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DW Language Course: Warum Nicht 2

DW Germany

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Raderbergg, Germany


DW Germany


This language course, divided into four parts, tells the story of the journalism student Andreas and his invisible ex.




Chapter 01 - Who are you?

Chapter 02 - What can I do for you?

Chapter 03 - It is very central

Chapter 04 - Impossible!

Chapter 05 - A bus can’t be charming!

Chapter 06 - Perhaps she needs help?

Chapter 07 - My plane leaves at nine o’clock

Chapter 08 - You shouldn’t do that!

Chapter 09 - Bananas for me!

Chapter 10 - You always want to know everything

Chapter 11 - How about going to the theatre?

Chapter 13 - Have you got it in black?

Chapter 14 - It’s said to be very interesting

Chapter 15 - A man by the name of Mack the Knife

Chapter 17 - Where does the name "Aachen" come from?

Chapter 16 - Somebody heard that

Chapter 18 - He told me that

Chapter 19 - How do you speak to an emperor?

Chapter 20 - I’ve booked a room

Chapter 21 - How do I get to the post office?

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