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Episode 17. Valerie Jones, MD -- Retired from medicine at age 37

Episode 17 Doctor Money Matters. On this episode, my guest is Valerie Jones, MD an OB/GYN physician who decided to retire from medicine at age 37. We talk about her background and what led her into and eventually out of medicine. We also discuss how she was financially able to retire at such a young age and advice she has for other physicians. Dr. Jones currently blogs at and also has written some articles for the Kevin MD website. I think many physicians will be able...

Duration: 00:33:42

Episode 16. Tom and Kim Rairdon -- High Income Parents

How do you balance finances and family? It’s a challenge for most physicians, particularly with school age children. In this episode I talk with Tom and Kim Rairdon of the High Income Parents blog. They focus on many of the financial and family issues that physicians with children face including college savings, retirement, balancing work and family. Tom is an anesthesiologist in Texas. He and Kim have 5 children, who she homeschools. Listen to the episode and how they talk about how...

Duration: 00:43:26

Episode 15. Eric Levi, MD -- The dark side of doctoring

In this episode I talk with Dr. Eric Levi, an ENT surgeon who created a viral article recently relating to physician burnout and lack of job satisfaction called the Dark side of doctoring. Eric wrote this article based on his experience as a specialist nearly completing the long process of training in Australia, but I think his experiences are comparable with listeners in the US and other western nations. He has a series of these articles that I encourage to you read on his...

Duration: 00:42:10

Episode 14. Bob Collins -- Physician Recruitment

In this episode I talk with Bob Collins of the Medicus Firm, a physician recruitment firm. Bob has spent many years in this field and gives great insight into the job hunt. Many physicians now use a recruiter to help with searching for the right job. We talk about the job market and what is hot right now in the medical field, what can a recruiter do for you, and some of the tips he has gained from years in this field. Primary care and psychiatrists seem to be in major demand. Whether you...

Duration: 00:28:43

Episode 13. Charles Cochran, MD --

Welcome to the DMM Podcast. I am doing a series on social media and a few of my upcoming guests will be physicians who have used social media to create a strong following. I think it is important to understand the pros and cons of social media, and to realize that many of our patients use it to access information about us as practitioners and for health topics in general. Its also a great way to network and educate ourselves about the latest topics in our fields. Finally some physicians...

Duration: 00:23:52

Episode 12. Tarang Patel, DO -- Roboadvisors

This is my first solo episode. I talk about roboadvisors and the pros and cons of using them. I also review some of the larger and most popular companies providing this service. What is a robo-advisor? It is a computer algorithm based approach to managing your investments. (Note this generally applies to your stock market accounts) A robo advisor is designed to eliminate the need for an individual to make trading decisions about the stocks or ETFs in an account. This is not the same as...

Duration: 00:30:10

Episode 11. Keith Smith, MD -- Fixed Cost Surgery

As healthcare professionals, we can all agree that the healthcare system in the US is broken. It's too difficult to maneuver for patients and practitioners alike. Today we talk with Dr. Keith Smith, anesthesiologist and a founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma. This practice is a pioneer in cost transparency and as you will hear during our interview, charges a fixed price for many common outpatient surgeries. Dr. Smith and his partners understood many years ago the challenges of dealing...

Duration: 00:36:32

Episode 10. Kenyon Meadows, MD -- Real Estate Investing

Are you looking for passive income? Are you afraid of putting all your investment eggs in the stock market? Have you ever thought about buying real estate as an investment? My guest today had those thoughts when he decided to get into real estate investing after the economic downturn of 2008-2009. Dr. Kenyon Meadows is a radiation oncologist in SE Georgia who has branched out his investments to include real estate in the form of single family homes, hard money lending, and crowdfunding. I...

Duration: 00:30:08

Episode 9 Joseph Kim, MD MBA -- What you need to know about physician MBAs

Have you ever thought that you need more business knowledge? Are you considering an MBA so that you can move into the administrative or corporate world? I have thought about it for years. My guest on this episode is Dr. Joseph Kim, MD, MBA. He has served as faculty for the American Association for Physician Leadership (formerly known as the American College of Physician Executives). He has written articles for the Physician Leadership Journal (formerly known as the Physician Executive...

Duration: 00:35:38

Episode 7. Travis Hornsby -- Student Loans

This episode is about student loans. If you are or recently were in medical, dental, or other health professional school, you already know that education costs are out of control. Costs at the Univ of Pennsylvania, one of the nation’s best medicals schools was $1200 in 1960, rising to $20000, by 1990 and $58000 by 2016 (according to their website This is insanity and completely unsustainable. Incomes have not kept up with...

Duration: 00:44:55

Episode 6. Josh Umbehr, MD -- Direct Primary Care

Welcome to the Doctor Money Matters Podcast. This is a podcast about financial topics related to the healthcare professional. I am your host Dr. Tarang Patel, a diagnostic radiologist in Arizona. This episode is about Direct Primary Care. This is a practice model that is an evolution of the concierge medical practices that you may be familiar with. Our guest, Josh Umbehr, MD is a family medicine physician in Wichita, KS who (with his partner Doug Nunamaker) started Atlas MD. This is a low...

Duration: 00:45:12

Episode 5. Cory Fawcett, MD -- Eliminating Debt

Welcome to the Doctor Money Matters Podcast. This is a podcast about financial topics related to the healthcare professional. I am your host Dr. Tarang Patel, a diagnostic radiologist in Arizona. Our guest was Cory Fawcett, MD a recently retired surgeon in Oregon who has written books for medical professionals including Eliminating Debt which we talked about on the show. It and his other books are available on Amazon or his own website By eliminating debt from student...

Duration: 00:40:28

Episode 4. Anjali Jariwala, CPA -- Taxes

Welcome to episode 4 of the Doctor Money Matters podcast. We discuss the tax issues and finances with Anjali Jariwala, CPA founder of FIT Advisors. Taxes are a major issue for many high income healthcare professionals and proper planning can help minimize the pain.

Duration: 00:33:43

Episode 3. Ike Devji, JD -- Asset Protection

Welcome to Episode 3. In this episode our guest is Ike Devji, JD an attorney in Phoenix, AZ who specializes in asset protection. This is an area of finance in which many healthcare professionals have little knowledge. Listen to Ike as he explains important concepts that you need to take to protect your assets prior to a lawsuit.

Duration: 00:42:08

Episode 2. Joel Greenwald, MD, CFP Basics of Financial Planning

Welcome to episode 2. In this episode, our guest is Joel Greenwald, MD, CFP an internist who became a financial planner. Dr. Greenwald's company focuses on helping health care professionals with their financial situation. We discuss what to look for in a financial planner, when to start this process, and what you need to learn about retirement accounts. Click here for the episode 2 continuing education quiz.

Duration: 00:32:34

Episode 1. Jamie Fleischner — Disability and Life Insurance

Welcome to the premiere of the Doctor Money Matters podcast. This episode starts with a short introduction about the podcast and your host, Tarang Patel, DO. We then discuss the basics of disability and life insurance with Jamie Fleischner, the founder of Set for Life Insurance, in Colorado. Jamie talks about what you need to know when buying these important policies which are part of a good financial foundation. Healthcare professionals are a big target for some unscrupulous insurance...

Duration: 00:27:31