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Anthony Frasier is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and community leader. The goal of Disruptor is to explore the daily habits, creative thinking, and little-known tactics behind the most inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders; so you can copy their success.




The Rarely Told Secrets To Networking

The most common business advice you will hear is “start networking.” Traditional advice would be to put on a suit, get some business cards, and start shaking hands. That works for most people, but that hardly worked for me. My idea of networking is “giving value.” Giving value is the best way to make sure every interaction you have with someone will get a return. No matter the situation.

Duration: 00:18:07

Creating Cover Stories With Forbes Senior Writer Alex Konrad

What it's like to talk to billionaires for a living? I met Alex Konrad a few months ago on my visit to Wall Street. I had no idea who Alex was, but I have seen and admired his work without really knowing his name. Alex has written the cover stories on many of the world's richest people featured in Forbes magazine. I told Alex I would love to have him speak to my community about journalism and the lessons he has learned interviewing so many titans. So I quickly fired up my laptop and...

Duration: 00:24:43

From Idea To Acquisition With Chinedu Echeruo

The first time I met Chinedu was in a coffee shop in New York City. We sat down and discussed ideas, but it wasn't a typical idea chat. Chinedu ran me through his process and it was fascinating to hear how detailed he was, he truly understood the customer for each product he was running me through. Chinedu is a master at bringing an idea to life, just look at what he was able to do with HopStop. In this interview, Chinedu takes us behind the scenes on how he was able to think of HopStop...

Duration: 00:29:17

How 'Love' Can Make You Billions With Tim Sanders

This week I sit down with multiple NY Times Bestselling author Tim Sanders. Tim wrote one of the first books I read on entrepreneurship called "Love Is The Killer App." We talk about the philosophy behind the book. Tim also takes us back in time and gives us tips on how we can be like Mark Cuban before he made his billions. Tim was there every step of the way. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:41:56

Hustle In Motion - Unreleased AT&T Podcast featuring Anthony Frasier

While i'm working on season 2 I decided to drop an unreleased podcast that features myself. This was recorded during the holiday 2015 with the team over at AT&T. ENjoy!

Duration: 00:48:47

5 Minute Gems - How To Stand Out

I go over what makes people stand out. I also talk about my reflections after releasing my book "Don't Dumb Down Your Greatness" available on Amazon now!

Duration: 00:07:07

5 Minute Gems - Personal Value Systems With Jason Mowatt

Anthony Frasier and Jason Mowatt discuss the importance of entrepreneurs having personal value systems.

Duration: 00:06:49

How To Think About Design With John Maeda

Design is more than pretty pictures. Today I speak with John Maeda, Design Partner at KPCB. John frequents the TED talk scene, and writes some pretty interesting books, so I wanted to get him on the podcast to break some of his insights down for me. Just how important is design in 2016? Show notes: http://anthonyfrasier.com/2016/02/how-to-think-about-design-with-john-maeda/

Duration: 00:34:11

How To Build A 200k Social Media Army With Alex Wolf

Instagram is the 'wild wild west', is what one of our past guests Ross Simmonds proclaimed. So I had to go get someone who has figured out the Instagram game, to come and school us on how to dominate it. Alex Wolf is the founder of BossBade Inc., a network of young business women online. Alex has built a dedicated and passionate tribe of over 200k women. BossBabe provides monthly training and master classes that help these women become business owners and self-aware. Full show notes &...

Duration: 00:38:59

How to Create a Business From Your Passion With Chris Guillebeau

Every young entrepreneur I meet is obsessed with living a life of financial freedom. They want to build a business around a passion, travel the world, and not have to worry about anything. Chris Guillebeau wrote a book for that type of dreamer called The $100 Startup. So I pinged Chris to be the first guest of my Disruptor podcast. Read the show notes at http://anthonyfrasier.com/2016/02/how-to-create-a-business-from-your-passion-with-chris-guillebeau/

Duration: 00:33:49