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"East Side" Dave McDonald (of Sirius XM Satellite Radio) and friends dominate the airwaves with this hugely popular show that discusses sports, movies, and pop culture with passion and irreverence! You've NEVER heard a sports show like this before!




The FINAL Episode! 12/22/15

It's the last hoorah, the Series Finale, the final episode of The Davey Mac Sports Program! We discuss: the history of the show, some great moments, plenty of insane incidents, and more! We give our thank you's! Have a few, last, surprise guests stop by! And bid you a fond farewell! Thank you for listening! This has been...the Davey Mac Sports Program! Goodbye!

The Penultimate (Second-To-Last) Show! 12/14/15

It's the second-to-final episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program...we list some more of our favorite (and least favorite) parts of the show, we also throw out accusations and evilness at each other, we thank some people, oh...and a little football is discussed! It's an historic episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program! Listen NOW!

The Third To Final Episode! 12/08/15

It's our third to final episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program, we reminisce, we talk the turkey, we sucky the ducky, we ticky the tacky...sorry...this is getting silly...we also discuss the NFL. Check out this awesome episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

The Fourth To Last Show! 12/02/15

Tom Brady and the Patriots choke like dawgs, Dave Man and Sean O called the Packers losing on Thanksgiving, Dave's Anthony Cumia Show appearance, the Irish Cobra, other #DMSP bits sold off, Who Is Stealing Dave's Phrase "Dogsie", and MORE madness of the fourth to final episode of the DAVEY MAC SPORTS PROGRAM!

Happy Thanksgiving Episode! 11/24/15

It's the final Davey Mac Sports Program Thanksgiving Spectacular, Dave broke his finger today, the State of the NFL, the Golden State Warriors, Dave's special appearance tomorrow, Johnny Football, and more awesomeness of this wonderful episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program! And Happy Thanksgiving, DavePound!

The Sports Clock Is Ticking! 11/19/15

More chatter on "The Announcement" made by Dave last week, NFL madness, Olivia Munn, MLB awards, the East Side Dave Show, monsters who bite your feet, tasty things, tasty monsters, things on your feet, weirdness, murder mysteries, and MORE fun on this fantastic episode of the DAVEY MAC SPORTS PROGRAM!

Big Announcement Episode! 11/12/15

A big announcement is made by Dave, the NFL, MLB Hall of Fame candidates, people taunting dogs, what if elves were real, Dave sets up his Christmas decorations already, balloon animals that come to life, poison and LSD, and MORE fantasticness on this amazing episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

Yoda Would Be Proud Of Us. 11/04/15

We discuss Yoda's Theme, the World Series, anger, fights, misconduct, the NFL, and MORE awesomeness on this fantastic episode of the DAVEY MAC SPORTS PROGRAM!

The Fall Classic Special! 10/28/15

The World Series is covered by your favorite sports show, plus NFL, Inno Centius, Australian Madness, emails, insanity, LSD, murder, and MORE spectacularness on this amazing episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

October Rocktober! 10/21/15

October rocks, dosgie, with the MLB Postseason; Mets Vs. Cubs; Royals Vs. Blue Jays; Louisville Sex Scandal; Dragons; the NFL; the Millennium Falcon; Monday Night Football and Star Wars; Lunatics; Sleep Deprivation; the CIA mind control experiments; sports; Weirdos; and MORE on this awesome episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

Tonight Is The Epitome Of Awesome! 10/14/15

This Blue Jays/Rangers Game is awesome. And the #DMSP brings you the legendary, infamous, controversial, amazing seventh inning LIVE. Plus, we talk the football, the Lamar Odom, other Game 5's in MLB, madness, Bruce Springsteen, Special Guest Jimmy Failla, Flutesy, Nonsense, Star Wars Rebels, East Side Dave Is Crazy, and MORE! All this on an EPIC Davey Mac Sports Program!

Game Of Sports 10/07/15

MLB Wild Card Games and Playoff review, the Mother of Dragons, NFL Week 4 Madness, The Stark Family, A-Rod, White-Walkers, terribleness, fear, joy, plot twists, backstabbing, and more heart-pumping action on this fantastic episode of the award-winning Davey Mac Sports Program!

The Sports Master Rises! 09/30/15

Week 3 of the NFL season, MLB Playoff Porgnostications, Davey Mac's appearance with Ron Bennington on the Anthony Cumia Show, Derrick "Graham Cracker Bones" Rose, A-Rod, Tom brady, The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show, dragons, evilness, insanity, and MORE goodness on this wonderful episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

It Ain't Over Until You Die. 09/23/15

RIP Yogi Berra, NFL Week Two Recap, Poisonous Animals, The Giants Live In Meltdown City, Illegal Activities, My Head Hurts, Does Anyone Have Any Ibuprofen, I'd Be Willing To Pay You Two Bucks For Four Ibuprofens, Tickling People, And MORE greatness on this dynamic episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

Sports Will Crush You. 09/15/15

The Return of the NFL, the New York Giants disaster, Tom Brady, Rex Ryan, dinosaurs, killer whales, Notre Dame, the government sometimes controls your mind with online radio show descriptions, the Yankees, Tim Tebow, the moon-landing was not real tell your friends this is the government talking, the Amazing Mets, the moon-landing WAS real but the government would have you believe that it wasn't so as to cover up the fact that they found aliens up there this is Dave talking, Jay Cutler, the...

Cheaters Never Win...Well...Sometimes They Do! 09/09/15

The Tom Brady Vs. Roger Goodell Vs. Judge Berman Nonsense, Serena Williams, NFL Kickoff, MLB Insanity, Dean Ambrose, The Lunatic Fringe, Asteroids, Evilness, Magic, Teeth, Now We're Just Listing Things To See If You're Paying Attention, Nerf Products, and MORE awesomeness on this fantastic episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

Revenge Of The Sportsman! 09/02/15

Dave battles his neighbor, Gabey Baby has a celebrity encounter, A-Rod is a Sith Lord, the U.S. Open begins, Tom Brady leave us alone, Michael Vick once was bad to dogs, the Little League World Series is rigged, and MORE wonderful insanity on this incredible episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

Return Of The Gimp 08/27/15

RIP Darrell Dawkins, Tom Brady and Roger Goodell stink, the Gimp goes shirtless, ACDC, Cris Carter is insane, Jon Stewart hits John Cena, Michael Vick, Stanny Mac, lunacy, mystery, and excellency on this remarkable episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

The Greatest Episode Of All Time Episode! 08/19/15

We rule hard! Also: Dave's appearance on the Anthony Cumia Show, Force Friday, RGIII, LeBron, Tom Brady, Madness, Birds, Tic-Tacs, Rex Ryan, Lunacy, Skee Ball, Drugs, Game Shows, and MORE Fun-ness on this wonderful episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

Summertime Special Davey Mac Style! 08/12/15

Summertime Special, SkinnyMan Studios 2.0 update, Davey Mac on the Anthony Cumia Show on August 13th, MLB, the Yankees, Ronda Rousey, Porkins, TIE-Fighters, Deadliest Catch, Tom Brady, The Jets Suckerpunch, aliens, mischief, and MORE wonderful awesomeness on this amazing episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!
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