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Lee Rosen speaks to aspiring entrepreneurial and tenured law professionals on law practice management, marketing, technology and finance, increasing your revenues and helping you implement time saving changes.




Podcast: 11 Ways to Simplify Your Law Practice

Not long after I stepped into the fray as a solo, I had a conversation with a much more tenured lawyer. We stood outside the county courthouse and I watched a stream of people come and go from his newly renovated firm across the square. Where I saw model-worthy success, he expressed fatigue. With a tone that sounded, to my young ears, like ironic defeatism, he said, "If had it to do over again, I'd work out of my briefcase. I would have just done it all by myself." What I couldn't comprehend...

Duration: 00:15:09

Podcast: Your Vision is Fragile – How to Keep it Alive

I met with an ambitious lawyer. She was fired up about her firm and radiated enthusiasm. Nine months ago, she had coordinated a weekend retreat with her team. They brought in a consultant, had fun between serious goal sessions, and headed home a stronger unit. She loved the retreat and described it to me as powerful, positive and team-building. I think that's great stuff. It's impossible to achieve your vision if there isn't a defined, guided direction for everyone. But that dynamic weekend...

Duration: 00:18:20

Podcast: 16 Ways To Hold Onto Rockstar Employees

Once in a while, you stumble across the perfect employee. Every other hire before them pales in comparison. These people are your rockstars. Rockstar employees finish work faster than you can think of tasks to give them. When their to-do list is empty, they don't just sit around killing time - they create new work that propels your firm forward. While other employees feel owned by the business, rockstars act like they own your business. They don't just complete work, they find new ways to...

Duration: 00:23:24

Podcast: The Fast Track To Your Perfect Law Practice

Life is good. You aren't hurting for clients, you have a surplus of cash, and maybe even some happy associates. But growth is slow, and the stagnation is painful. You see others living your dream. You follow the experts, watch your role models and implement new strategies. You feel as though you've tried everything; in spite of it all, you never step any closer to success. The businesses you want to outpace all have one thing in common. Interested in learning their secret? Press play. Listen...

Duration: 00:09:23

Podcast: 2 Years A Nomad

My wife, Lisa, and I have been traveling and working from the road for over two years now; the experience only gets better with every new place we visit. Limited to a single carry-on bag, we move every few weeks to a new city or country or continent, settle into an Airbnb, and call it 'home.' Every destination delivers its own sense of excitement, adventure, and enlightenment. No amount of research (we were excessive) could have prepared us for the life we lead today. From communication...

Duration: 00:19:35

Podcast: 12 Ridiculously Simple Practice Tools

If there's a new app that catches my attention, I'm signing up for the trial. I get alerts for unreleased software, I subscribe to a multitude of newsletters, and I'm always on the hunt for something better than the tool I'm already using. I register for so many trials, I had to create a system that reminds me to cancel the ones I'm not using. Finding the tools that function like they promise and make work more efficient is exhausting; they number in the millions and are constantly evolving....

Duration: 00:20:01

Podcast: Is Your Foundation Crumbling?

Basic. The very word connotes dull boredom. Innovation–on the other hand–is enticing. Apps that promise increased sales, decreased payroll and happier clients steal our attention from the basics of business. We forgo the fundamentals that account for a majority of success in favor of the shiny and promising; that's marketing hard at work. Learn to control your appetite for diversion and focus on building a strong base. Listen in Browser | Download MP3 | Subscribe in iTunes

Duration: 00:07:46

Podcast: Constraints Are Beneficial

From childhood rules to syllable-confined haikus, life is full of constraints. Instinctively, we rebel against them. In my transition to nomadic life, I felt trapped by the tiny space of a carry-on. In court, time limits feel like detriments. In our law firms, revenue restricts our ambitious plans. Eventually, I learned that constraints are only as limiting as you perceive them. They force thoughtful consideration and creativity that will help you more than set you back. In this episode, I'm...

Duration: 00:20:33

Podcast: Is New Software Your Missing Piece to Success?

I grew up watching my father practice law. His office wasn't lit up with flashing routers and big screens. Websites, videoconferencing, and autoresponders weren't a part of his firm. But, even in the '70s, he had a practice-management system that consisted of folders, bankers boxes, and rolodexes. Despite his technological limitations, he knew the importance of organization and quick comprehension of information at a glance. He had no misconceptions that reams of paper would magically...

Duration: 00:13:23

Podcast: The Nature of Maintenance

Bad weather and a wet pair of shoes: together, they're the sort of thing that becomes a worry in nomadic life. I've got one pair of shoes to my name, and getting them wet makes me feel soggy. So, when I woke up to wetness outside my Airbnb window, I feared a sloshy day. To my relief, it wasn't rain at all. The city was out in full force, power-washing sidewalks and vacuuming debris. The complexity and organization required to maintain a city started cycling through my thoughts. Clean...

Duration: 00:16:40

Podcast: 11 Ways to Generate More Clients From Your Website

Your website is your law firm. It's the first and only impression you'll make on just about every could-have-been client. It doesn't matter how friendly your receptionist is or how skilled your associates are. If your website reflects poorly on you, no one will reach the point of meeting your stellar team. You don't need […]

Duration: 00:16:15

Podcast: When Do Your Systems Fall Apart?

Every morning, I head down to the hotel lobby, fill my breakfast plate, and start working. I stay there nibbling and observe the breakfast process from start to finish. I learn a lot about the way a hotel operates. One place in particular had a small crew. Every Monday, without fail, ants would converge on […]

Duration: 00:12:35

Podcast: How to Recover From the 14 Most Painful Moments

Despite all of your incredible victories, painful losses are lurking in the future. Sometimes, you’ll see them forming. Other times, they’ll smack you like a sucker punch to the jaw. Regardless of your preparedness—in typical lawyerly fashion—you put on your game face. No one will see you in a moment of weakness. And, with everyone […] The post - Podcast: How to Recover From the 14 Most Painful Moments - originally appeared on Divorce Discourse. Law practice management, marketing,...

Duration: 00:26:19

Podcast: 10 Tips for Getting More Great-Quality Clients

I didn’t leave law school a solo practitioner, but it wasn’t long before I had packed my box and printed new business cards. Under pressure to succeed, I took garbage cases. In my naïveté, something seemed better than nothing. I quickly learned that being busy with junk is no good for business, and my bank account […] The post - Podcast: 10 Tips for Getting More Great-Quality Clients - originally appeared on Divorce Discourse. Law practice management, marketing, technology from Lee Rosen.

Duration: 00:22:46

Podcast: What Do Your Clients Really Think?

The longer we wait for feedback, the more slowly we grow, and the more difficult it becomes for us to improve. As lawyers, we rarely receive immediate feedback from our clients. We often don’t have a clear sense of how things are going until the case is closed. That said, our inherent feedback delay doesn’t […] The post - Podcast: What Do Your Clients Really Think? - originally appeared on Divorce Discourse. Law practice management, marketing, technology from Lee Rosen.

Duration: 00:13:57

Podcast: Shifting From IN to ON

Like every lawyer, I did the service work. I enjoyed making a difference in my clients’ lives; it’s one of the reasons why I took the bar exam. But, for all the great clients, some drove me nuts. Some lawyers have the superpower to channel the aggravating moments into energy. Others—myself included—reach a point of wanting out. We discover […] The post - Podcast: Shifting From IN to ON - originally appeared on Divorce Discourse. Law practice management, marketing, technology from Lee Rosen.

Duration: 00:22:39

Podcast: Finding Business-Generating Associates

Finding reliable associates is tough. Hiring lawyers who can do great work and generate new business is even tougher. Sometimes we find young, ambitious lawyers and think we can mold them into loyal, revenue-generating associates. We train them, encourage them, and support them. Eventually, they become perfect. Life is good for a moment, until they […] The post - Podcast: Finding Business-Generating Associates - originally appeared on Divorce Discourse. Law practice management, marketing,...

Duration: 00:16:56

Podcast: Google AdWords is Crushing Your Law Firm

Firms that own their reputation long outlive those that “rent” their revenue. Renters survive by throwing money into advertising. AdWords brings in new clients and Google takes their cut. The advertising works, so they spend more, signaling Google to increase the rent. Costs increase and profit margins shrink. Eventually, the renters who are gobbling up clients are consumed by […] The post - Podcast: Google AdWords is Crushing Your Law Firm - originally appeared on Divorce Discourse. Law...

Duration: 00:16:28

Podcast: Are You Tired of Answering Questions?

“Am I doing this correctly?” “Should I refer him to someone else or is this something we can handle?” “Who is this payment for?” “How does this look?” As the leaders of our businesses, we inherit a daily (seemingly unending) barrage of questions. Our team relies on our guidance to progress. Our role as the answer […] The post - Podcast: Are You Tired of Answering Questions? - originally appeared on Divorce Discourse. Law practice management, marketing, technology from Lee Rosen.

Duration: 00:18:13

Podcast: The Nobody Else Can Do It Disease

“I am the only one who can __________.” (Fill in the blank.) You’re the consult hero with a 90% retention rate. Your strategy has created insanely low acquisition costs. You hang onto your role in the firm because it makes you feel good. You’ve created success. You’re the secret ingredient that sets your practice apart from the […] The post - Podcast: The Nobody Else Can Do It Disease - originally appeared on Divorce Discourse. Law practice management, marketing, technology from Lee Rosen.

Duration: 00:19:33

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