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A podcast that features discussion of all things Hard Rock & Heavy Metal from the 1960's through today. Year in Review Shows, Top 5 Discussions, Radio Sucks Radio Shows and interviews with members of KISS, Alice Cooper, Ugly Kid Joe, Armored Saint, WASP, Great White, Vixen, Killer Dwarfs and many, many more!

A podcast that features discussion of all things Hard Rock & Heavy Metal from the 1960's through today. Year in Review Shows, Top 5 Discussions, Radio Sucks Radio Shows and interviews with members of KISS, Alice Cooper, Ugly Kid Joe, Armored Saint, WASP, Great White, Vixen, Killer Dwarfs and many, many more!
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A podcast that features discussion of all things Hard Rock & Heavy Metal from the 1960's through today. Year in Review Shows, Top 5 Discussions, Radio Sucks Radio Shows and interviews with members of KISS, Alice Cooper, Ugly Kid Joe, Armored Saint, WASP, Great White, Vixen, Killer Dwarfs and many, many more!




Radio Sucks Radio Show v32 - Ep312

We're back this week with more killer rock tracks and talk with Radio Sucks Radio Show v32! If you are new to the podcast, this particular format is easy to explain. Radio sucks and has for a long time. The limited amount of artists coupled with the limited amount of songs by those artists makes radio a frustrating experience. Additionally, the ignorance of new material by classic artists makes no sense at all. Do we really need to hear Rock n Roll All Nite again? [caption...


More Rare Hare with Tyson Leslie - Ep311

Vixen keyboardist and friend of the show Tyson Leslie returns for More Rare Hare. Now in it's sixth installment, the Rare Hare series of concerts have become a favorite of Nashville concert-goers. Incredible players from across the board perform deep cuts and favorites from the heady days of the 80's. Moreover, the playing is coming from members of some of your favorite bands. [caption id="attachment_36186" align="alignright" width="350"] More Rare Hare [/caption] In this long form talk,...


Miley, Daft Punk, Roxette, and More Go Metal - Bizarro Covers ep310

In an ongoing quest to make you question your sanity, we're back this week with Bizarro Covers. The concept is simple; hard rock and metal bands covering songs that are anything but. After doing 7 previous volumes of this theme, we had our work cut out for us. We think you'll enjoy the results. Who doesn't want to hear heavier versions of Miley Cyrus, Daft Punk, Roxette, Neil Young, and many more? [caption id="attachment_35947" align="alignright" width="350"] Bizarro...


Vinnie Vincent Reaction - Ep309

We're back this week to share our reaction to last weekend's return of Vinnie Vincent! The Atlanta KISS Expo brought back the elusive Ankh Warrior, Vinnie Vincent to the delight of KISS fans everywhere. We had an eventful weekend and you'll hear about it all this week. Additionally, you'll hear our take on the return of Vinnie as well as our hopes for the future. [caption id="attachment_35721" align="alignright" width="350"] Vinnie Vincent Reaction [/caption] We went into the weekend...


Top 5 Vinnie Vincent Solos - Ep308

The Countdown to Vindication is on as we share our Top 5 Vinnie Vincent Solos! Additionally, we're sharing our thoughts on the Atlanta KISS Expo which is just days away. It's been over twenty years since Vinnie has appeared in public and this week he's doing it in a big way. The now-sold out Atlanta KISS Expo is sure to be a real experience for KISS and Vinnie fans. What has he been up to? What are his plans for the future? Moreover, did he save his former employers? Top 5 Vinnie...


What Rocked in 2017? We Answer! - Best of 2017 ep307

If you think Rock is dead, then we have three hours of audio that prove you wrong. The Best of 2017 features twenty songs from the best Rock and Metal albums released over the past year. We've selected our top 10 albums and are going to spin tracks from each in a 3-hour marathon episode. Additionally, you'll get discussion on some the events that made 2017 a banner year for Decibel Geek. [caption id="attachment_35287" align="alignright" width="350"] Best of 2017 [/caption] Several...


Hello Oasis, Goodbye Ramones, and Welcome Back Van Halen (Sorta) - 1996 Year in Review Pt2 Ep306

We're back this week to tackle July through December for our 1996 Year in Review Pt2. July sees Layne Staley taking the stage for the last time. The Alice in Chains vocalist would overdose after a show in Kansas City, MO and never perform live again. Also in July, the Spice Girls hit big while scientists clone the first sheep. We're not saying there's a connection. We also aren't saying there isn't one. We discuss these stories and spin tunes from Jack Russell and Sublime. The month of...


Unabomber Caught, KISS Reunite, and Beatles Galore! - 1996 Year in Review Pt1

This week we look at 1996, a year that celebrated the past while looking to the future. In part 1, we dig into the first half of 1996; and it was a busy six months. January includes stories on the evils of Alternative Rock and near fatal incidents involving some big name celebrities. Additionally, it included new releases from ACCEPT and Mr. Big. We head into February of 1996 by discussing some fantastic rock releases. It was a month that included fresh material from Bad Religion and ...


Six Songs Perry Richardson Thinks You Should Hear - Ep304

Stryper bassist Perry Richardson returns to Decibel Geek this week to discuss his new gig and spin some great songs. In this episode, you'll hear details on the circumstances that led to Perry landing the gig as well as future plans for the band. Additionally, Perry spins Six Songs that have a personal meaning to him. The stories that go along with his choices are, as expected, entertaining. Perry Richardson In this Six Songs episode, Perry Richardson spins tracks by artists such as...


We Spin Some Killer Bonus Tracks! - Ep303

DBG VIP and host of the Damn Good Movie Memories Podcast, Brian Davis joins the guys to spin and discuss some of their favorite Bonus Tracks! Any true Decibel Geek knows that some true gold can be found on import and expanded versions of albums. Average music listeners may chalk them up as throwaways but we know better! Bonus Tracks In this two-hour episode, the guys take turns showcasing some of their favorite bonus tracks released over the years. In this jam packed music and...


Those Hosers are Fired

The guys are back this week after realizing their Canadian friends were too busy with their own podcast to cover their normal Thanksgiving duties. For five years, Rich "Meister" Dillon and Wally "Gator" Norton devotedly filled in on the last week of Thanksgiving so Chris and Aaron could enjoy time with their families and celebrate their holiday. However, this year the calls and emails went unanswered and the guys were forced to go back out and knock out an episode. The wives are none too...


Mystery Box - Ep301

When Chris shows up with a box covered in question marks and filled with a wide variety of music, it makes for an interesting episode. After winning a box full of great music at the Nashville Rock n Pod Expo courtesy of the Rock Strikes Ten podcast, the guys decide to pick some of their favorite tunes from the Mystery Box for play this week. If you haven't heard of Rock Strikes Ten, you're missing out. Host Joey Haynie spins ten songs that span numerous genres and educates you at the same...


300 A History and Look Forward - Ep300

Chris and Aaron celebrate episode 300 with a discussion of the history of Decibel Geek. In this long-form talk, the guys talk about the circumstances that led to the creation of the podcast, how they met, and reminisce on a number of notable moments. Reflecting on past episodes, the guys also give their own, personal Top 5 list of episodes while also reading listener lists. The guys also announce some plans for the future of the show while a number of listeners and fellow podcasters also...


Rock n Roll Conspiracies - Ep299

The guys return this week with a different type of episode as they discuss Rock n Roll Conspiracies. Joined by guest Casey Conspiracy, Chris and Aaron dig into some of the more high profile conspiracy theories related to the history of rock n roll; with some tangents thrown in for good measure. Topics include Paul is Dead, Jim Morrison and Elvis Alive, Nirvana 9/11, Kurt Cobain Murdered, Ace Frehley's UFO experience, the PMRC, and more. We hope you ENJOY Rock n Roll Conspiracies and SHARE...


Six Songs Toddzilla Thinks You Should Hear

Nashville music scene legend and dear friend of the show Todd Austin returns for Six Songs Toddzilla Thinks You Should Hear. If you are new to the show and unfamiliar with Toddzilla, be sure to familiarize yourself with his first two appearances on Decibel Geek. His first appearance, Roth-Era Van Halen Discussion, introduced the listeners to a master storyteller. Todd's memories of growing up a Van Halen fan in the late 70's and his hilarious stories of seeing the band live made him an...


Chicago Rock - Ep297

DBG VIP and past guest Joe Becht joins the guys this week for a talk about Chicago Rock. The Windy City may be steeped in jazz and blues history but it would be foolish to sleep on its contributions to the history of rock music. In this long-form music and discussion episode, Joe shares his memories of growing up in Chicago, his experiences at different city venues and how a number of great rock acts (well known and little-known) have made a remarkable imprint on his life today. Chicago...


Vinnie Vincent Discussion

Chris & Aaron return this week for a Vinnie Vincent Discussion. With the internet ablaze in excitement for the upcoming Atlanta KISS Expo that will feature the ankh warrior as special guest, the guys thought it would be fun to discuss Vinnie's history. In this long-form discussion your hosts talk about Vinnie's early years. Born into a musical family in Bridgeport, CT; Vincent John Cusano took to the guitar at a very early age. In this Vinnie Vincent Discussion, Chris and Aaron talk about...


Radio Sucks Radio Show v31 - Ep295

DBG VIP and host of Digital Killed the Radio Star podcast David Hudson joins the guys this week for Radio Sucks Radio Show v31. David was a supporter of the recent Rock n Pod Expo in Nashville. When asked for a desired show theme, Radio Sucks was his choice and this one is packed with great tracks. In this long-form music and discussion show you'll get tracks from Warrant, Tora Tora, Poison, Gaslight Anthem, RATT, Roxy Blue, Scorpions, Dream Theater, Skid Row, and Motley Crue. Radio...


Producer Panel with Michael Wagener and Toby Wright - ep294

This week we present a live recording of the Producer Panel with Michael Wagener and Toby Wright. This panel discussion, recorded on stage at the Nashville Rock n Pod Expo, has the two legendary producers sharing stories that span their career, recounting some of their favorite recording moments, and some discussion on the current state of recording today. Artists from throughout their career are discussed including Warrant, Skid Row, Alice in Chains, KISS, Dokken, Denman and...


Conversation with Sandy Gennaro - Ep293

Sandy Gennaro joins the guys this week for a career spanning discussion that goes deeper than just the music. Sandy has toured and/or recorded with: Blackjack, Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Bo Diddley, Johnny Winter, The Monkees, Joe Lynn Turner, Michael Bolton, Benny Mardones, Craaft, The Mamas and Papas and Jon Paris. He has recorded several Top 10 singles and has performed for for over a billion fans spanning his 50 year career. [caption id="attachment_31395"...


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