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The programme contains all of these features: positive and encouraging contemporary Christian and Gospel music , speech which is culturally relevant to the audience, material that enables God’s Word to be clearly understood and speech that allows God's free samples of faith, hope and love to be heard over the airwaves in order to change lives for good.

The programme contains all of these features: positive and encouraging contemporary Christian and Gospel music , speech which is culturally relevant to the audience, material that enables God’s Word to be clearly understood and speech that allows God's free samples of faith, hope and love to be heard over the airwaves in order to change lives for good.
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Fairfield, IA


The programme contains all of these features: positive and encouraging contemporary Christian and Gospel music , speech which is culturally relevant to the audience, material that enables God’s Word to be clearly understood and speech that allows God's free samples of faith, hope and love to be heard over the airwaves in order to change lives for good.






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Charles Qualls: Promise or Warning?

What is the strangest thing anyone has ever asked you to do? What is the deepest commitment someone has asked you to make? Those are the kinds of questions that arise so naturally as we listen to this story from Mark's gospel today. There are other questions though. Why did Jesus use the words that He did? And, what exactly was He calling them to? A ministry was beginning in Galilee. Actually, it took Jesus coming back in from the wilderness to even start His kingdom work in a place as...

Duration: 00:25:16

Henry Brinton: Come and See

Riverside Methodist Church in Occoquan has a black Jesus. Pastor Harley Camden noticed it the first time he walked into the small sanctuary and looked up at the stained-glass window at the front of the church. At first, he thought that the glass was simply dirty, but as he moved closer, he realized that the window had been designed that way, with Jesus looking more like a Palestinian Jew than an English Methodist. Then he looked closer and saw the date on the lower right corner of the...

Duration: 00:25:59

Patrick Keen: Taking Baptism Seriously

As we come together to consider the actions of Jesus submitting to the baptism being offered by John the Baptist, I would like for us to first do a word study to help us in the discerning of what this thing called baptism is, and what role our baptism plays in the believer's faith and life. As we look in the Greek/English Lexicon of the New Testament based on Semantic Domains, we find the word Baptizmo/Baptism or Baptize in domain 53. This domain of words covers "Religious Activities."...

Duration: 00:27:21

Ernest Brooks: It Takes a Village

The Gospel lesson for this first Sunday of the liturgical season of Christmas draws our attention to two elders of Jesus' village: Simeon and Anna. They are the wise ones, the Griots, the prophets, the sages, the keepers of the gate, the mediums who serve as the connective tissue between the unrealized hopes and dreams of yesterday, the blessings and challenges of today and the promises for a brighter tomorrow. These are the persons who spoke over and into the Jesus' life by recognizing...

Duration: 00:29:37

Susan Sparks: Sun Mo Manger

"There's no room here, or at the Holiday Inn, the Days Inn, or the C'mon Inn," the desk clerk said, shaking his head. "The Shriners have a gathering downtown, the Mary Kay convention is at the Coliseum, and there's a quilt show at the Marriott." This was not welcome news. It was a cold, autumn night in Bismarck, N.D. My husband Toby and I had just finished a four-hundred-mile motorcycle ride from Wisconsin across Minnesota into North Dakota. "Please ... really ... we'll take anything," I...

Duration: 00:28:11

Michael Brown: The Hard Work of Making Life Right

Last Sunday on this program we spent some time with Isaiah. Let's go back there again today - but not to the same Isaiah as last week because, as you know, there were at least three writers (and probably more than that) who over a long stretch of years all wrote using the pen name of Isaiah. The book itself is actually more-or-less three books that are related to one another. Last week we read a passage written to Hebrew people living in exile in Babylon. It came from the 40th chapter of...

Duration: 00:25:35

Bob Baggott: Apocalypse, Not Now

Today, on this first Sunday of Advent, instead of angels bringing tidings of great joy to all the people, the lectionary asks us to consider the end of the world. Now, to be honest, that's a topic most preachers from my tradition would rather save for a Sunday in the middle of July, when the crowds are light, the service is shorter, and we just happen to be on vacation in the mountains of Colorado with no internet or cell service for a month. But, alas, there's no hiding from it today. The...

Duration: 00:29:09

Casey Baggott: Making It Matter

According to one online dictionary, responsibility is defined as "a duty or obligation to satisfactorily perform or complete a task (assigned by someone, or created by one's own promise or circumstances) that one must fulfill, and which has a consequent penalty for failure."[i] Responsibility. I don't know about you, but growing up I had some fairly unpleasant associations with that word. I was responsible for taking the garbage out. I was responsible for walking the dog and cleaning up...

Duration: 00:25:35

Tripp Martin: A Pin Drop

As a boy, I remember opening a brand-new pair of "walkie talkies," and after getting several double AA batteries, my brother and I ran immediately to opposite sides of the house. One of us found a door to hide behind, and the other ducked down behind a chair. We turned on the "walkie talkies," imagining we were on some sort of secret mission to save the world. My brother might have said, "This is Eagle 1. This is Eagle 1. Can you hear me? Over! Apparently, you have to have a really good...

Duration: 00:27:12

Paul Tellstrom: Bring Her, Bring Him

All Saints Day allows us a very personal way to talk about the present and the future by talking about the past. Who are we? Who do we want to be? Those saints from our past give us a way of talking about where we are and where we are headed. Today, you are invited to bring someone (or "someones") with you to this place. There simply isn't enough seating for the hospitality we need to provide this morning. Saints. They are with us; singing and praying, praising and compassionate,...

Duration: 00:25:34

Bishop Elizabeth Eaton: Truth and Dare

Ah, Reformation Sunday! Time to celebrate everything Lutheran. Let's bring out the red vestments and paraments. Bring on the extra brass. Fire up the choir. Sing the fight song (A Mighty Fortress), and the Reformation scripture texts! All of our favorites...all speaking our language. Jeremiah 31? The law will be written directly on our hearts - no need for intermediaries - we're Lutherans, we bypass all that static and go directly to God. Romans 3? We're justified by faith...we don't get...

Duration: 00:22:39

Eric Shafer: You're Gonna Have to Serve Somebody

Reading this week's Gospel lesson from St. Matthew, I kept hearing Bob Dylan's song, "Gotta Serve Somebody," in my head: You may be an ambassador to England or France, You may like to gamble, you might like to dance, You may be the heavyweight champion of the world, You may be a socialite with a long string of pearls. But you're gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed, You're gonna have to serve somebody. It may be the devil or it may be the Lord, But you're gonna have to serve somebody....

Duration: 00:23:41

Tim Boggess: Why You Will Join the Wrong Church

In his essay on the state of the modern American marriage, the philosopher Alain de Botton wastes no time in getting to the point: It's one of those things we are most afraid might happen to us. We go to great lengths to avoid it. And yet we do it all the same: We marry the wrong person.[1] Ouch. No one wants to hear that. Especially not a couple standing at the altar about to take the leap into holy matrimony. Which is precisely where I've been using it lately. All I can say is it's a...

Duration: 00:25:41

Gordon Stewart: Two Universities: Paris and Liberty

In this audio feature, the Rev. Gordon Stewart compares Thomas Aquinas' experience at Paris University with today's Liberty University. From Gordon's Book, BE STILL! Departures from Collective Madness. Amazon link.Endorsed by Walter Brueggemann, Frank Yamada, Lucy Forster-Smith, and others.

Duration: 00:04:31

Will Willimon: One in Christ

Driving down to Atlanta to record this sermon for Day 1, I thought of the very first church I served. I was a student at Emory at the time. I drove out to the church on Saturday to meet with the lay leader. He met me at the little one room church, then named, "Friendship Methodist Church" (That's a misnomer if ever there were one!). I got there before my host so I thought I'd go in the church and look around. But I was surprised by a big padlock and chain barring the front door. When the...

Duration: 00:28:11

Malcolm Young: Gospel for the Superfluous

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a long line of people. Far ahead, out of sight on the other side of a hill lies the American dream. You seem pretty far back, but it is scary how many people are behind you. Mostly they are people of color without college degrees. In principle you wish them well, but you have waited a long time and worked many hours to get here. You don't complain but you have been exposed to dangerous work conditions. Your body is worn out. Your pension was cut....

Duration: 00:31:08

Fairfax Fair: Choosing to Be Captive or Free

The phone call came out of the blue. The men on the call, men whose son and daughter were married to one another, were cordial but not buddies, not pals. They lived in different towns: they led separate lives. If not for their young adult children, they never would have known one another. Jack initiated the call. His son was still just a boy. Yes, he was married. True, he could buy a beer, vote, and legally sign a contract, but he really was still just a boy, still growing up, still...

Duration: 00:25:07

Rob Lee: Nevertheless, She Persisted

I am surrounded by strong and empowered women. My grandmother was president of the North Carolina Garden Club and has mingled with the likes of British royalty. My mom has her doctorate in nursing practice and my wife Stephanie is a force to be reckoned with in her own right. One of my closest friends is a woman named Palmer, who I'm certain be bishop as soon as she's out of seminary. All these women have shown me that while I may not always fully understand the persistence that women have...

Duration: 00:29:56

Monty Knight: The Sacred Sound of Silence

In the 19th Chapter of I Kings, the ancient Hebrew prophet, Elijah, is having a proverbial "nervous breakdown." He's depressed. So depressed, in fact, he wants to die. "It is enough," Elijah wails, "O Lord, now take away my life." (v.4) Perhaps you've heard this plaintive lament sung by the baritone soloist in the oratorio by Felix Mendelsohn, a marvelous musical composition that bears Elijah's name. In the previous chapter of this portion of Hebrew scripture, which is set in the 9th...

Duration: 00:28:27

Eric Barreto: In the Beginning and In the End

In the beginning, God created the world. In the beginning, God drew order out of chaos. In the beginning, God breathed life into every living creature. In the beginning, God crafted and made the world. In contrast, it seems like we as a people want to tell a very different story. It sometimes seems we are committed to leading the world back into chaos, that we would rather commit ourselves to recreating the world in our distorted image: an image punctuated by pollution and war and...

Duration: 00:27:17

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