Mid July 2017 - Money saving Turkey Legs!

Rachel premieres as presenter and is joined by Mel and Grant as a familiar piece of music returns. It's not long before they are discussing food (what's new?) in the DIbbers' Corner feature and they invite DIBBcast-ears to share their hints and tips for saving money whilst on holiday. We still wants the Redhead becomes a theme during the news items and Grant is elated to discover he can get 25% extra when shopping whilst celebrating Bon VoyagEEs along the way. All, of course, with a...

Duration: 01:11:01

DIBBcast #172 - 1st July 2017 - Fun, Fundraising and Quintessentially Faffage

We are in Blackpool at the Pleasure Beach and when not covering ourselves in bruises on the various coasters, we are downing coffees, eating donuts and generally having a Grand Day Out. Of course, the day isn't complete without a "live" recording of our show where we discuss alcohol (nothing new there), more alcohol and Piratical photos. We learn of Rob's wig secrets, much to everyone's shock and we draw the top three prizes of the raffle. Somehow it all gels together. Share in the madness...

Duration: 01:15:07

DIBBcast #171 - Mid June 2017 - What a load of Muppets!

For the very first time Anna leads the show assisted by the Lord Admiral, the Duchess and Chewbacca - (Geoff, Mel and Jeremy). Goose poop features as do Dole Whips. We look at the closure of a loophole and also examine the niceties or not of onsite dining and its various plans. At one point we pass tissues around as we talk about Bambi. There are Gone and Bon VoyagEEs too. We also look forward to our Grand Day Out in Blackpool which, of course, will be with a British Accent.

Duration: 01:35:33

DIBBcast #170 - 1st June 2017 - Concrete floors, Le Parc B and Clacton High Street

He's back! Yes, Uncle Rob is at the helm for this one. He's joined by Grant, Anna & Rachel and boy, do they have fun? They ramble about Eurovision, to laminate or not, call up the spirits - alcoholic and ethereal and give us the lowdown on long lines at Pandora (not the jewellers!) and the new Marvel attraction at Disneyland's California Adventure. It's a DIBB cast potpourri and all with a British Accent.

Duration: 01:30:45

DIBBcast #169 - Mid May 2017 - Out of the mouths of Padawan babes

In a Galaxy far, far away our very own Obe-Wan Kenobe, Jeremy, interviews his two boys re Star Wars matters . Our Princess Leia better known as Mel joins a Darth Vader Grant and Padme Amidala Rachel to review the news and rumours, project Bon VoyagEE holo - messages and pilot the Death Star of DIBBcast Towers. It's all powered by a British Accent!

Duration: 01:14:34

DIBBcast #168 - 1st May 2017 - Doggone - Jeremy gives us the bird!

Well, this show is a real first. Jeremy totally floors Mel and Geoff with his knowledge about a flame coloured fowl. Add Blair and Charlie into the crazy proceedings and we are all in the dog house. Not making any sense of this - well, you'll just have to listen. Geoff takes us on an Oriental voyage amongst the news and gossip and several Bon VoyagEEs add to this bizarre mix - all with a British accent!

Duration: 01:00:21

DIBBcast #167 - Mid April 2017 - We have you cornered!

Anna & Rachel get together with Geoff for the mid month show and start by discussing the amazing celebration spectacle that Disneyland Paris put on for their actual 25th birthday. Moving onto news and rumours there's Jungle Cruise hunks, Halloween in August and soft body robots to survey amongst other things. Our Glowtini duo introduce a new feature to the show which you can be a part of - you will require a clean pair of shorts! We wrap things up with an in house Bon VoyagEE - Of course...

Duration: 01:03:14

DIBBcast #166 - 1st April 2017 - Parliamo Mousari?

Mel steers the ship for this DIBBcast with a motley crew of Jeremy, Rachel, Anna and Grant. Mel gets confused with her At Ats but is happy to pose with the Headless Horseman. Grant goes all Art Deco, Jeremy is turning Japanese whilst Anna and Rachel think they've been barred from eating at Disneyland Hotel at Paris. Also, its been a while since we linked up with our friends across the pond at Mousechat so there is a fair bit to catch up on. All with a British and an American accent.

Duration: 01:46:44

DIBBcast #165 - Mid March 2017 - We are your hosts...your Ghost Hosts

Jeremy & Geoff have the reins for this show. They look at new attractions at Disney and Universal exploring things watery and blue! They share listeners' Magical Moments and those special times at the parks. Geoff takes a walk back in time through the Haunted Mansion delighting its No 1 fan - Jeremy! News and rumours, Bon VoyagEEs, Raffles and Grand Day Out - a mixed bag of fun and all with a British Accent!

Duration: 01:03:13

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