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"Digital" Dj Vic Originally from Brooklyn, New York I got started Dj ing in the late 80's at the early age of 13 and by the 90's I was old enough to play in some clubs. I was perfecting my craft when this new sound called HOUSE music came around and that was it I was hooked. I moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1993 and got involved in its club scene and thats where I met Nader. He was an up and coming DJ and reminded me a lot of how I got started and we became friends and started doing some gigs together. At the time there were only a couple of us playing good HOUSE music. 20 Years later we are now doing a podcast on ITunes called CLUB N V GlobalCast and our fan base and followers are growing fast. We love what we do and are making are way into producing new House music based on what got us hooked on it in the 1st place. Some of my personal favorite DJ's/producers I look at that I aspire to be like are Todd Terry, David Morales, and Louie Vega and former Phoenix giant Markus Schulz.






Essence Mix -125 - SPECIAL EDITION - W/ Chicago Ledgend Paul Johnson

This set was recorded out at the LIFTED party in Chandler Arizona with Special Guest Paul Johnson all the way in from Chicago. Paul played both Friday and Saturday nights here and I got the open the day up with this fantasic set I recorded on the set so turn it up an enjoy. Pauls Set is one of the 1st truly soulful house sets on this entire podcast so with this episode we brign you something that will stand out from the rest ! Paul is about to embark on a world tour starting in October so we...

Duration: 02:12:21

Something for: ANALOG BKNY

...SPECIAL REQUEST SET... Come follow me and contact me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/digitaldjvic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/digital_dj_vic/?hl=en Find me on Twitter:https://twitter.com/CLUBNVAZ Official website of CLUB NV RADIO Http://www.clubnv.club http://tunein.com/radio/Digital-DJ-Vic-Essence-Of-House-p719823/ ( this podcast on tune in radio )

Duration: 02:14:53

Essence Mix - 124 - Deep & Groovie

Essence Mix 124 is here with a nice Deep & Groovie vibe. Lots of new bangers in this set laid down nicely for you guys. This set was an exclusive recording made for this podcast and not aired anywhere at the time it was recorded. Sit back and enjoy this one will certainly put you in the mood to put on your dancing shoes! Track Title Artist 1 Back To The Way (Original Mix) DJ PP, Jack Mood 2 Baby Talk (Original Mix) Cajmere 3 That Groove (Original) Cimieon, Marck Jamz 4 House Music (Original...

Duration: 02:24:09

Essence Mix - 122 - LABOR DAY WEEKEND 4 HR SET

This is the LABOR DAY WEEKEND House Party. Recorded this weekend on the Club NV Radio Essence Of House Radio Show. Solid 4 hrs of non stop banging house music. The 1st hr features brand new tracks released this September that I have no played before this show. Perfect sound track for the backyard BBQ and Pool parties. SO turn it up people. Also Starting next week the Essence Of House Live feed will be broadcast on the HOUSENATION.LIVE feed down in Australian so make sure to follow me on...

Duration: 04:11:18

Essence Mix - 121 - DEEP & TECHIE End Of August

This is the last set of August for this summer of 2017. We have had a lot of great music come out this summer and have played a lot of it throughout the last few sets. This one get dirty and hard with some killer banging tracks that will drive your speakers crazy. Turn this up and play it loud this set brings it big for 2 hours. Coming soon my latest release called New Love is an exclusive towards the end of the set! Enjoy Track Title Artist 1 Rough Rider Pete Dafeet 2 Rollin (Original Mix)...

Duration: 02:16:05

Essence Mix - 120 - Bad Mother F%^ker

This set is smoking hot. rammed with the latest releases for the 3rd week of August. This set was a spur of the moment set and I'm glad I decided to press record the night before the radio show. I recreated the set on the show the next day but changed the order and some tracks around. I really think this recording in the order it was done cant be any better. Some banging new tracks and a few exclusives in here Partial Track List: Track Title Artist 1 Think About Me (Chris Moody Remix)...

Duration: 02:06:10

Essence Mix - 119 - IBIZA Summer Sessions 2017 #5 - BEACH VIBES

The next installment of Essence Of House is here and it continues the IBIZA SUMMER SESSIONS segment of the podcast where I bring you the sound of the White Isle right here with some of the best music designed and engineered for IBIZA. This is the 1st time since the beginning of the podcast that I've done a 5th episode for the summer segment, this year we had so much good music that it just seemed fitting to keep it going and this one is suited for the BEACH CLUBS and Pool Parties for sure...

Duration: 02:19:13

Essence Mix - 118 - IBIZA Summer Sessions 2017 #4 - SIGNATURE SET

The last week of July and we end the month with this amazing set. Im calling it a signature set as this one really is the definition of Essence Of House and how you can expect me to throw it down be it in a club or live on the radio. This weeks show was recorded exclusively for the podcast not on this weeks live show so your getting it 1st hand... Turn it up and Enjoy this one is HOT HOT HOT 1 Raise (Victor Simonelli Piano Anthem Edit) Arthur Baker, Lati Kronlund, Darryl Pandy, Tata Vega,...

Duration: 02:11:20

Essence Mix - 117 - IBIZA Summer Sessions 2017 #3

Welcome back to Essence Of House. This is another massive set jammed with the newest tracks for the 3rd week of July. This set features new music from Luca Debonaire and a new exclusive release from Darren Deluca, the newest remix of Kym Syms Turn it up. Continuing the pace here for the IBIZA SUMMER Sessions here is #3 of this summers series. Track Title Artist 1 CAPTAIN HOLLYWOOD-MORE & MORE ( LUCA DEBONAIRE & KAIPPA SUMMER 2K17 MIX) 2 Perpetual Groove (Dennis Quin Remix) Roog, Leon...

Duration: 03:38:04

Essence Mix - 116 - IBIZA Summer Sessions 2017 #2

Continuing along with the Ibiza Summer Sessions this set includes some of the newest stuff out for the 2nd week of July This set was recorded live on the CLUB VN RADIO show on July 15th, the same day my new track KAOS was officially released and also later that night I played live here in Phoenix, Arizona at one of the top clubs Premiere house night. So, yes it was a pretty busy day, it was also a lot of fun. Enjoy this episode # 116 Come follow me and contact me on Facebook at:...

Duration: 02:08:00

Essence Mix - 115 - IBIZA Summer Sessions 2017 #1

Kicking off the IBIZA SUMMER SESSIONS segment for 2017 I bring you you this incredible 3 hour set banging with the latest tracks some of my favs and a ton of new ones Ive played here for the 1st time. Come follow me and contact me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/digitaldjvic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/digital_dj_vic/?hl=en Find me on Twitter:https://twitter.com/CLUBNVAZ Official website of CLUB NV RADIO Http://www.clubnv.club...

Duration: 03:17:08

Essence MIx - 114 - The 4th Of July Weekend Starter

This is the holiday weekend starter for the 4th of July. banging new tracks released this week all in the realm of what I really like to play. I made it a point to stay away from too much TECH house. I have been going way to techie in the last few sets not that thats all bad but I feel like its dictating my sound a little too much lately. This set was recorded live in the mix on my CLUBNV RADIO Essence Of House on Saturdays at 1pm MST here in AZ.. So lets get on with it and get into it...

Duration: 02:40:02

Essence Mix - 113 - Late Night Live Sessions

This mix is a bit more Tech House and was recorded Live on a special late night show on CLUB NV RADIO. I mixed it up with some stuff I havent played in a while as well as this set is full of tracks I just picked up this week for this special occasion. Artwork Track Title Artist 1 Set Me Free (C&C Music Factory Organ Club Mix) C&C Music Factory 2 Strings for Life (Club Mix) Hervé Presents Bloodline Eton Messy 3 Turn It Up (SanFranDisko Remix) Kym Sims 4 Bad Influence (Robert James Dark Mix)...

Duration: 03:11:46

Essence Mix - 112 - The Saturday Show

This is an Extended 3 hr set recorded Live Saturday 6-17-17 on CLUB NV RADIO. Banging set loaded with new tracks from the 3rd week of June. Here is the full set list.. you know what to do TURN IT UP AND PLAY IT LOUD. Special Thanks to everyone that cought the show live on CLUB NV RADIO as well as joined me live on Facebook during the video broadcast from the studio! Artwork Track Title Artist 1 When I Think Of You (LDN Calling NYC Remix) TWISM & B3RAO & RICK MARSHALL 2 Passion (Original...

Duration: 03:06:10

Essence Mix - 111 - JUNE BONUS SET

BONUS MIX SET Enjoy People Come follow me and contact me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/digitaldjvic Find me on Twitter:https://twitter.com/CLUBNVAZ Official website of CLUB NV RADIO Http://www.clubnv.club http://tunein.com/radio/Digital-DJ-Vic-Essence-Of-House-p719823/ ( this podcast on tune in radio )

Duration: 02:01:24

Essence MIx - 110 - "And Now For Something Completly Differant"

This is a slightly differant saound then normal a bit more edgier and deeper and maybe even more progressive sounding you can say. I hope you enjoy this one it was a lot of fun and I want to thank everyone that sat in on the live facebook feed as I recorded this one, the interaction was great as well to see new faces join in so Thank you all. This set includes new music from Kym Syms, East Meets West and my new track called KAOS that will be out soon on 4 Nations Records. Artwork Track...

Duration: 02:03:28

Essence Mix - 109 - SUMMER 2017 is HERE

This edition of Essence Of House includes the two new remixes of Kym Sims Turn It Up, A new track from myself called KAOS and Mamma Said from MDW, Raul Soto and DJ Rooster. Helping to suport these guys as they have all given me some really good feedback on this podcast and the radio shows so we got to spread the love and that's what this episode is all about Partial Track List below: Track Title Artist 1 Move with You (Original Mix) Rick Marshall 2 To the Top (Original Mix) Richmonde 3 Get...

Duration: 02:22:47

Essence Mix - 108 - THIS IS HOUSE MUSIC

Here we are at the end of May and just about ready for summer 2017. This is a banging 2 hr set loaded with some killer tracks to welcome the summer in. You know the drill Turn it up and Play it loud this is Essence Of House with "Digital" DJ Vic Track Title Artist 1 Free Your Mind (MK Mix) Geoffrey Williams, MK 2 Down Down (Original Mix) Alfred Azzetto 3 Whuup (RC Go Deepa Remix) Roland Clark, RC 4 Hot Reaction (I Need It Mix) Angelo Ferreri, Daniele Tignino 5 Keys To My House Full...

Duration: 02:23:45

Essence Mix - 107 - 5 HR set dedicated to Robert Miles (RIP)

This week we got some shocking news to the dance music world that Robert Miles had passed away at the early age of 47 years old. Robert Miles was known for his massive dance track called Children followed by One And One. Children took the club world by storm and just about every DJ I knew at the time were all playing it. Kicking off this set is a tribute mix to Robert Miles of that very track called Children, I threw it in as well a few hours in as well just to pay homage to Robert and his...

Duration: 04:56:54

Essence Mix - 106 - The Heat Of The City

Right before the summer things are heating up. New release coming to the City HEAT PRODUCTIONS label are previewed in this set along with a ton of new tracks. New Music From DJ Rooster, MDW and Raul Soto are included on here from thier MAMMA SAID EP. New tracks from EAST MEETS WEST annd Broken Glass Productions in Nyc. Come follow me and contact me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/digitaldjvic Find me on Twitter:https://twitter.com/CITYHEATPROD Official website of CLUB NV RADIO...

Duration: 01:51:18

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