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DU 088 Live from the Victoria International Wine Festival - Dork Uncorked

Rod and Ryan explore the Victoria International Wine Festival at the Parkside Hotel. This event is in it's 4th year and the organizers hope to return for a 5th next year if it sounds like fun (and it was!). This episode features tips on how to taste at a wine festival, reviews of a few of the wines Rod and Ryan samples (we didn't get to even half of what was offered), and of course a "Pick of the Week." Out of the wines Rod and Ryan tried, they unanimously picked The Seven Terraces Sauvignon...

Duration: 00:38:00

DU 087 Peller buys three iconic B.C wineries, what will that mean? Plus, we examine 5 Vineyards - Dork Uncorked

One of the three biggest corporations involved in Canada's wine industry, Andrew Peller Limited (which owns several brand names and labels, including Peller Estates) has purchased three iconic B.C. VQA wineries: Tinhorn Creek, Black Hills, and Grey Monk. The Dork, who is Uncorked, describes this as a seismic shift in the province's wine industry. We talk about what it could mean. Speaking of wineries owned by major corporations, we get into a "case" study on 5 Vineyards, an entry level label...

Duration: 00:41:17

DU 086 Live at the Great Canadian Beer Festival - Dork Uncorked

Rod and Ryan wander the GCBF with a microphone. That's about it.

Duration: 00:39:59

DU 085 The problem with California Wines. Plus, Tempranillo and Blue Grouse - Dork Uncorked

0:00 - 24:50: This show's mission is to find great wine for affordable prices, usually under $20. But the California section of the liquor store is proving to be a challenge for co-host Ryan. The under $20 range is filled with big brands from huge producers that -- while safe and consistent -- aren't knocking our socks off. The Dork tries to help. 24:50 - 36:27: A listener question about the Radio Boca Garnacha in the 3-litre box (recommended in the wedding episode) gets us into the Radio...

Duration: 00:47:46

DU 084 The Pilsner Episode with Sean Hoyne - Dork Uncorked

Sean Hoyne of Victoria's Hoyne Brewing returns to Dork Uncorked for an episode all about Pilsner. It's a beer often associated with the sometimes maligned American-style lagers, but it has a long history and a lot to offer. The pick of the week is (surprise surprise) the Hoyne Pilsner. But we also talk about the "Four Winds Pilsner" from Delta, BC and the "Pilsner Urqell" from Plezen in the Czech Republic.

Duration: 00:46:55

DU 083 Wedding Episode. Plus, other stuff - Dork Uncorked

The Dork Uncorked, Rod Philips, gives tips form planning the drinks at a wedding, including what kinds of beer and wine to pick and how to handle the cocktails. And, since it fits into the wedding theme, we follow up with Ryan's anniversary picnic and the wine that went with it. Wine and drinks discussed: •"Single Vineyard Viento Mar Block 21" Pinot Noir from Cono Sur (as discussed last week). •Sheringham Distillery Seaside gin And two picks of the week: •Pippins Apple Cider from Sea Cider...

Duration: 00:40:31

Gamay Noir Grapes, Cono Sur Brands, and… NAFTA? - Dork Uncorked

0:00 - 15:31: Ryan drank the Louis Latour "Bourgogne Gamay" 2013 from France (about $23), which provided an excuse to explore this variety. For those who also want to explore Gamay, Rod recommends trying an Okanagan option from producers such as Beaumont Family Estate Winery or Volcanic Hills Winery, both in the Kelowna area. Both should be $20 or under. 15:31 - 31:58: Catching up on good wines Rod has tried. We start with the Family Perrin "Cote du Rhone" 2014 for $16. Then we get into...

Duration: 00:38:18

DU 081 Meet Hoyne Brewing’s Sean Hoyne. Plus, a Great Canadian Beer Festival follow-up - Dork Uncorked

It's the return of special guest Gerry Hieter from the Greater Canadian Beer Festival, who also brought along Sean Hoyne - the man behind one of Victoria's successful craft breweries and a long time player on the local beer scene. It's a conversation that veers into beer.

Duration: 00:40:20

DU 080 Victoria restaurant history with Cafe Brio’ Greg Hayes - Dork Uncorked

Interview show: Greg Hayes is the man behind Cafe Brio. Before that he helped shape the local restaurant scene with the Herald St. Cafe. He also has a lot of stories that you've gotta hear! The pick of the week comes from our special guest. The winery is "Nals Margreid" in Italy. The wine is their "Sirmian Pinot Bianco." You might find it at government liquor stores in the mid $20 price range.

Duration: 00:40:47

DU 079 Vancouver Island Sparkling Wine. Plus, why is everything so expensive? - Dork Uncorked

0:00 - 14:13: A trip to the baseball game at Royal Athletic Park leads to a quick review of Spinnakers' "Original Pale Ale," which in turns leads to a good old fashion bitch session about why alcohol costs so much at restaurants and... well... ball parks. Resident cork dork Rod Philips gives us answers. 14:13 - 23:40: Wine gifting etiquette. When giving, or receiving, a wine at a dinner party of other function, is it expected that the wine be used as part of the night? Don't do what Ryan...

Duration: 00:44:24

DU 078 Call-in Show #1 - Dork Uncorked

Live call-in show! We talk about all kinds of stuff with help from listeners on the phone... such as: •Rod recommends Lovico Gamza from Bulgaria. Gamza is a grape you might never have tried, but you can find it for less the $10 and we'll just call it our "Pick of the Week." •Luz Del Sur Carémère-Cabernet Franc from Chile. It's a secondary label you find at Everything Wine, often on sale for $8.99. Ryan recommends it as a nice, smooth, easy drinking fruity wine for a good price. However, it...

Duration: 00:39:35

DU 077 The rosé show. Plus, pairing with dark chocolate - Dork Uncorked

0:00 - 20:45: All about rosé wines. 20:45 - 28:00: When somebody calls/texts/tweets/emails Rod Phillips with a wine question, Rod calls it a "Wine-1-1" call. Here's his latest -- what wine pairs well with dark chocolate? 28:00 - 38:47: We revisit the 90-point Paxis red blend from Portugal, a previous pick of the week. A wine so good it made Ryan confused. 38:47 - 41:57 Since this is the rosé show, the Pick of the week is a rosé. Domaine Fazi from Corsica.

Duration: 00:41:53

DU 076 Great Canadian Beer Episode! - Dork Uncorked

The co-founder of Victoria's Great Canadian Beer Festival Gerry Heiter is our special guest for this special episode! We talk all about this year's 25 edition of the GCBF, the history behind the festival, and Gerry's journey in the evolving craft beer industry. This week's Pick of the Week is appropriately themed - Phillips' "Short Wave West Coast Pale Ale."

Duration: 00:40:48

DU 075 Prosecco pairings! And, the big companies behind the lables - Dork Uncorked

0:00 - 22:45: We dive deep into prosecco! It all started when Ryan made a paella style dish for dinner and didn't know what wine to pair with it. Rod's suggestion was prosecco. We discuss why and learn more about the Italian sparking wine. 22:45 - 34:50: There are three giant companies in Canada behind the plethora of "Cellared In Canada" wine labels you see on store shelves. We peel back the curtain and examine who owns what. 34:50 - 43:52: Pick of the week! Casal Garcia Rosé from Vinho...

Duration: 00:43:51

DU 074 What’s the deal with wine points? Plus, weather woes and B.C. gin - Dork Uncorked

0:00 – 9:25: More weather woes. A cold wet spring persists for many parts of the world (Vancouver Island as well), what does that mean for wine producers? 9:25 – 20:05: And the best gin is from… B.C.? Long Table Cucumber Gin, made in Vancouver, has just won a best gin award in the United Kingdom. 20:05 – 36:24: “Pick of the Week!” Paxis Red Blend from Portugal. A 90 point wine that should go on sale for $13 or $14 at private liquor stores. This gets us into a discussion on the point system...

Duration: 00:43:08

DU 073 What is siegerrebe? Plus, Rod drank a beer - Dork Uncorked

0:00 - 9:23: The B.C. election is over... well... not really. After weeks of Dork Uncorked covering what the election means for liquor policy, we scratch our heads and ask what next? 9:23 - 20:40: Siegerrebe is a white wine grape that is commonly grown on Vancouver Island. We learn more about it. 20:40 - 31:22: Pick of the Week! EnvyFol's grenache-syrah-carignan blend. 31:22 - 41:54: Rod drank a beer.

Duration: 00:41:53

DU 072 Election booze update. Plus, 2017 weather woes - Dork Uncorked

0:00 - 20:30: Booze in the news! First, both leading parties in the B.C. election propose a change to liquor rules that might improve the drink menu at some restaurants. Second, we learn that many of the world's wine regions are suffering from terrible spring weather. What will that mean for the 2017 vintage? 20:30 - 34:30: Buying by the case update. 34:30 - 41:48: Pick of the Week! Mission Hill's 2015 Five Vineyards Pinot Noir from the Okanagan. We also get a follow up review of the 2015...

Duration: 00:41:47

DU 071 Pinot noir, saison beers, and special guest Terry Moore - Dork Uncorked

0:00 - 4:00: Introducing radio host Terry Moore, who previously hosted a wine talk program with Rod. 4:00 - 27:40: A winding Pinot Noir discussion eventually leads us a Pick of the Week from guest Terry... Burrowing Owl Pinot Noir 2012, which you can only find in restaurants. Terry gets a second pick of the week (because he's special) Valdo Prosecco. 27:40 - 29:50: Rod's turn for Pick of the Week is the Renmano Chardonnay from Australia... in the 2-litre box for $18. 29:50 - 42:58: Beer...

Duration: 00:42:58

DU 070 Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon - Dork Uncorked

0:00 - 12:00: Pick of the Week! Tinhorn Creek 2015 Chardonnay, from the Okanagan. 12:00 - 19:25: We review the Invictas Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, from Chile. Why? Because it showed up at the house during an Easter weekend gathering. 19:25 - 31:14: Cork Dork Rod gives us the basics about Cabernet Sauvignon 31:14 - 40:11: Booze in the News!

Duration: 00:40:10

DU 069 Wine apps, Merlot, and our BC Election Special Part 2 - Dork Uncorked

0:00 - 12:19: If you'd like to use an "app" to keep track of the wine you drink and make notes, what's a good one? We review. 12:19 - 20:50: The Pick of the Week is "Rewen" Malbec from Argentina, we also mix in a review of the "Tinhorn Creek" Merlot from B.C., 2014. 20:50 - 42:11: The Dork Uncorked B.C. Election Special Part 2! Covering the election from a liquor perspective. In this edition, BC NDP candidate David Eby, who has served as the opposition liquor critic, sketches out what an...

Duration: 00:42:10

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