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We're just four friends who got together and decided to let the world in on the many discussions we have. They range anywhere from relationships, to politics, to current events, to improving our communities, social media hot topics, and anything else that may come to mind. "We started from the kitchen to get here" Is a slogan we came up with because sitting around the kitchen table is literally where this all started. We realized that people often complain about others not taking actions, so we decided to share our thoughts with the world! Keep in mind that our thoughts are what many people are thinking but for different reasons have decided not to share. "Don't Quote Me Mofo" is a concept that we came up with because not every thought you have is for everyone. Its our goal to just start the conversation whether you agree or disagree with our thoughts. Our Hosts include: Pane: Bubbly, loud, outgoing and has the voice that brings all the boys to the yard! Chi: Mr. know it all, brains of the operation, Military yet militant, and slightly pessimistic! Sakhi: Cultured, passionate, emotional, and loves to hear her own voice. Black Jezuz: Insightful, humorist, no filter, and has the voice of a god(with a little g) lol





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