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Why pyjama days are good and why there's life after them. Michelle Morgan tells her story.

Michelle Morgan is a powerhouse of creativity. She set-up the first youth marketing agency in the UK, she grew it and made it shine. Then she lost her shine. Through time in her pyjamas she ended up where brilliance meets madness. This podcast looks at how mental illness is both taboo and wide-spread at the same time. Michelle is a breath of fresh air.

Duration: 00:35:01

Reinvigorating a brand: How Tim Little kept Grensons relevant and growing.

Grensons was a solid British shoe company. Going the same way as many others: a slow decline as it became less relevant to the customer. Enter stage-left Tim Little. He reinvigorated the brand. This podcast explains why and how. It was recorded about 9 months ago on an iphone in a noisy environment.

Duration: 01:05:38

Northamption Sneakers and their 15 mile source map.

I met Matt from the Northampton Sneaker Company about a year ago now and was inspired by his 15 mile source map. His shoes are designed and made in the town where he grew up. This podcast looks at what he does and why he does it. With the shoe and apparel sectors being only five years from losing key skills into retirement forever it is important to buy British when you can. Once upon a time every town had a thing it was known for. Increasingly we have towns and cities that could be...

Duration: 00:21:05

All trees are fallen giants. Where woodwork and craft meet philosophy.

Jonny recovers old wood and makes new things from it. There is no such thing as waste - just endless possibilities. I met him in his Sheffield workshop to talk about what he does and how he does it. But most of all, why he does it and how it changes the perception of self.

Duration: 00:32:03

Selling woks to China: Netherton Foundry

Netherton Foundry make pans the way they were made 200 years ago. They know where every part comes from. They know everyone who supplies them parts. They believe in making things that are simple, better, beautiful and last for ever. The company is run by Neil and Sue Currie in Shropshire and I spoke to Neil at The Good Life Experience in September. We talked about what they do, but most importantly we talked about why they do it.

Duration: 00:28:19